The Aggregative

Posted by marmara on June 26, 2020

While for example, will count for 20 steps. If you take the stairs odnomarshevuyu, then subtract from 350 cm 100 cm (to pass), is 250. This result is divided by Estimated number of stages, ie 19 (18) – 13.15 cm (13.8 cm) width of the step. Even under the condition that we drown in the 4-7 cm risers, stage is still too narrow. It would not have wanted – to arrive with an intermediate variant area. Center for Responsible Business takes a slightly different approach.

Site in some way represents the aggregative level, this is the fact that in general it will have to calculate also taken into account. To determine the width of the site will calculate the width of the stairs. We took the width of the opening equal to 240 cm should be left marches between 10 cm to, holding the handrail, do not touch the counter handrail. Total 230 cm divided by two, get the width of the march – 115 cm Width site also can not be less than 115 cm 120 cm dwell on. That do we have? If the overhead does not interfere (no overlap), then the site can be done at any level, if the ceiling is, the area should be located at a height of about two feet from the ceiling.

We assume that it does not (ladder photo). 350-120 = 230 cm length of the header of the march in terms of (the staircase is aesthetically, if the first march shorter or equal to the second, top), now divide 230 by the width of the optimal possible level, ie 26-29cm, it will be in the lumen of 20-25 cm 230:20 = 11.5 degrees. "Eighteen rat" is not the case, we write 11. A more accurate calculation shows 230:11 = 20.9 cm, and add to the result of overhang – 6.1 cm (for the convenience of the account), we obtain a 27 cm step width of the upper flight of stairs. Now multiply that by 11 steps high level -16 Cm and 176 cm, we obtain from the floor on the second floor to floor area. We now calculate the lower march. The total height was 320 cm, minus 176 cm – 144 cm, we obtain Divide by 16, the result is 9 steps, if not forgotten, the ninth stage – a platform. If the brain does not boil, we'll see a flight of stairs assembly scheme based on the string.

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