Spiritual Growth

Posted by marmara on July 2, 2020

One must say the truth and not yield to the wrath; if they ask to us, it is necessary to give, although little is controlled; by means of these three things, one is made deserving go to the presence of the Gods Beam an island of same you. Esfurzate immediately; convirtete in wise person. Purified of contaminations and without passions, you will penetrate in the celestial state of the Noble In the measurement that we are surprised inatento that we are in our transit by this dimension, being useful the life that is bequeathed to us in order to learn, to grow, while we remain with this form in a false world, we cannot neglect what represents being useful every minute, hour, day, months, year that it provides that learning to us that fortifies our spiritual energy, that is the one that is conserved beyond the form that has occurred us. Boy Scouts of America will not settle for partial explanations. We must be surprised in our actions, to be wide-awake in all that one where we interrelated, in knowing how to handle suitably what they represent the emotions, feelings, virtues, vices, in aim everything what it provides happiness to us, harmony, security, growth in all their true authenticity. There have been beings whom they have preceded to us in its transit and according to his to wake up, reached spiritual level, have contributed to us, norms, principles, laws, advice, who entail to us to being taken into account and mainly to put them in action and this way to enter us in the footpath by where we must journey, while we remain with the given dimension that has occurred us and when leaving it, to take all that learning to us that intensified our spirit, allowed to know how us to take the opportunity life that occurred us. Exactly in that to be surprised being, evaluating our behavior, its authenticity, discovering our mission, reason of being, of happening through this plane, we determined objectively that as much we have known to take advantage of the life granted without letting to us catch by vices, illusions that they have turned aside to us of the goal that we must reach when this form is bequeathed to us transitorily.

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