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Posted by marmara on May 22, 2019

Do you’ve ever heard that God does not gives us loads that we can not overcome? Have you ever wondered if you really have the ability to cope with certain workloads? Do you think that those words contain some secret or message that will give us the answers to many of our questions? Well actually Yes, these words involve a powerful secret that we all need to know. The human being was created with the ability to choose, analyze and create. In each one of us dwells a power that we must express for our benefit and others. We have the ability to overcome any circumstance and learn from them. This does not mean that we will always win so it must see situations in a positive way because they always teach us something of benefit to our lives.

If we make a mistake we must be able to lift us up and learn from them to be able to demonstrate that strength that we all have. The secret is to see the failure and mistakes from a teaching and learning perspective since that’s really the purpose of them. The power that dwells within us It is really the ability to learn and raise us to situations of life. A person who passes through a situation and not takes advantage of the same, is not manifesting power that has within si. Ask yourself, if you are really fit to face certain situation? You must understand that if this circumstance you is happening is because you have the ability to be able to cope with it and something positive going to learn from it. Whenever you are faced with any situation, keep in mind that you have the ability to deal with it and you are suitable for the same. You feel privileged because life is giving you the opportunity to express that power you have within you and show it to others for their benefit.

People who don’t make mistakes are not suitable to advise others to be lifted from their mistakes. However, if you’ve had the ability to accept mistakes and learn from them, you will be motivation for others and that way you’ll be manifesting the power that dwells in you. In addition, every circumstance gives you the opportunity to express the creativity that God It was deposited in each of us. They would not give me the pages if count you all people that his creativity manifested itself in the most difficult moments of their lives and this ended up giving them success.

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