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Posted by marmara on September 22, 2018

To the women of the popular classrooms the task would fit to construct to a home without disturbances and riots, fitting they to control its men and to form the new workers and workers of the country. The Christian formation was essential question in the education of the women, thus being these would search constantly the perfection, the feminine pureness moral and if they would prontificariam to dedicate it But for the insertion of a bigger number of women in the educational scope the implantation of schools of preparation of professors and teachers was necessary, therefore it had an abandonment generality of the education since the beginning of the Empire, fact due to lack of masters and masters who acted in this area. In middle of century XIX it was tried to decide this situation creating itself the first normal schools for the formation of professors. Although to be open institutions for both the sexos obeying the regulation of that young and youngsters they would have to study in separate classrooms, were verified that the normal schools were receiving more women from what men in some regions of Brazil and even in other countries, on fact probably to the urbanization and the industrialization that extended the chances of work for the men. However, the woman was so kept out of society socially that its identification with the teaching activity generated many critical and controversies, arriving itself to be considered it one badly, a danger, to deliver the women, considered inexperienced to the education of the children. On the other hand arguments appeared to defend the feminine side affirming that if the main vocation of woman was the maternity, nothing more adjusted for this of what the teaching, that was had as one ' ' extension of maternidade' ' , represented as an activity of love it delivers and donation. Exactly with this speech for the women, the feminine work in century XIX was not seen with good eyes. .

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