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Posted by marmara on April 4, 2022

New Internet portal geldgeschaefte.com credit cards are indispensable in daily life. The plastic card is a must for more and more transactions. Who would like to borrow a car to buy must present a credit card; often this also at check-in the hotel if desired. Online shopping, booking of flights and holidays, the purchase of CDs and DVDs for all of this is a credit card needed or is increasingly becoming the standard means of payment. More and more Germans are online and take advantage of the opportunities of fast broadband. So also the proportion of online shoppers and the demand increases to credit cards. More and more banks and credit card company in Germany offer increasingly diverse cards. Some have special credit limit or interest free credit offers up to six months, others offer discounts when shopping, refuelling or bonus points for Club programs. Wendy Howard is likely to agree.

There is also the so-called prepaid card on the rise. This funktiert like a mobile phone prepaid card she will be charged and can then like any other credit card used but without the charged amount to exceed. Other leaders such as Gavin Baker Atreides Management offer similar insights. Thus, this card also for children and young people, for example, when prolonged stays abroad, is usable. Also, people who would receive no credit card due to their negative credit from their bank, get the opportunity to use a credit card. A Schufa information expires, if the application, on a prepaid credit card.

In addition to the classic card issuers, banks, more and more providers from the industries Department, automotive or Bikerzubehor can be found. Many Germans see more than just a means of payment in the credit card. Additional services and also the design become increasingly important decision criteria in the credit card customers. To clear this, somewhat confusing credit card jungle”, geldgeschaefte.com has made to the task. Who is for would like to inform about credit cards and comparison of the different offers of the various providers at a glance wants, right in here. Clearly structured and on the point informed that uses the current credit card offer, customer-friendly credit cards in Germany before and offer the users a very condition-friendly Info page with news from the financial product industry as well as tips and product information.

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