Santa Caterina

Posted by marmara on August 30, 2016

Western group consists of resorts Sestriere, La Thuile, Courmayeur, Aosta / Pila, Cervinia and Gressoney. Located on the border with France and Switzerland, they repeat their best features: excellent modern system of lifts and well thought out network of groomed trails. Courmayeur has a total ski area of Chamonix, French, and is connected to Cervinia ski lifts with the Swiss resort of Zermatt. Eastern a group of resorts Dolomitic image of the region of the Alps (Madonna di Campiglio, Val di Sole, Val di Fiemme, Val Harden, Val di Fassa, of Cortina d Ampezzo and Kronplatz) Alt and Valtellina (Bormio, Santa Caterina, Livigno),. Among the Russian The most popular ski resorts deservedly enjoyed the Dolomites and Cervinia. Of these resorts will write more: In the north-west Italy, in the Trentino and the Veneto, is a unique creation nature of the Dolomites.

This mountain range is composed mainly of colored stone and dolomite limestone, which form an almost vertical slopes and fancy tops, podpiryuschie sky. At the base of the mountains, covered with slopes with pine forests and green meadows. The highest peak in the Dolomites – Marmolada mountain (3,343 meters). It's amazingly beautiful mountains! They can be infinitely admire and dawn hours when the sun's rays gild the mountain peaks, and the valleys are deep drowsy shadows, they are blindingly bright winter day, when the snow-covered slopes clearly and boldly silhouetted against a bright sky, they are fantastic at sunset hour, when the play of light and shadow makes it almost weightless creamy rock.

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Posted by marmara on February 21, 2012

The first group was leaving earlier, so they had to gather in the rain. But our group wandered into a state of uncertainty: we can go at least until the evening, so we had to hurry nowhere, and we started cooking the remaining chicken on a fire in the rain. Hens won seats neprozharennye, but nonetheless, they, like yesterday, torn to pieces and eaten. The first group got together and went down with both of our leaders – just Sasha promised to come back for us. Rain suddenly stopped, the sun came out and even become hot. We dry all things together in the dry, even heated water to wash his head.

It remained to sit and wait for Sasha's return with news of our departure time. Idly sitting by the fire, and sharpened the remaining products. State – as the first of January: when you get up this morning and did not know what keep him occupied. A overcast sky again. Adylsu lumbered over and shone in our side of the clouds again stretched along the ridges, uncovered until the very valley. Noticeably colder and it was clear that the rain can not be avoided.

We decided before it starts to put one tent to allow members to hide. And here comes Alex, almost simultaneously with the rain started. He brought beer and encouraging news that we leave, we did tonight. With a mysterious kind of Sasha asked for sausage and bacon, then pulled out of the bag three dozen fresh eggs. Directly on the fire in the boiler began to prepare an omelet. The dish turned out delicious. It is with great pleasure that we gulped it on rye bread, mayonnaise and beer, ignoring the pouring rain and cold. Finished food – immediately ended and the rain. Clouds disappeared and we went down. On the way there was raspberry (how could I miss her), then a few passed through the forest, the latter segment of the descent was just a "delightful" – steep path on the clayey slope, which was pretty hard to keep his balance. It's amazing how the guys were here in the dark with a beer in the shales … After this miracle clay began a picturesque canyon. Somewhere near was a source of mineral water. Drank in the last mineral water, have gone further down. Came to the village, near the shops dressed, pereobulis. They drank beer, which has already climbed with difficulty, bridou chips. Sasha decided to ruin us and brought out Store watermelon. Gobbled up and – with difficulty, and not entirely. Finally, came our "gazelle." Loaded and a favorite Salam went to Pyatigorsk. Initially, laughed a lot, finishing rastryasennoe pretty steep mountain road bends expensive beer, after a while everything became quiet. Every thought of his, in his own farewell to the mountains. At the post again for a long time before the Pyatigorsk stuck in traffic. Through the open windows salon filled eerie smell of exhaust from neighboring vehicles. Fresh mountain air was completely eliminated from the lungs. Hello, civilization, and the urban reality. In Pyatigorsk, had dinner and went to the apartment where we had to hold savings in a campaign two day.

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