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Posted by marmara on February 16, 2017

Figure 3. Intelligence spiritual holistic education model works with a new paradigm that leaves behind the dogmatic, scientistic and Relativistic thinking, to give step to a vision of integrity and transdisciplinarity. Spiritual intelligence seeks to resolve the problem of hedonism and nihilism that spread with Postmodernity and which have brought more suffering to humans with your false assumption of seeking pleasure and moral relativism. Spiritual intelligence works with the eye of contemplation and develops the capacity to be happy, happiness as the capacity for self-knowledge, understanding of the joy that is born of our inner being and recognize what we really are; spiritual beings. The development of spiritual intelligence is achieved with the triple (Gallegos, 2007) training: practical care full, practical ethics, and practical wisdom.

Triple spiritual intelligence training is achieved through the practice of mindfulness, whose purpose is the self-knowledge, the observation of our inner being, mindfulness is observing things even-handed, without judging, this practice helps to resolve both internal and external conflicts. The practice of ethics or moral development means living the universal values as a fraternity, love, peace, freedom, honesty, etc., not only learn them from memory way but understood its true meaning and put them into practice, be ethical means being compassionate and loving with others, respect for all beings. The practice of wisdom consists in the ability to understand the ultimate reality, which is beyond the reality that presented us in everyday life is the third practice of training Eyes with which he looks at me to me, are the same that I look at him to him. Bibliography GALLEGOS NAVA, r.

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