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Posted by marmara on May 20, 2022

Separately, say a few words about books. If not versed in horses themselves – better not to give to! There are so many and schools that can be big "miss", complimenting konkuristu book about dressage amateur dressage – a book about a cowboy western sports, and fan of westerns – a manual on "natural dog training." An exception can be made for gift books with artistic photographs of horses. If your horse is not a man, but he rented a horse in the club (ride on it permanently), or you know for sure that among the rolling horse he has a special favorite, too, can give him some gear for the horse. If not – give to things that are useful for the rider. Connect with other leaders such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger here. Amateur horse trekking, nature walks or just someone who rides in different clubs on different horses, fit fur cover on the saddle.

At the suburban stables saddles often are old and not very comfortable, so that the fur on the cover saddle will make the trip much more comfortable. Just do not confuse mehovushku on the seat (for the rider) with mehovushkoy under saddle (for horses). Not all the stables have lockers where you can leave your belongings. Usually This service is only available for horse owners, and ordinary visitors – alas! – You have everything to carry with you. And if so, a great gift to a special "horse-sports" bag, where you can pack the necessary things. It has a compartment for boots, helmet and clothing for a replacement. .

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Dog Friend

Posted by marmara on October 16, 2019

Man dog friend! It knows everything! So goes the famous song And she became his friend? According to Darwin's theory goes that the dog – is a direct relative of the wrong wolf who refused to look into the forest after was fed. Domestication of the wolf, is cruel and necessary truth that time. Wolf (the dog) helps a person to hunt mammoth to bring a wounded pterodactyl, to protect housing from the encroachments of Raptor. Even then, to somehow teach the dog to the place of deployment, the man was forced to use accessory – a collar and a whip – the leash. Subsequently, first became pink pooch sleep, and the second a shameful necessity for Yorkshire and other a'la toys. Years passed, people learned to make fire, curry, to reinvent the wheel what up dog, the representative of the family , also did not lag behind: paw gave, the tail wagged, drugs, searching for Here are just a personal wardrobe, nothing so exotic, in addition to the collar with spikes – has not been replenished.

Only Britain, the 18-th, first put the dog into some kind of clothing. Difficult to draw definite conclusions in favor of uniforms pets. Perhaps all the fault of humid and rainy climate of Albion. Although rather a true ladies and gentlemen ought not to appear in public with a naked mastiff, that's dressed up However, excessive conservatism and inherent in the British stiffness, gave birth to light ugly sewed capes and monstrously baggy cloaks. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David Delrahim.

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Geese Feeding

Posted by marmara on July 31, 2016

In the farm profitable to breed poultry – it's a good asset in providing family full of food, but also additional income from the sale of surplus eggs and poultry meat in the market. If for adjacent to the land are unused tinned lands, ravines, ponds, then the benefit breeding waterfowl such as geese. With good grazing geese and young adults need a minimum feeding on grain fodder. Geese are bred exclusively for meat and fat. Goose carcass contains up to 46 percent of high-fat. In addition, the geese get valuable feathers.

The peculiarity of this bird is its ability to consume large amounts of green and succulent and roughage. On good pasture geese eat during the day about 2 kilograms of fresh grass and give a nice boost. In the individual farms and small farms rational use of cheap vegetable feed, local production – the green mass, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage leaf, turnips, turnip, beet tops, grass meal and prepared of them combined silage. The composition of the diet when feeding geese depending on their productivity, season and availability of fodder in the farm. Particular attention is paid to feeding the birds predplemennoy and breeding periods. In the period preparation for egg-laying geese are fed at rates of breeding season. From the feed in the winter time preference is given to oats.

Corn and barley are fed to a pure cause obesity fast breeding birds. Obesity causes and problem in large quantities of meat waste. Obese geese are unfertilized eggs.

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