The History Of The Reinsurance

Posted by marmara on June 26, 2017

The addition of the reinsurance contracts and the complexity of their characteristics determined by the need of organizations, the specialization which was just the basics of reinsurance, and in addition to the same pushed increasing requirements for insurance, and a lot of competition between direct insurers. Formation of the international channels of reinsurance and the difficulty of technical quality in their application did necessary to re-opening of public services. Crystals after the Second World War in Europe was registered by the Central Reinsurance Company, which all exist in the country of manufacture should have been pass-eight percent of all direct risks. The vast majority of countries have gone down this path, raising the mandatory transfer risks, reaching the nationalization of the insurance business. In the thirties in Europe and Asia were made by reinsurance companies, which were the methods of further regulation of reinsurance relationships. At the same time in this process is necessary to note the presence and positive aspects. Overriding place in the history of the origin of the reinsurance business took reinsurance pools.

Their creation belong to different periods. Members of the terms of transfer fees and the amount of damages to the pool, which is the relevant portions distributes the results of insurance operations among its members. There are three contracts: coinsurance. The strong influence of co-insurance gains in connection with the placement of pools of destitution in the financial markets, while very large risks require of a few brokers.

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