Fund Cooperatives

Posted by marmara on May 16, 2022

An exception may be cooperatives that unite shareholders by profession (doctors, drivers, etc.). If the cooperative is not registered in the city where he works and has a network of branches, it should cheerleaders. Pay attention to the reception of savings. A signal of danger should be the promise of very high interest rates. And also – to invest the funds of shareholders in the lucrative high-yield projects and financial instruments. Pay attention to another important criterion: Is this the Republican co-operative union? If not, then chances are that your organization is working without proper monitoring and auditing, according to standards providing 6adezhnost and stability of the cooperative. Any clear that the union many times stronger and more reliable than a single co-operative: there is safety in numbers. Speaking candidly BSA told us the story. Rock Solid union of cooperatives has proved the current financial crisis.

Please note provides a co-operative loans to its members. Federal laws “On Credit Cooperation” and “About agricultural cooperation” require compliance with financial standards of credit cooperatives. In particular, they indicate that at least half of the Fund financial mutual aid should be directed to the main activities of the cooperative – to make loans, with cash balances of the fund Mutual Financial, according to these two laws should be directed to deposit with banks, state and municipal securities. Dubious organizations usually do not. Pay attention to advertising.

Typically, co-op attracts new shareholders by creating a positive image and reputation of a reliable organization. As soon as the aggressive advertising, the principle of ‘Bring the two – and gain an advantage’, immediately there is a danger of the pyramid. Pay attention to the management of the organization. In the credit cooperative shall be elected governments – governance, audit commission. If the annual meeting shall be held no elected government, and its members can not influence decisions, it is better to bypass his side. In general, the activities of credit cooperatives is strictly limited by law because of its special legal, non-commercial activities: they must be defined by the charter, are regulated by internal regulations. Co-op focuses on reliability and availability of their services, and he has these services only shareholders. This increase in profitability is due to the cooperative development of its core business – the revenues from the issuance of money to them as shareholders in loans. Cooperatives – the so-called passive investors. In contrast, financial Pyramids are focused not on the availability and reliability, and the high profitability, which is inevitably connected with a high risk. If they invest, the active and risky, but most of the growth of their revenue comes not from work, but due to increasing the number of shareholders (ie the founding fathers, in fact, parasitic on the contributions of participants follow the pyramid). Of course, the ordinary investor is difficult to understand the reliability of financial institution. Individual savings – this is a very important question. You can not trust your money to anybody. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the leadership of the National Union credit consumer cooperatives of citizens. You will be given a clear and complete answer.

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Commercial Savings Bank

Posted by marmara on November 2, 2019

Sberbank of Russia – is the largest bank of Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States with the widest network of branches offering a full range of lending operations. 57% of the shares of this bank is under manipulated by the Russian Central Bank. Over 50% Russian market of individual deposits, as well as every other legal and retail credit in the Russian Federation accounted for Sberbank. History of the most significant bank of Russia begins with the name of the decree of Tsar Nicholas I of 1841 on the establishment of savings banks, the first of which opened its doors in St. Petersburg next year.

After 150 years, and on the basis of the Savings Bank of the Soviet Union created a single bank, which became known Sberbank of the USSR. He served the citizens of USSR and legal persons. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. The composition of the Savings Bank of the USSR included 15 national branches of the Bank in this account, and the Russian Republic Bank. In mid-summer 1990. act of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Russian republican Sberbank of the USSR transferred to the ownership of the RSFSR. In late 1990, the bank reorganized into joint-stock commercial bank, issued by law at a meeting of all shareholders of the bank on March 22 1991. In the same year he was transferred to Sberbank property of the Russian Central Bank and registered under the name "Joint-Stock Commercial Savings Bank of the Russian Federation." In autumn 2010, the bank name was changed to the Joint Stock Company "Savings Bank Russia ".

To date, Sberbank of Russia – is a universal bank, providing a whole range of banking and financial services. Bank's share in retail deposits as of June 2009 was 50%. The credit portfolio amounted to more than 30% of all loans issued in the country. Brand Bank, according to early 2010 (according to financial magazine The Banker and finansvoy Bureau estimates Brand Finance) takes 15 place in the overall ranking of the most significant and expensive banking brands. The cost is estimated at about $ 12 billion. Central administrative apparatus of the Savings Bank of Russia is in Russia's capital Moscow.

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Civil Code Loan

Posted by marmara on June 13, 2019

Practical tips will leave after article fairness and justice activities of the bank or collection agency to knockout debt. Far more important than the consequences of empty arguments unpaid loan. Tainted credit history and a high probability of failure of a loan in the future – only the florets. Recently adopted amendments to allow the bailiffs not to release the debtor from the Russian Federation. Center For Responsible Lending addresses the importance of the matter here. Federal service of bailiffs intends to consolidate the law and other limitations. By the very worst debtors will apply the following sanctions: Deprivation of a driver's license, copying resources from the mobile phone account, the removal of property from third parties, for which the debtor could rewrite their property, knowing that he faces a meeting with the bailiff.

If the debtor can not repay its debt due to the fact that he was in severe financial situation, he should immediately notify the bank or collector. Hide from the lender is not beneficial to the borrower himself as a bank within a month of delay on a very common conditions of the loan agreement the right to appear early reclaim the loan. That is, the bank may require to repay the full amount of the debt immediately. If the loan repayment for the bank, he will schedule individual payments, grant an extension. In special cases we can talk about withdrawing from the debtor of the penalties and interest.

But even in court the debtor may claim from the creditor a settlement on terms acceptable to its terms, referring to the difficult circumstances of life. Sales of existing collateral and can be output from difficult situation. Sale of the property with the consent of the bank can engage himself borrower. If he can sell the collateral benefit, the heavy losses upon the dissolution of a credit agreement he did not suffer. Indeed, in this case, all previously paid on the loan money will come back to it almost in its entirety (except for lending rates). Approval of the bank in the transaction of sale is only necessary to deposit will not be sold at a lower price. Another way to solve the problem – refinancing with another bank on more favorable terms. In other words, pay off old loans through new, issued at lower interest rates. This procedure is called a refinance loan. However, all these tips are suited to borrowers that banks are fair game. But it happens and so that lenders intentionally bring it up to the critical point, trying to increase the amount of debt and not really explaining its borrower than he could face further delays in payments. As a result, the debt is not really lift, and looming trial with an adverse outcome – confiscation of property. In this the mono address antikollektoru. Antikollektory – it's lawyers, whose specialty is to protect the interests of borrowers to the bank or collection agency. They help borrowers to minimize the penalties for delinquent loans, to reduce the bank's claim against the debtor. For example, antikollektory can take advantage of Article 333 of the Civil Code – A decrease of the penalty. " Antikollektory and help win a court-friendly borrower outcome of the case. Many of us have black stripes occur in life, and the unpaid loan may be in addition to aggravating existing problems. It is better not to bring the case to court on time to pay off all debts and continue to responsibly as a familiarization with the terms of the loan agreement, and to their own financial obligations.

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