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Then replace the water with oil would mean collapse throughout its structure and build another. In other words, imagine us, tearing down its whole economic structure to give step to another. Is more to begin another structure from scratch. From scratch. Imagine a Japan, imagine Iraq, to Spain, to Venezuela to Peru. Imagine the largest country and the more boy, the country’s most liberal economy and its opposite, imagine all the countries. Each in different situations or circumstances but all with the common denominator of pulling down their structures according to them apparently well handled.

Who have in hand the political destiny of a country completely not their alleged solid and efficient structures to replace them by another structure. Although they wanted it is impossible for them. The world moves at a pace and in circumstances in which we have used universally. With its pros and cons. Check with Center For Responsible Lending to learn more. With their inflations, with their recessions, we are accustomed to deal and live with them. Then my theory is that this system so trucks running with water, this stagnant and non-vislumbrara an immediate technological revolution since the great powers prevent his step to its realization and implementation. What happens is that although permitted it is impossible to demolish the evening to the morning a country and start building another. I think that in the very long term, this change will have to give, but a few.

You will need to build another country with a foundation that has this technology. Yes, there is no other way out, the construction of this new nation will have to give little by little. And that we will be building this new nation each in his respective country, are we as independent individuals. Each who will have to build your insignificant vehicle combustion by water (by hydrogen). Or are we the ordinary people, ordinary citizens that we have to make that great leap, the build other structures. The late most will expire, the union will make force. That change is intended to become, as the natural evolution of man. The road and its course will be built gradually with the contribution of all the inhabitants of the world. That’s my theory, no one pursued it by having your car running with water. Or no one was prosecuted for that. Big oil companies do not send assassins to assassinate the revolutionaries who spread this advancement, less to those who use it. These manuals were hidden nor is it will hide nothing. In these times has outgrown that. Globalization and the internet makes it impossible. The car running with water is a reality which opens way gradually, each individual will do what is necessary even unconsciously to evolve in this technology that suddenly changed the world, that mutation is uncontainable.

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The Total

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The equity represents the values that the partners have in the company in a certain date, being resultant of the asset less the liabilities. It represents, of certain, the wealth of the partners in determined moment. Independent of the theories of boarding of the subject (for example, the theory of the proprietor? where the Equity is equal to the asset less the liabilities? or the theory of the entity? where the asset is the somatrio of the obligations with the Equity), theoretically, in a preliminary analysis, any action of practical effect carried through by the company, that is, any modifying or mixing countable fact (it excepts the compensativos or permutativos countable facts, therefore they only modify the composition of the patrimonial elements), will have consequences in the equity, either it which will be. Thus, in case that a company has, for example, a great increase in the liabilities? she will consequentemente have consequentemente the reduction of its equity. In this point it comes the intelligence of the norm, therefore when establishing a minimum value of equity, it does not allow, for example, excesses that diminish or compromise the general situation of the liquid value of the total of the goods of the company. 2.3.De the Current ratio Moreover, we have the question of the Current ratio. The liquidify ratios (immediate, dry? acid test, etc) evaluates the capacity of payment of the liabilities of the company, being that, in some cases, high one index can not mean a good financial management? therefore the possibility exists, for example, of an excess of availabilities (with consequent financial loss for not the application of these resources). But, of certain form, in case that it is superior the 1, it means invariably that the company has availabilities to pay its debts. In ours in case that, the Current ratio has that to be equal or superior the 1.

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Economic Dynamics

Posted by marmara on May 11, 2012

Summary: Inside of an organization one analyzes simple of any process, product and service, provides a harmful error in the economic evaluation. Although the absolute analysis, to be simplest, the same one becomes difficult in the understanding of the real nature of the process. Therefore we have that to have an analysis in diverse dimensions and to change the absolute conception for the relative one. The diverse economic systems are based on the beginning of the man power and means of production (tools, machines and raw material). However this vision limited not express to the current trend where we need to also evaluate the product and service commercialized in relation to the quality and price (cost-benefit), the relative qualification of the man power and aspects referring to the place and observed time has been them pillars of a new economy. The current models are static, where one is functioning, it does not mean that the same it will take care of in another place. The models must be dynamic, that is, to keep the balance we need to put into motion.

In this case from a point the positive paper of a model can confuse another 0 variable of negative form. It is there that the strategy enters to have constant changes to keep the economic stability. All economic system will have in mind Acumulo de Capital (Profit) or Growth of Market, never the two at the same time. Each one will be defined by the commander of the organization. The wealth of a nation is on the individual wealth of its markets, where she is on to the performance of its man power and relative quality of its products. economic Dynamic Word-key, cost-benefit, formation of prices and relative analysis. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.

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