Farm Guardianship

Posted by marmara on September 23, 2018

Some stand out that it would be incoherent to admit the anticipated guardianship against the Public Farm for the fact of the double degree necessary to not only be about plus a prerogative, but also because of the values that involve the reverse speed of the supposed demand. Still in the procedural scope, with the edition of already cited Law 9,494/97, which disciplines the concession of the guardianship in face of the Farm can affirm that the legal system started to admit the concession of the anticipated guardianship against the Public Farm, since the legal devices mentioned above had only started to restrict its application, where weighs the pointed obstacles above. In the practical one what we witness it is that the Public Farm using to advantage itself of the prerogative foreseen in article 475 has supported that the anticipation of the guardianship against itself is not possible, therefore the effectiveness of a provisions in this direction alone would occasion effect if the decision of the court below will be ratified by the eminently superior agency. Nieman Foundation is actively involved in the matter. Since already I want to externar my contrary position to this. Under this aspect I will cite the main favorable doutrinadores its concession. Being to first salutar to bring to the light meal the lesson of ours illustrious professor of Cssio Scarpinella Bueno 5: ' ' The rule of law only can lock up criterion of functional ability, in nothing inhibiting the concession of any measure against the Public Farm, under penalty, for the same reasons displayed throughout this work, of not being able to prevail for violating, in each in case that concrete, the ample access to justia.' ' Already for Luiz Guillermo Marinoni 6, the right that if applies to the particular one, also must be applied to the Public Farm, duly warned to authorize themselves, despite for it saw indirect, breaking to the rights of the citizen, as to follow consigned: ' ' (…) if the infraconstitutional legislator is obliged, on behalf of the constitucional law to the adjusted jurisdictional guardianship, to foresee guardianships that, acting internally in the procedure, allow to an effective and timely jurisdictional guardianship, it it cannot decide, in contradiction with the proper principle of the effectiveness, that the citizen only has right to the guardianship accomplishes and timely against the particular one.

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Posted by marmara on September 13, 2017

Of goal the goal the collection of pnalti suggests a mission so easy. The player is ahead of its great objective: the goal. Of so attainable and next, it seems to be impossible to make a mistake. It presents some obstacles, such as: requirement of the twisted one, nervousness of the player, happy positioning of the goleiro and of course the bars. Some consider the collection a lottery, others guarantee that only it depends on the maestria of makes who it. End of championship. Full stadium.

To the forty and four minutes of second time, the departure was tied up to. At this moment, Carlo is knocked down in the area. Pnalti is marked. The proper player, collector of lacks of the teams, locates itself to beat it. While the judge finishes the preparativeses, he passes for the head of Carlo, in fraction of seconds, a very similar situation to this: its marriage. Marina and it, gotten passionate, are in the altar, opposite to the priest.

The guests crowd the dependences of the church. Of each side of the priest, next to the godfathers, they are its parents and its future fathers-in-law, whom it stops, were an incognito. The marriage if carries through without no impediment. The fiancs go happy for the moon-of-honey. Everything will have to give certain, if they love in such a way! After some months, the couple starts to present misunderstandings. Continue to learn more with: Center For Responsible Lending. Each one has a life project, chateando itself because the other does not think in the same way. The mother-in-law of Carlo was a legitimate jararaca. She intervenes of all the forms with the life of the two. Marina always defends the mother. The quarrels if occur. However because of by any reason insignificant money, however for cimes or. What it seemed to have everything to give certain, is gives to finish. They argue the separation possibility. The devaneio of the player is interrupted by the whistle of the judge, having authorizeed the collection of pnalti. Carlo is prepared, of the modern a paradinha, and kicks the direct ball at the hands of the goleiro. The twisted vaia. The arqueiro tries to kick the ball for far. This escapes of its feet and, in rebote, Carlo places the ball in the deep one of the nets, with a skillful play. Goool ….. The arbitrator whistles the end of the departure. General commotion. The hero is festejado by the friends and controllers. At this moment, our personage leaves in enormous race. Nor he enters in the dressing room. He goes direct for house. In the way, he compares its pnalti not converted, to its predestinate marriage to the failure. He perceives, then, that in the game, although the first committed error, had a reversion possibility. The rightness happened. It follows thinking: who knows in its relationship, the mistakes can be equated, or exactly decided, also occurring there a possibility of rebote e, with it the marking of one another goal. Themis Groisman Lopes

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