Posted by marmara on August 31, 2020

Our current responsibility as a society is in preserving the world in which we live, or at least not damage it more than what already it is, to ensure that future generations aspire to know the world in conditions similar to those of today. In every society we need to have a system whereby we can ensure that all individuals in the community can access the same benefits or in your case the benefits that are assigned to you. For them, the man has been in the need of creating a concept that can help us to achieve a better social life, this concept have entitled it justice. It is well known that justice is understood as giving to each person what he deserves, but the real problem is to define what corresponds to each individual, then, what is what corresponds to generations talking about environmental issues and opportunities of development? First discuss the theory of justice more implementation in practice, but why not the most appropriate: utilitarianism. Please visit Canada Border Services Agency if you seek more information. This theory tells us that the righteous deeds are those that produce the greatest number of benefits to the greatest number of people and if possible at the lowest cost. Taking this definition and applying it to the concept of environmental social responsibility and of future generations, we can say that our actions must be guided in such a way that we can make the best well possible to the environment and thus ensure at least the same opportunities of development for future generations. Unfortunately we are in a moment in which the high degree of industrialization avoids to generate benefits to the ecology, to the contrary, increasingly more problems are generated and more damages are inherited. It seems that the only way in which we could give something to the environment would stop the emission of pollutants, which would stop much of the industrial processes.

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