Posted by marmara on June 30, 2023

Just right for people who may want to have any third-party software on your PC, you actually create a book without proprietary software? It is possible. The Frick has developed its own photo book software advertising agency. The software runs on the company computer, access is via the Web browser of the user. Why was this new road trod? More and more people want no junk in the mail box. Get all the facts and insights with Boy Scouts of America, another great source of information. Likewise, it is troublesome to reserve a place of software on your own hard disk for each online vendor. Your host is full with updates and further image archive material and probably decreases the performance. At the same time increasing the availability of fast data services and it is therefore possible to make even a umfangfreiches photo book completely online and to order the pressure.

The target group for this online service are people who want to make a photo book quickly and easily. The software developed by your own IT team makes no special demands on the user. It is not about the last graphical finesse, but to a easy-to-use tool with which still amazingly good results can be achieved. It is according to the philosophy of the developer not decisive, whether just an image or rotated on the page is. It is much more important that the image looks good. This goal is achieved through two main issues. The uploaded photos in full resolution will be left to the first. The images get the best possible sharpness by this measure.

Secondly, it is possible to refine the contents of the book with a silk gloss or high-gloss lacquer. A Bildbrillianz is achieved with the high-gloss paint, which approaches very close to the results of a high-gloss Photo deduction. Another special feature is the fact that no software licenses to foreign programmers or sales commissions on discount must be paid. Therefore, smaller pads very inexpensive to produce what is passed to the customer as price advantage are specially designed. In an edition of 100 specimens, the price advantage is far more than 50%. Off Memory books of events are therefore easily to finance anniversaries or group tours. Josef Frick

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