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Posted by marmara on November 9, 2011

Strip foundations, the most popular type of foundation for low-rise dwellings. Build a better foundation for light structures and on the ground with a high density. We list the following design strip foundations: block, solid reinforced concrete, brick or monolithic composite monolithic block. These foundations can be recessed (60-110cm) or melkozaglublennymi (20-50 cm). Externally, the foundation looks like a ribbon reinforced tape, which is placed around the perimeter of the building and under all load-bearing interior walls. Of these types of foundations we have, the most practical and best-cast tape is foundation, so we tell about it in this article. Construction work for the foundation to begin digging trenches and markings.

The depth of the trench depends on several parameters: the stability of soil, depth of freezing and weight of the structure being built. Typically, the depth of 60-80 cm Width make trenches for the walls should be 40-50cm. At the bottom of the pit makes a bed of gravel and sand about 10 cm and thoroughly compacted it. Reinforcement of monolithic foundation is a fairly simple process. At the pre-installed on the bottom of the bricks going reinforcement cage of twigs with a diameter of 10-12 mm. Bricks are laid on two of the rod with a space from the walls to 10 cm. These include, at a distance of 50 cm, reinforcing bar and the support legs.

Then they record the two upper longitudinal reinforcing rod and fasten them cross. To assemble the formwork is taken low-grade 25mm thick board. From this board first collected shields size. Take into account that part of the casing above the ground must be at least 35 centimeters. Then collect the billboards in the solid box in place. Concrete for the foundation can be made directly to construction site, and can be ordered with a mobile mixer concrete plant. The second option is preferable because factory quality concrete above. To fill the entire basement of the fortress to perform better in one day. Concrete is poured, vibrator rammed and covered with polyethylene. By the erection of walls better to start better in two weeks. Construction company "Holiday station."

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