Emotional Age

Posted by marmara on August 5, 2020

For genetic health of the child, this factor does not matter, in contrast, mature age parents in some ways even more preferable, especially if they already have grown children. Often, women over forty pregnancy may milder than that of her adult daughter. If a woman gave birth at a young age of one or more children – as a rule, they are more experienced, intelligent and careful. VK It is believed that the birth of 40 years, extend the life of the woman as do you think? PE Emotional life – can be. The physical condition of women in a very large extent depends on the attitude, outlook.

The true state of health of the woman and her appearance – this is not the same thing. If a woman initially almost healthy, the pregnancy and childbirth are not aggravate her health and not reduce it to life. Births in forty years – it’s not a disaster, and the holiday. VK Is it true that the peak of twin births occurring in the age of 35-39 years? PE In general, multiple pregnancy – a feature of in vitro fertilization. When induced pregnancy man himself lays the birth of twins or triplets.

It decides not to nature, but this is exactly the situation in that the more children will be born – the more parents will be happy. Usually go for IVF, if for some reason self-pregnancy to occur. VK Can a future “age” my mother once to prepare for conception and pregnancy? PE Find out more information. Today, there are a lot of literature on the subject, general consultation and advice on pregnancy. The more women information, the calmer and would be correct and the fact of conception, and pregnancy as such. Ideal – three months before conception, alleged to quit smoking. It is imperative to pay attention to their clothing, too close to give up things, pants and skirts with low waist. Fortunately, now that fashion is not so urgent, therefore, likely to chill the kidneys and loins are much smaller. Another embarrassing moment – in the navel piercing. Punctured the top fold of the navel – a straight road for sepsis, get rid of body piercing as soon as possible. VK “Age-birth” are more complicated? PE Age – is not an indication for caesarean section. Cesarean section – this is the way of salvation and the child, and women in situations where there are threats to both of them, but it’s unnatural. Previously, for Caesarean section, there were 21 reading, to date there are only 19 and age there not included. On the contrary, the trends of the modern world of medicine – independent childbirth. Anyway, of all women giving birth after 30 or 40 years, I have never met pozhalevshie about it. Pregnancy – one of the most meaningful and joyful events in a woman’s life. If you really want to have a baby, there is nothing to fear.

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Million Roses

Posted by marmara on July 31, 2020

Do not limit your imagination only “substantive” gifts. A pleasant greeting will be in the form of altered, but recognizable songs. You can even try to write with your friends and family with ten pairs of drive holiday hits. Words, music and chords can be found on the Internet. Do not pay attention if the lyrics are not too happy – you rewrite it anyway. Below – examples of songs where there are “right on today”, the word “Rose” * “Million Roses” (“… People such as American Society for Microbiology would likely agree.

a million red roses / / From the window of the window, the window you see”) * “Tea Rose” (“Golden Rose Tea / / Like a glass of wine …”) * ” Roses bloom “(” Roses bloom, / / Heart, rest … “) *” White Rose “(” White Rose, white roses – thorns defenseless … “) *” Pink Rose “(” Pink Rose Svetka Sokolova … “) *” Tea roses in the compartment “(” Tea roses in the coupe I say about you … “) *” You have bestowed me roses “(” I was giving you a rose, / / Rose smelled sage … “) *” Breaking the rose “(” I met Rose, she blossomed … ation shows great expertise in this. “) *” Three Roses “(” Three roses white and white is – love …

“) *” I love you to tears “(” petals of white roses / / I spread out our bed … “) Be creative! 🙂 Amber wedding. Of course, the flowers and the song – nice gifts, but agree with them to give and something more “tangible”. Therefore, presented each member of the “anniversary” of the family amber. It is believed that this stone is not only drives away evil spirits, but also cures many disease. Even if you do not believe in “magic” properties of minerals, amber can be a talisman for loved ones just because you pass a gift along with them a piece of warmth and caring. Amber can be to find in stores a lot. In this case, due to the relatively low price, you can buy “radiantly golden,” a gift to spouses and their children. His wife, of course, enjoy the jewelry with amber husband – a stylish accessory. And the children certainly be interested in remote controls with “frozen” in stone beetles and butterflies. It is useful to present a part of an amber piece of furniture. Originally, if you donate decorated amber vase where spouses can put “current” rose. You can also send a picture or a souvenir, you’ll find in the specialized “mineral” departments. Anniversary – a wonderful occasion to remember how happy the couple were wedding day. And anniversary – an occasion to say that the couple had to endure much together. Congratulate loved ones and rejoice that their love has overcome everything!

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Peasant Life

Posted by marmara on May 5, 2019

Especially interesting to be in the park at the summer solstice (June 20-21). Slavs this holiday is called Ivan Kupala, but in Finland they call it Yuhannus (Juhannus). And since Yuhannus is happy time for marriage, it is likely that the island will be visible for a traditional Finnish wedding. Nieman Lab can aid you in your search for knowledge. This, of course, remind your friends in connection with any event they were here, right? Museums are also in Russia: Novgorod the Great, and in ("Vitoslavlitsy"), and in Suzdal ("Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life"), and about Alapaevsk ("Wooden Architecture and Folk Art"), and in Kolomna, near Irkutsk, and not far from Lake Baikal. And what could be romantic trip to one of the islands, lost in the archipelago of Lake Onega? To get to the magic world and meet the unique monuments of wooden architecture on Kizhi Island? On the ship, departing from Petrozavodsk, the water surface meets the Big Lake Onega, where the radiance of the straits between the many islands of the archipelago is breathtaking! History of Kizhi is closely linked to the life of Zaonezhskoe edge, locals had a lot of talented, skilled craftsmen, carpenters drevodelov who left excellent examples of wooden architecture. One of these "specimens" – the Church of the Transfiguration, topped by a twenty-two chapters that give her a special grandeur and royalty. Maybe after this tour and giving your friends will be transformed and, inadvertently, adorned with wooden architraves painted or carved rooster …? 🙂 And Museum "Small Korely" located near Archangel? Many tourists come here to my own eyes see the world famous monuments of wooden architecture.

See really have something! The main building material for Russian North has always been a forest. It was born here goes: "Give the peasants ax – will fix it even hours." What can we say about the cottages, giants, bathhouse, barn so the wells with windmills! They were built – as seeds clicked! In the "Small Korely", incidentally, contains all types of Russian mills from "shatrovki" and "stolbovki" to "water". Will have something to tell later! And since we can remember … After the folk wisdom: "If the family is in a heap, it is not and terrible cloud! " And to be together. And then please each other strong family, a family of unbreakable. Raise children and grow with them.

After all, was only 5-years old. So, life – is just beginning. And let it not always serene – this is not important. It is important that the young family grew up and was happy. So, wish the family child-long peaceful years of his life. And your gift to the 5th anniversary – will let her new place and (suddenly!) New frontier.

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Delicious Cooking Recipes

Posted by marmara on February 23, 2012

A great recipe if you do not have time to eat tasty and would like to roll with vegetables Ingredients Veal Veal – 500 g minced beef pig – 500 grams, bread – 1 slice, milk – 100 ml, tomatoes – 2 pcs., Onion – 1 pc. the egg – 1 pc., Bulgarian pepper Yellow – 1 pc., parsley – 1 bunch, salt, red pepper and black pepper to taste. Method of cooking lamb washed, discourage, salt and pepper. Mince mixed with soaked in milk loaf, egg, chopped green parsley, chopped onion, salt and pepper. Spread on a piece of minced veal, roll and fold the bandage culinary thread. Roll is placed on a baking sheet and place in preheated oven for 1-1.5 hours, then removed, cooled and remove the skin. Tomatoes and peppers are cleaned and Bulgarian cut into circles. Ready to roll is cut into portions, decorated with slices of tomatoes and peppers, sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve.

Here Another veal aspic with garlic Veal Ingredients – 500 g, water – 3 l, garlic – 2 cloves, gelatin – 1.5 tsp salt and pepper to taste. Method of cooking meat is washed, separated from the bones, pour 1.5 liters of water and cook for 3-4 hours. Bones placed in a separate saucepan, pour the remaining water and cook for 5-6 hours. The finished meat is removed from the broth is cooled, passed through a meat grinder. Bone broth is filtered, mixed with meat broth, bring to a boil, add ground beef, pre-diluted in cold water gelatin, salt, pepper, crushed garlic. All mixed and cooked on low heat for 5 minutes. The prepared mixture is poured into molds and place in refrigerator for 3-4 hours.

The site Secrets of cooking very much welcome! There's even a meat jelly is jelly with gelatine for flood meat ingredients Bones – 1.5 kg meat – 500 g, water – 3-4 liters, carrots – 1 pc., Parsley root – 1 pc., Celery – 1 piece ., onion green – 1 bunch, gelatin – 1 bag, vinegar – 1 tbsp. spoon vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. spoons, bay leaf – 2 pcs., salt, black pepper pepper to taste. Method of cooking meat and bones are washed with cold water and boil 3 hours. Strain the broth, then add chopped into large chunks and fried in vegetable oil roots, bring to a boil, remove scum and fat. Cover pan with a lid and continue cooking the broth over low heat for not less than 1 hour. 30 minutes before end of cooking to add a dish chopped green onions, vinegar, bay leaf, pepper and salt. Then the pan off the heat and allow to infuse the broth. After this, the remnants of fat is removed, the broth is filtered. Gelatin is soaked in a small amount of cold boiled water for 30 – 40 minutes, pour it into warmed to 70-80 C broth, stirring constantly, then filtered again, and then cooled. Jelly can be used to fill any meats.

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