The Skin

Posted by marmara on May 2, 2018

Vitamin To present in liver, milky fats, egg yolk. He is essential in the renovation of the skin and the mucous. Licopeno that it is a pigment antioxidant, it gives the color to the tomato and that also is present in the pulp of the apple, the apricot, the watermelon and the papaya. Vitamin C: of powerful action antioxidant and related to the colgeno production. It abounds in: peppers, kiwi, citruses, melon, strawberries, you dwell, tropical fruits, cabbage and tomato.

4.Vegetables and foods of origin animal are as much necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals for the beauty of the skin. Vitamins of the complex B: they take part in the processes of cellular renovation. In foods of vegetal origin: vegetables, fruits fresh, fruits droughts, cereals, vegetables, leavening of beer and in those of origin animal: milky meat and vsceras, fish and seafood, eggs and. The protein contribution is basic like component of the skin, we found it the proteins with the ingestion adapted of meats, milky fish, eggs and, as well as of vegetables, cereals and fruits droughts. They are fundamental for the renovation and good aspect of our skin. Selenium: it is a mineral with action antioxidant, is associated to vitamin we found.

It in the meats, the liver, fish, milky and integral cereals. Zinc: it is a microelement antioxidant, that improves the renovation of the cutaneous cells, in addition the tonifica. Form leaves from our epidermis and is present in the following foods: integral meats, vsceras, fish, eggs, cereals, banana and vegetables. Sulphur: an indispensable mineral in the queratina synthesis and also exerts an action anti-seborreica. It abounds in: integral eggs, milk and derivatives, cereals, leavening of beer. 5.Polifenoles: they are antioxidants and they are present in the green tea, in addition it contains vitamins To, C and E.

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Millenium Year

Posted by marmara on March 6, 2017

Following the Spanish philosopher Emilio Lled, we affirmed, as he wrote kill time, that the justice, by very distant that is its total attainment, will have to begin with something as elementary as the democratization of the body, that is not another thing that the liberation of the misery, of the hunger; the hunger that aggravates all possibility of living and to create. The reference of Lled is not a coarse literary figure to to create after mentioning to live ; one either does not talk about the reproduction, but to which it gives felt major when living, that frequently it happens only to survive for many. The possibility of creating understood since to make leave something than does not exist, to continue what others did, to emerge from the mind, to imagine, to model, to know, to elevate. In short, everything what one talks about the art, to the thought and the culture. To end half of that global shame that is the hunger of the world for year 2015, as modestly the UN with its Objectives of the Millenium seted out, is also to restore the hegemony of the development of the human potential, superficially and against the wild consumption and the waste. I do not have the smaller doubt of than establishment of those essential priorities, vital, would be able to eliminate or to reduce of considerable way the serious consequences of the socio-economic system, cruel and, in addition, stupid a state of things unjust, unequal, because it threatens to be the principle of the aim. And I do not talk about only the climatic change that, by the way, has been denied as a real danger until for hardly a year. To end the hunger in the world is not charity either nor welfare. To end the hunger in the world, like ending the poverty, not only is justice, is loyalty with the human species.

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