The Insects Scrabble Again! The Black Light Show

Posted by marmara on May 11, 2019

Project PQ presents “Animatix-Lux” in Cologne. Cologne. It is dark. Only three vibrant cocoons can be seen. Three dancers in the insect form break out from them.

The black light backdrop kidnapped in a distinct, surreal world. There, many viewers not trust his eyes, if seemingly unbelievable things play on the stage wrapped in black light. Luminous leg swirl through the air, floating bars as if by magic on the stage, same insect creatures conquer the stage, blurs the line between reality and fantasy. “Animatix Lux” means this unique show, which shows the audience the project PQ “on February 13 at the ball of the pink spark” from 19: 00. “Animatix Lux” is a futuristic looking dance theatre. The Animatix-Lux-creatures discover the magical attraction of the light. Is Petra Quednau a UV light and lighting props on the latest LED technology, for the Visual light show and for the first time a flying insect that float above the heads of the spectators will.

The light is umtanzt, it is danced with the light and so arise again and again new images for the Viewer. Costumes perfectly matched by a sophisticated choreography, rousing music and on black light we can create completely new and surprising effects, says the artistic director and dancer Petra Quednau. “For Animatix Lux” has she studied the movements of insects just before she built this dance in the black light show. I have particularly high requirements on the implementation of the choreography. Therefore I have only experienced dancers in my Ensemble”explains Petra Quednau. Also at the costumes she left nothing to chance. Here, Usch Quednau has been long experimenting with the Visual artist until the insect costumes and props optimally harmonized with the light and the choreography. Petra Quednau stood with her dancers in all men’s countries on the stage by France up to the United Arab Emirates. Now it comes with Animatix Lux “after Cologne:” we are sure that we can also inspire with our exceptional show “, Petra Quednau is pleased with its crew to the presence in the Town Hall in Cologne Mulheim. Tickets to the event are available on the Web site of the pink spark for 26.-. In 2002, professional dancer Petra Quednau founded the project PQ. Since then she is full-time with their crew of dancers and fire artistes around the world. Also their offers, ranging from hot fire shows, hypnotic black light shows, imaginative performances to walkabout on the subject of wine is as varied as the artists.

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Norman Krayer

Posted by marmara on January 24, 2019

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Lammer and parish priest Wolfgang Jacobs as new Theological consultant of the regional working group of the Feu in Cologne Bonn-Leverkusen. We are glad to see you on Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 14:00 in the Antoniterkirche, labels Street 57, 50667 Cologne, welcome. The service line: Agricultural Minister Peter Morbel has the Evangelical Academy in the Rhineland. Short profile: Protestant entrepreneurs in Germany working group is an Association of Evangelical entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and executives with entrepreneurial tasks.

We are people who are linked by their Protestant faith. As members of our Church, we see the responsibility for the society in which we live and work. We want to convey our Church knowledge of economic relationships and wake also understanding for entrepreneurial decisions. Information is available on the Internet at. Norman R. Krayer (spokesman of the regional working group) answers questions about the regional working group of the Feu in Cologne Bonn-Leverkusen phone 02263-801935 or by email see krayer(at) The Diakonie she e. V.

is the largest Agency in the Cologne area. More than 1,500 employees serve 3,500 people in a wide variety of facilities of the classic fields of work of Diakonie. The Diakonie Michaelshoven helps people in Cologne and the Rhineland personally, competently and in Christian charity. For over 50 years. Whether can for example children who do not live temporarily in their families, people with great social problems, people with dementia or disability. Always in accordance with the guiding principle with people creating perspectives”. To permanently save this help, Diakonia Michaelshoven has now their Foundation just help in life launched. Please support these concerns with a donation: donation account 111 333 – KD-Bank Bank 350 601 90.

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The Experience

Posted by marmara on April 22, 2018

Here story them the experience of searching and finding a treasure that had hidden more than a hundred years. In order to maintain in confidence the names and places, for protect those involved in this real fact, omit appoint people who participated in these events, which I hope it does not subtract in no time the credibility of what counted here. A day Wednesday, in which lawyers as a whole had to meet in the community of the farmer, to the relief of a test in relation to the case of the latter, they decided to schedule the treasure hunt at the end of the aforementioned diligence. We set out to tackle the 4 x 4 full of detectors of treasures, tools for digging, jackets, water, gas, cigarettes, hats masks and everything that my friend was considered appropriate for support in the work vehicle. The peasant was US guiding along dirt roads, apparently little travelled by the poor condition in which they were. We circulate with difficulty for two hours, while the Lord told us in detail the origin and the details of the mysterious anecdote that his grandparents had told about the existence of a great treasure hidden in the case of the hacienda.

I have to confess, than to the reduced derivative cultural level of the peasant to his little lexicon and to the place where we traveled, the story that us recounted seemed me unlikely and even more the actual existence of a hidden treasure buried, so without expressing it, I had this feeling in my mind, without questioning anything that it listened to q. On the other hand, he saw the face of my colleagues and perceived a feeling similar to mine, however, it was evident that leave the path at the moment was no longer an option. We come to the case of the hacienda, which was a good first step of credibility, because a server was hesitant to go to find even a building in that area away from everything.

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Large Donation

Posted by marmara on January 6, 2018

Dresden/Eichenau, October 5, 2007 – the CIP Committee (Christian initiative Predigtstuhl) today announced that an over 50 metres high monument of Christ in Bavaria to be built through international donations. After the concrete plans of the initiators the statue is built pulpit in the town of Bad Reichenhall in the Berchtesgadener land on or near the mountain. The huge, artistically sophisticated design figure (exact amount is secret) is made with help from renowned scientists, engineers and farmers figure permanently weather-resistant and environmentally friendly materials. In the engineering design, newly composed materials are (like, for example “liquid wood”) to use. A prayer and meeting space for the pilgrims is integrated into the base of the statue. The work, the subsequent care and using the necessary financial resources and donations are monitored by the Committee of the CIP. In addition to advise the CIP by a specially formed Committee from public figures and supports be.

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Michael Marius

Posted by marmara on June 23, 2017

As the son of a Jewish mother the Shoah as pain in the soul has remained throughout his life symbolizes him the loin the marching up forces of the dictatorship period, to fight against it was for him. The doctor of architecture”, as he sometimes called himself, saw architecture as a more human skin, which has ecological and creative in curved line to adapt to the people and not vice versa. And so he saw the main reason for the human misery in monotonous architecture. Hundertwasser received early as a participant of documenta III in Kassel the respect of the art world. Today he inspires people with his exceptional ideas: art lovers from all over the world make a pilgrimage to his artistically transposed architectural sculptures such as the 1983 built Hundertwasser Haus in Vienna. Its incredibly rich creativity are straight out of a plethora of designs: from the clock to the aircraft, from the Bible to the poster. As convinced ecological thinking and practicing man he devoted himself to his creations the benefit of charitable ideas such as the rescue of the rain forest or the whales often. Against nuclear power, he made himself strong or for new ideas such as that of the Tree duty”.

Hundertwasser also are as rich and varied as his oeuvre and his artistic implementation techniques that he uses in the graphic. Not only that he applies all possibilities of typography from the Japanese woodcut to distinct screenprint, he perfected they so well, that he manages to produce high requirements in various colours and achieving thus eras of unique character in the serial, some with bright shimmering metal foils, which are incorporated in the journal. At the beginning of the seventies a film directed by Peter Schamoni, which shows the life and work of Hundertwasser, was rainy day”also the trips on his boat, with which he is brought together. Just traveling, on the road-what life and the artistic works of Hundertwasser into a unit linked and ultimately a stringent and unique his oeuvre made were being odd, erratic. Even the death of the great artist bears witness: after a heart attack in February 2000 on board the Queen Elizabeth 2 “is he, wrapped in the flag designed by him for his New Zealand homeland, was buried under a tulip tree.

Even though he may rest on the other side of the world, his ideas, images and structures are and forever forgotten and alive. Like, I would be personally met this great man. My sister succeeded in an interview. Hundertwasser then left his self-designed watch in high 5-digit value. Naturally, he got them back. Michael Marius marks

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