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Posted by marmara on June 7, 2015

Arrived at this point I would stop me to tell an anecdote that I lived in a personal way a few years ago and when I was practicing as a psychologist in a health institution in the city of Cordoba. Argentina; by nearby he was always a gentleman (beggar) who had been given a pseudonym reminiscent the past glory years lived in his youth, called POLVORITA. I.e. by the era in which this happens fact that narro it should take approximately between 45 and 48 years old, obviously as it showed his body and his psyche, the alcohol had made havoc on him. But as always happens, is quite common that people who suffer and who are alone in the world of social, have somehow and for some particular question true affection and attachment which are farms with whom they develop their activity in public institutions, especially those of health and end up being someone more of those who are near the same buildingI know, they are recognized and end up forming and holding with whom in the journal elapse of the activity of the place part, a kind of link that replaces in your life to affection, to the family. When people talk about with them, are not few which You can tell which was the origin, the reason and the mode in which they advanced addiction to alcohol, drugs, etc., and thus to the same extent that were losing their affections, and the understanding of the family, and can be found in these stories enough matching elements in their lives. In the specific case of Polvorita was alcohol addictive substance which was to occupy those spaces which in his life of relationship of affection were giving way to alcohol; so that in moments in which his lucid consciousness allowed him to realize the State of abandonment, of loneliness, possibly that was the reason why he was ever closer to a place at our institution of health previously, in where it was possible to establish and develop with whom hospital campus we we were not as close as the original family link, but link that could be called emotional at the end.

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