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Posted by marmara on May 19, 2012

For this, an efficient model of communication will be that one where the negative influences are blocked and the positive influences, feedback and active listening used to increase the understanding of the message. The figure below represents better what it was said in the paragraph above. Efficient model of communication: source Is certain that this model alone functions in the theory, therefore, in the practical one is impossible to isolate all the negative influences, some positive nor always can be used at the certain moment, exists people who do not know or nor always they are used of the process of return of a message or feedback and they do not practise active listening. The sender must detect all these influences and if always use of the return of the message to get guarantees from that the message is received clearly by its receivers. It is very important to establish the priorities in the hour to develop its process, working all the sources of the communication as, the internal communication that is developed for its employees and is related to the culture of the organization, the institucional communication that one where you work with the market, that is, as stakeholders you that one established with the market with intention of vender its product or service enxergam the marketing communication and finally the integrated communication that is that one where if it works all the previous ones in order to search cooperation and effectiveness. CONCLUSO As it can be observed during this study, the communication is a basic item in a society and much more in an environment of projects, during this study we observe that in made research, we could discover that a project manager dedicates 90% of its time if communicating, guaranteeing as soon as this communication reaches its objectives.

The importance of the communication in an environment of projects can suffer all influences positive and refusals during the process, the manager of projects as well as all the involved ones must have a clarification on this importance, thus improving the process of communication of the project. In the process of communication beyond worrying in them about the management of the communications described for the PMI, also we must take in consideration the interpersonal behavior, therefore the communication enters the involved people in a project during all its execution has a great importance for the success or failure of the same. A model of efficient communication was demonstrated in this study, that unhappyly only functions in the theory, to put traces a line that must be followed during the process of communication for all the involved ones, serving as alert to what it can come to confuse the agreement of the message, with everything practical as feedback and active listening they need to be adopted to reach the efficient communication. Therefore this study it more shows some described stages in a simplified language, where so that if it gets an efficient communication in an environment of projects, where topical pparently simple it has a great importance for the success of the project.

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