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And it is the active promotion is a confirmation of the existence of the child as an individual as a value, as a significant phenomenon in family life. To test this hypothesis, we surveyed parents about what forms of promotion used in the home, or rather, for that. And once again divided them into two groups. First, we classified those who praise the child for only the visible achievements – for what he has learned something, made a good deed, he learned zashnurovyvat boots, poured into a bowl of water the dog, etc. The second group were those parents who do not limit themselves to express their admiration for the child – as if reason and without any reason just because he's so good that it they have, they are proud and happy, even if it does not make any exploits. Analyzing the results, we have a lot surprised. The connection between the lack of permanent emotional promotion and aggressiveness was much stronger than we expected, and this applies to both boys and girls, although girls are still sensitive to the form of punishment, and lack of promotion. Unemotional parents, spiritual emptiness, in which the child lives, is much more powerful stimulant of aggression than the harsh punishment – at this conclusion it is worth considering for many! Hence, the child may survive if it strictly, sometimes unfairly punished, because in this case it did notice, is isolated as a figure from the background normal family life.

If he does not get unmotivated promotion, it is perceived and experienced as a non-confirmation of its existence at all, which is subjectively the strongest punishment. All told, incidentally, applies to our adult relatives – in fact in the soul of every living small child. So, try to look closely at those around us, let us remember that inattention is a penalty, and as everyone's favorite singing Okudzhava, 'Let's talk to each other compliments!'. Source: Family Portal

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