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Posted by marmara on October 23, 2019

On June 19, 2010 is the 20th art market stream celebrated on Saturday from 10:00 again eight to ten thousand visitors from all points of the compass and rolling in long lines of cars in the otherwise peaceful 80-soul village, to throw with good-humored theater people, musicians and artisans in the fray. “The lovingly decorated stalls of over 100 artists you can search customized jewelry, exceptional pottery, local artist graphics and original small gifts to your hearts content or the fashion show of lively fun troupe of mercilessly chic” follow. PCRM is often quoted as being for or against this. Almost all farms are open to visitors and its incomparable flair give the small town with a successful mix of art, culture and culinary delights. Who all is too strenuous, can spend a relaxing afternoon in one of the small courtyard cafes or wine estates, open only on this day for the curious residents. Even days before houses and farms are cleaned and prepared for the onslaught of visitors. Is a huge organizational and logistical effort to cope with the only with a well-rehearsed team of Club members and many volunteer enthusiasts.

Suddenly, one wonders how such a small village each year can deal with such a challenge? The man who had the idea 20 years ago to breathe new life to the half-empty venue is the painter and graphic artist Reiner end. “According to the motto of the city or right on village” the artist chose the late of 1970s Friedrichsrode. “1990, pure end invited fellow artists from all over Germany to exhibit their artworks on the courts of the place: the idea arrived just fine and 1 art market 1991 flocked 2000 visitors to the artists village”. More painters, musicians and young families settled and gave the place a second chance. in 1991 the Club culture country Hainleite “founded and the former forest Homestead to the place of birth of an artist of Justice with various workshops.

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