Economic Miracle

Posted by marmara on October 26, 2017

II? The Economic Miracle the economic miracle had it concentrative nature of the military government, mainly in relation to the state-owned companies who had generated verge to the country through exportations of its products. As lio Gaspari was a paradoxical period of the History of Brazil. The Escancarada Dictatorship affirms the author in its workmanship 1 ' ' The Brazilian Miracle and the Years of Lead had been simultaneous. Both Reals, coexisted refusing itself. Educate yourself with thoughts from Boy Scouts of America. Passed thirty years more than, they continue refusing itself. Who finds that it had one, does not believe (or it does not like to admit) that it had outro' '. The Gross domestic product enters 1968 the 1973 Brazilian grew to an average tax above of 10% to the year, while the inflation oscillated between 15% and 20% to the year. Moreover, the civil construction grew, on average, 15% to the year. Nieman Foundation: the source for more info.

During this phase of economic growth of the country, the great architect and executor of the economic policies in Brazil were the economist and Secretary of the Treasury Antonio Netto Dolphin, that arrived to be baptized of ' ' super-ministro' '. From 1973 the growth of the Brazilian economy diminished considerably to the point of at the same time in 1974 occurring the first shock of the oil, when the price of the barrel was raised abruptly of US$3,37 for US$11,25. Of this form, the crisis of the oil finished all provoking an acceleration of the tax of inflation in the world and mainly in Brazil, when it passed of 15,5% in 1973 for 34,5% in 1974. With this, the growth diminished on average in period 1974-1979 passing 6.5%, while at the time of ' ' milagre' ' the growth taxes if pointed out, on average, annual 10%, having reached peaks of up to annual 13%. From then on the Brazilian trade balance, of 1974 in ahead, would present enormous difficult caused mainly for the importation of oil, that had exceeded the 4 billion dollar to the year.

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United Nations

Posted by marmara on September 7, 2017

Therefore the Sea and the Oceans are important ways of communication and ways of linking between countries, regions continent, contributing enormously for the globalization them markets and of the economy, the information and the world-wide security, being for these reasons a subject that transversally interests all the State-members. The Strategy of the CPLP for the Oceans is based on the national politics of the State-members and seats in a common vision of union and allotment, having in account the diversity of existing realities between the different State-members, not only to the economic and social level, but also to geographic level. This common vision will be able to constitute an ample chance for an international cooperation in essential domnios for the sustainable development of on activities to the sea, since the countries of the Community if distribute for some oceans in different quadrants of the globe. In the elaboration of a strategy of the oceans the treatment transversal and integrated of the diverse subjects is basic and activities, and in accordance with the imperative of the interdependence between sectors. The Strategy of the CPLP for the Oceans is based on them pillars of the beginning of the sustainable development: ambient, social and economic and correcta looks for to give to orientaes for one management of the marine resources. Vectors of cooperation for a strategy of the Seas of the Lusofonia the subjects related with the sea, in its more diverse forms and expressions (econmica, commercial, cultural, diplomatics, security, etc.) constitute a strategical domain for guarantee of a development supported of each one of State-members, as well as of the proper CPLP. For its geoestratgicas characteristics, especially for the latitude of its spaces of maritime sovereignty, the countries of the organization form a privileged net of sustainable development seat in its Seas and Oceans. About the picture of the Community we think that objectivos generalities for a Strategy of the Seas of the Lusofonia can be considered, the following ones: To promote in the seio of the state-members the principles established in the Convention of United Nations on the Right of the Sea; To contribute for a good management of the resources and the sustainable development of the oceans (prohibited, surrounding, scientific and technological, social and econmica inquiry); To sponsor the creation of sea areas protected and jurisdiction in the State-members of the Community; To promote measures of understanding and adaptation to the change of the climate in the coastal regions; To contribute for the reinforcement of a net of human resources enabled to develop one politics of oceans integrated and To promote measured of economic exploitation of the marine resources, including partnerships multi-sectoriais. .

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Pensioners Federal Family

Posted by marmara on April 4, 2017

Not to leave an only evildoer of unpunished white collar, making with that they pay effectively for its crimes, adaptando our system of justice the standards civilized, where listening ARE VALID and the crimes do not prescribe with laws to the haste, made to the measure; 21. To hinder the ones that had been ministers of they capsize to be managers of companies who have benefited of government securities or determined adjudications for the said ones. 22. To make a general and minute survey of all the ones that had occupied positions politicians, central office and place, of form namely which its patrimony before and later. 23. Center For Responsible Lending helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To put the Banks paying taxes and, taking care of to all in the schedules of the commerce and the industry. 24.

To forbid to views of mounts of money for all and any ONGs. 25. To make a profligate in the accounts of the MST and similars, as well as in the PT and excessively political party. 26.REVER immediately situation of Pensioners Federal, State and Municipal, that needs much more that these that live to the costs of diligent brasileilros e, the Proper Pensioners of (RGPS- among others). 27. TO REVIEW the indemnities improperly paid millionaire to ' ' pursued polticos' ' (guerrila). 28. AUDITORSHIP on the acceptation that Brazil granted to other countries.

29. To finish with the stewardships (that they are abusive) of the retirement of the President of the Republic, after a mandate. We have that to work 35 years and we do not have right the car, fuel, security, etc. 30. To finish with the right it prisoner to receive more than what the minimum wage for lesser son e, if it to die, still is this I benefit for the family. The prisoner must work to receive some benefit, and would have to indemnify the family who it harmed.

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Posted by marmara on March 4, 2017

The summary of everything is that the approval of the budget (either of the states, cities or of the union), DOES NOT GUARANTEE NOTHING ABSOLUTELY, not to be the false contentment of the legislators who had fought for mounts of money for the regions or states that represent. They make one fuzu ruined when they approve and they show with pride for its electorate what ' ' conseguiram' '. In the end of the accounts, executive will cut, hold and redirect these FORECASTS of the skill that to want. It is the budget of carochinha. Everything is orquestrado e, if to bobear, even with the proper opposition (apposition).

E which our REAL damage? It is only to live with reasonable public services one or two of the four years of mandate of the executive (federal, state and municipal). I say reasonable because, in a country that he collects close to 49% of tributes (74 contributions, taxes and taxes – he sees here), one of the biggest indices of the world (if it will not be the greater), superior to the one of countries with providence and infinitely superior public services to ours and with little taxes, the amount and the quality of the benefits that we receive in return are ridicule. Our omission is creating a serious vice in the public administration; a custom perverse politician. I know that some they go to say that it is flat and frustrating to follow the politics. Other they go to say that better exactly it is to empunhar flags and to leave fanatic for the streets of 4 in 4 years crying out and fighting for a candidate. We go people there we go to follow a little more what she happens in Brazil in the years that are not the electoral ones. Frustrating exactly, friends and friends, are to pay taxes and to see used perversely them against we ourselves. Who is deceiving who?

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Federal Government

Posted by marmara on March 1, 2017

Today, already it is myth to say that the education is the base of everything in Brazil. She is necessary to know that the alone education, never, will be capable to revert the chaotic situation of our country. The investments, until then, adopted for the education still are very little ahead of the innumerable difficulties faced for the eradication of the illiteracy in Brazil. In the international scene, desaculturados Brazil is seen as a country of. Unhappyly, he is sufficiently shameful what they say of our country when the subject is education.

But, we cannot cover the sun with bolter. The truth is joins and raw, is a nation of sluggish when it is about study, of culture. It is truth well that has many studious Brazilians who if detach in the exterior, however must be pointed out that these, almost always, study in the proper exterior and, thus, can be given to the luxury to be exmios professionals in its areas of performances. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Center For Responsible Lending by clicking through. Brazil already created famous types that throughout the times had been if lasting in history as icons of what they had known and they know to make. But, the Brazilian education is far from creating other icons as elements of the national sapincia, not that this either something impossible, for the opposite, has very what to become so that our country either a beauty in the education. But investments.

Diverse countries, in the entire world, had bet and bet, exclusively, in the education and already they give samples of that thus the possibilities of changes only happen and continue to happen. The study it never was excessively; to never study meant delay or thing of the sort. She is necessary that the nation also understands that the effort for the study depends on each one of the Brazilians. Many of our students continue if being deceptive. To dissimulate that it is learning and to dissimulate that is teaching already was proven that means delay for educators and students. She is necessary to face the front problem. The study in necessary Brazil to be washed the serious one more. She is necessary to materialize good and great schools, in order to create itself excellent pupils who, in the future, can represent the progress of the Brazilian education. He is of utmost importance, for the Federal Government, that the education prevails ahead of decisions that transform it into the great more important priority of the demands of the social politics. The nation cannot be the grace of prizes that congratulam one or another Brazilian of international expression. The most important of everything this is that our education is standardized, that is, that all have treatment in the cultural question the same where the education is taught with more responsibility for professionals and on people directly with the educational treatment of Brazil. It is in the hour of being edited the simultaneous, integral education and of quality all and the any Brazilian, indistinctly. While to be beating palms to the speeches of congratulaes we will go to make bitter the position of country of the illiterates.

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Posted by marmara on February 24, 2017

YOU SCOFF OF THE CHARITY? You find ridicule the Charity because you want in the truth to keep what he is not yours, as one avaro fariseu, in the safes of the world. How many kings had died and they had not taken the richness for the other side. Connect with other leaders such as Center For Responsible Lending here. She will be that the people do not perceive? There of you, scribes and fariseus, hypocritical, because devorais the houses of the widowers and, to justify, you make long conjuncts; therefore, you will suffer much more severe judgment! Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 23:14. ' ' For our avarice, very it is little; for our necessity, little he is muito' '. Sneca? Roman philosopher. OLVIDES However, you do not forget, that not feneces, because it you sustm. The Life that in manifest you if is the Charity of GOD, seno, you would not exist in the scene land.

There of you, scribes and fariseus, hypocritical, because you ahead close the kingdom of skies of the men; therefore it do not enter, nor leave to enter the ones that are entering! Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 23:13. The ONISCIENTE CHARITY the Charity of Perpetual father, takes off you of the hell all moment: The hell of not the existence. There of you, scribes and fariseus, hypocritical, because you encircle the sky and the land to make a proslito; e, a made time, you become it son of the hell more two times than you! Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, cap.23: 15. ' ' But a sun ray is enough to move away to several sombras' '.

San Francisco de Assis? Founder of the Franciscana Order? Saint of the Ecology. GOD PACKS YOU God you of to the rising, father, mother, brothers, relatives. You of when growing the diverse friends and some ceilings to awake your vocation.

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