The Insects Scrabble Again! The Black Light Show

Posted by marmara on May 11, 2019

Project PQ presents “Animatix-Lux” in Cologne. Cologne. It is dark. Only three vibrant cocoons can be seen. Three dancers in the insect form break out from them.

The black light backdrop kidnapped in a distinct, surreal world. There, many viewers not trust his eyes, if seemingly unbelievable things play on the stage wrapped in black light. Luminous leg swirl through the air, floating bars as if by magic on the stage, same insect creatures conquer the stage, blurs the line between reality and fantasy. “Animatix Lux” means this unique show, which shows the audience the project PQ “on February 13 at the ball of the pink spark” from 19: 00. “Animatix Lux” is a futuristic looking dance theatre. The Animatix-Lux-creatures discover the magical attraction of the light. Is Petra Quednau a UV light and lighting props on the latest LED technology, for the Visual light show and for the first time a flying insect that float above the heads of the spectators will.

The light is umtanzt, it is danced with the light and so arise again and again new images for the Viewer. Costumes perfectly matched by a sophisticated choreography, rousing music and on black light we can create completely new and surprising effects, says the artistic director and dancer Petra Quednau. “For Animatix Lux” has she studied the movements of insects just before she built this dance in the black light show. I have particularly high requirements on the implementation of the choreography. Therefore I have only experienced dancers in my Ensemble”explains Petra Quednau. Also at the costumes she left nothing to chance. Here, Usch Quednau has been long experimenting with the Visual artist until the insect costumes and props optimally harmonized with the light and the choreography. Petra Quednau stood with her dancers in all men’s countries on the stage by France up to the United Arab Emirates. Now it comes with Animatix Lux “after Cologne:” we are sure that we can also inspire with our exceptional show “, Petra Quednau is pleased with its crew to the presence in the Town Hall in Cologne Mulheim. Tickets to the event are available on the Web site of the pink spark for 26.-. In 2002, professional dancer Petra Quednau founded the project PQ. Since then she is full-time with their crew of dancers and fire artistes around the world. Also their offers, ranging from hot fire shows, hypnotic black light shows, imaginative performances to walkabout on the subject of wine is as varied as the artists.

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