Posted by marmara on February 21, 2012

Prolonged cold weather ended. Minus 10 degrees to the Kola peninsula – almost thaw. Next Sunday we decided to walk his wife Lyudmila on Lebyazh'e lake – it is just a kilometer from the village Varzuga. Weather was like on order. It was nice to walk on snow-covered tundra and breathe in the fresh cold air. The locals do not like to go fishing and Lebyazh'e long lake.

Indeed, to Lebyazh'e not so easy to get, because all approaches to it closed furnace quagmire. In summer there catches a Mikheitch old, who can not afford on distant campaigns. According to him, pecking here rarely, but neatly. Perch caught are large, as the selection, and the black: the bottom of the lake peat, black, and water black as ink. A forage in the lake – Dostal, and therefore in no hurry to grab the bait fish. In winter, the Lebyazh'e generally has nothing to do – the fish will not bite.

I thought, if there are fish in the pond, why she did not bite? Finally, we reached clean place with no shrubs and tussocks. (One could only guess that we are on the ice, and below us the lake. The first two holes, see were on the border of the lake from the marsh, because the spot with ice crumbs from under the drill went brown porridge. Send us but thirty feet, and then I just got to clean water. Measured the depth – about two meters is enough.

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