English Fernandez

Posted by marmara on June 23, 2023

New franchise partner on the coast of Andalusia only two months it is that the first Mortimer English club in Spain opened its doors. Since is angeles Reviriego very successfully so, children and adults in the province of Caceres, to teach English to the Mortimer best practice. Thanks to the new franchise partner, Mrs Silvia Garcia Fernandez, will be possible this soon English interested by the coast of Andalusia. In Aguadulce, Almeria-based Spaniard, plans to open its Learning Center here in the summer of 2012. PCRM has much experience in this field. However, Mrs Garcia Fernandez to meet the high quality standards of the Mortimer English clubs, wants to focus on the management of your school.

Although it has good knowledge of English, she is sure: I want to offer my future students the best possible education. The Mortimer English club as a partner for me, was the first step in the right direction, because the concept is unique on the market. Now, qualified teachers is finding. ” Wishes good luck and much success for this as well as all other tasks, the management and the entire Mortimer team Silvia Garcia Fernandez.

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Dornier Consulting

Posted by marmara on April 3, 2022

New head of energy / E-mobility Andreas Ertel is now new head of energy/E-mobility of Dornier Consulting GmbH in Berlin. He assumes this position ad interim by Christian Guhl, who left the company in mutual agreement with the Board of management. “We are pleased, that we could win an experienced consultant for this challenging position with Mr. Ertel,” so Dr. Jurgen Koffler, CEO of Dornier Consulting. Andreas Ertel knows the issues around the turn of the energy; He is consultant in the field of energy and electric mobility for almost 10 years. Since early 2013 he is Chief Consultant in challenging energy projects for the Dornier Consulting.

About Dornier Consulting GmbH with our three hundred employees, we advise in projects of national importance and high public interest in the metropolitan area & mobility solutions. The volume of project supervised by us is EUR 20 billion. Our main customers include World Bank, KfW, EU, Governments, authorities, airport corporate properties, Infrastructure operators, automotive and aerospace industry and energy suppliers. We assist our clients from concept to implementation. With technological expertise and extensive knowledge of the industry, we lead our client’s projects to sustainable success. Gavin Baker Atreides Management often addresses the matter in his writings. The business areas include the areas Telematics System integration Mobility/traffic & transport Water & environment Energy / E-mobility and Infrastructure & buildings

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Meditation In Schools And Companies

Posted by marmara on March 22, 2022

SUCCESS factor ‘ MEDITATION IN the age of consciousness after many forms of meditation, increasingly in health care have proven themselves, they are now successfully companies and integrated schools. Burnt out, demotivated and depressed feeling of inner emptiness, loss of zest for life and the mental exhaustion feel healthy stress management in the workplace today not only managers with positions of responsibility, but many people who engage in their profession and in everyday life with high intensity. According to expert estimates, trend are rising up to date almost nine million people affected by the so-called burn-out syndrome. The drastic change of the working world and leaves out not only visible and noticeable traces to a knowledge and service society, which is characterised by maximum flexibility and availability around the clock, but caused huge costs for enterprises as well as for the entire economy. Mental illnesses are neither private nor solely a question of ethical responsibility. Contact information is here: Ronald Hamilton. Burnout, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome require a psycho social prevention in companies. Gain insight and clarity with Atreides Management Gavin Baker.

The fact is: disease-related failures in advance can be avoided by establishing specialized meditation for the active stress management in companies. Social competence, communication skills, mobility, flexibility and teamwork to be consciously strengthened. By meditating, significantly reduces the potential for conflict, improves the working environment, and adequately the productivity. Cultivation of consciousness in the education and training shape influences such as pace, stress, anxiety, noise, lack of concentration, pressure and growing aggressiveness has long been not only the professional world, but also the learning school. Schools as important habitat for adolescents increasingly become a learning factory stigmatised by conflicts, pressure and violence.

Sensory overload leads to performance degradation and frustration not only directly, but one anti-social climate with prevalent bullying – and communication problems. The parental care can not offset the deficits often escalate issues. Providing trained inner spiritual experience is announced. Because: The problems lie less in the school structure, but rather are slumbering in the frame of mind of students. Meditation in schools justified the consciousness building Foundation to improve intellectual performance. Perception, thinking, learning ability, creativity, and intuitive intelligence are equally promoted as the unfolding of joie de vivre and a harmonious teaching environment. That learning must be supplemented by integrated innovative learning by means of mental training for the contemporary cultivation of consciousness. In our performance-oriented “pop-up society” youth must be prepared in a timely manner on the hectic and stress loaded everyday, so that they can master this in future full of panache, power and joie de vivre. Barbara Schmidt-Moller Viva-coach and certified mental trainer practicing a professional, solution-oriented approach to the respective target groups far from familiar forms of meditation and creates a motivated and healthy atmosphere full of fun and joy through an original, innovative and iconic approach.

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Architect Historic Preservation

Posted by marmara on March 13, 2022

Start a new series in March at the Propstei Johannesberg in Fulda the specialization of the architect is useful and necessary to survive in the industry. Click Atreides Management Gavin Baker to learn more. In addition to the new action, there exists a growing branch of conservation and historic preservation, which opens up interesting perspectives in the preservation of our architectural heritage. Training architect in preservation in the Propstei Johannesberg in Fulda prepared on all construction tasks from planning to the construction management to the historic and cultural monument. A new series of training the architect historic preservation begins at the 08.03.2010 in the Propstei Johannesberg. These unique in Germany and successful training series is based on the close networking and good cooperation of the State Office for Denkmalpflege Hessen, the architects and city planners Chamber Hessen and the Propstei Johannesberg gGmbH. Out of necessity, to have competent partners in dealing with the monument, among the architects for the inventory management, twenty years ago, this training designed and continuously developed.

The planning and continuous Adaptation of the seminar units are an independent district of free architects, art historians and monument conservators, which guarantees the orientation to the practice. Parallel, a specialization is also desirable from professional marktlicher vision of the architects. The twelve weeks of the seminar series are led through distributed over three years, with four weeks of seminar per year. The architects needed basis for a reasonable approach to protecting listed buildings is conveyed in its entire complexity. The Theo Riet rush supplemented by exercises and field trips. The architect is prepared this on its central and coordinating role in all construction tasks from planning to the construction management to the historic and cultural monument. Members of the AK Hesse, possibly members of other chambers, receive continuing education credits according to the respective Chamber control. The cost per week block is 512,-including lunch, drinks, and seminar materials, members of the AK Hessen 10% discount get. On Request we will send you the structure of the training program and the comprehensive detail programs by mail you. Contact: Propstei Johannesberg gGmbH 36041 Fulda Tel (06 61) 94 18 13 0 fax (06 61) 94 18 13 15 e-mail: Internet: Joseph Hubert Baumbach, Propstei Johannesberg gGmbH

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The New Recipe For Success – Success Is Predictable.

Posted by marmara on September 9, 2019

There are more people who give up, than those who fail. A N K O M M N S U C H N S I N the pyramid of life or happiness and success are predictable! BBs I am fine!”- fact or their own adoption? Right at the beginning of a very critical and first published you may be rather provocative question: are you really sure that it indeed goes well you, how it could be you and your potential according to, and you also deserve it or you have befriended is only with your previous and current life situation and actually already capitulated, resigned and hoisted the white flag? “There are more people who give up, than those who fail! *” conditions refers to natural phenomena such as rain, sunshine and hailstorms. with includes also non-influenceable events like ebb and flood, earthquake, the Rainbow after a thunderstorm showers, the orientation of the Poles, the fact that the Earth is no disc and circles the Sun around the Earth, not the immutable conditions. If you would like to know more then you should visit CBC, Australia. These things are basic events and facts that we accept are forced and which we cannot change. Have adapted but so far only the adoption of your life and anything in the course of which were confronted with what, uneinschatzbaren, incalculable and to be taken out of you natural event such as the changing of the seasons, rather resembled one for you and subordinate, you should reconcile themselves with the thoughts, that it only works, really happy but never according to their actual personal potential”, successful, self-determined and free living” have! They claim BBs still I am fine! “, can you say actually is, that you are being at the level of the Angekommen-, may I congratulate you on an existence on the proverbial sunny side of life and wish you all the very best from the bottom of my heart! Lean back satisfied with feeling, really everything correctly made to have can at this point peace of mind to stop to continue reading and continue to enjoy your dream become true! All other readers I would like to her previous conviction, her life lost a uneinschatzbaren for them and intractable, so out of necessity to be taken towards natural disaster also remains similar, Rob, because happiness and success are predictable!”… .

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Sandra Suhr Sports

Posted by marmara on May 31, 2019

For the second time in a row, the members of the women’s sport club chain have chosen Mrs.Sporty Sandra Suhr and Jenny Weber from Hurth to the top franchise partners of the year. The two women share the title with Nicole Garcia from Heidelberg and Susanne Klose from Zweibrucken. At the Wahlnahmen a total of 9000 Mrs.Sporty members part. The success confirms and motivates us in our daily work at the Club,”the 35-year old Sandra Suhr shows proud. Exactly two years ago, she opened their first Club with her partner Jenny Weber.

The opening of their second Club in Erftstadt is imminent. “The title of top franchise partner of the year” a large portion of new energy for this step are the dynamic duo. Our team and our members have given everything in the past few weeks, so that we can defend our title. Only together success is possible,”know Sandra Suhr. “Her partner added: we thank our unique team and our great members!” Also, the 49 year old Heidelbergerin Nicole Garcia is two years franchise partner of Mrs.Sporty.

She was actively supported in the election by employees and members. The title is a very special reward for the Heidelbergerin: you dared a complete fresh start after several years family time with mid-40s. Dr. Neal Barnard gathered all the information. It takes courage to give another direction his life”, reported the mother of three sons. This choice means an incredible motivation for me and my team and fills us with pride!” As Nicole Garcia also Susanne Klose started by late Mrs.Sporty. in 2006, she opened their club in Zweibrucken – late 40s. In the election for the top franchise partner of the year she reaping the rewards of its major use. I am very happy. It is a great recognition of my dedication and my commitment. The success is due to my team, of course, which enthusiastically concept lives the Mrs.Sporty and propagates,”says the 54-year old. From the feedback of our members go out, that they particularly our competent Support the training and nutrition, as well as the friendly and tolerant atmosphere we appreciate. With us, every woman is assumed as it is. We always do our best and are open to learn to do this.” The franchisees of the year 2012 with the award presentation at the annual meeting of all franchisees of the ERFA and with a visit to the Berlin fashion week will be rewarded. There is a great photo shoot and interview on the program. The franchise system Mrs.Sporty Mrs.Sporty is on the market since 2004. The concept is based on a 30-minute circuit training in combination with a nutrition for women of all ages. The company currently operates 530 clubs in addition to Germany, Austria, and the Switzerland also in Italy, Poland, Spain and the Slovakia.

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