Society And Individuals

Posted by marmara on August 25, 2020

The moral has thus a social character, since it elapses of the society and it answers to its necessities. moral therefore is marked by norms, obligations and interdictions. The moral is the set of norms and rules that the individual learns as being something that it must exert of static form. They are rules already previously established and had as certain. Standard of behavior to be followed, in unconditional character welfare, wants for a group or it to it welfare of an only person. What it becomes more fascinating the singular education of values is exactly the variations that we find.

It sees that as much the ethics as the moral is joint of rules. Being that the moral is the set of rules to be executed and obeyed, and the set of rules mentioned in the ethical concepts is for being rethink, reflected and in some reformulated cases until by means of the necessities of the society, the different forms of if observing the world, the facts and weaveeing opinions regarding the most diverse subjects. According to Rousseau, the moral conscience and the feeling of the duty are innate, that is, already they are born with the individual. It is not that the man already is born moral, why it is not born, but the fact is that it already comes to the world with the capacity to value the things, the beings, what and good and is badly. It is born with the capacity to learn regarding everything this and this capacity goes if perfecting by means of the stimulatons that it receives. In this way, it is here more than what clearly, the importance that we have to very search, to search and to define well the values so that if it can reach success in the education of these same ethical and moral values. description-social 1.3Retrospectiva of the education of values the man is always recriando, remaking, rethink facts and theories it stops from them creating themselves new and perfecting existing others already. Go to Cancer Research Institute for more information.

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