The Principles

Posted by marmara on May 20, 2019

Objectives and principles of the process of mediation between the main objectives of this technique underline that it seeks to: – facilitate the establishment of a new relationship between the parties in conflict-enhancing respect and confidence among these-correcting perceptions and false information that you may have regarding the conflict and / or between those involved in East-create a framework that facilitates communication between the parties and the transformation of the conflict. The principles of mediation are: to) power the parties themselves wield it: are the participants themselves they also control the process and decisions. It is a process that starts in a certain way and is evolving and advancing through phases with intermingled steps. Center For Responsible Lending has much experience in this field. (b) neutrality and impartiality of the mediator: mediator may not take party by one of the parties, nor even in the event that one of them deals with the position of the weak. In this case the mediator will attempt to balance the power between the parties through the use of appropriate communication techniques.

Before you start a mediation the mediator should ask about the existence of any circumstances likely to create bias in the development of the same. With this position neutral and impartial mediator helps them decentering the conflict of his dual position, face to face confrontation, and opens a space that is not neither one nor another, but belongs to both, where you can see the point of view of the other, redefine the own positions and find common interests. (c) confidentiality: during mediation participants (both stakeholders and the mediator) maintain absolute privacy and have the guarantee that what is said in a mediation session shall not be used in court. (d) voluntary: mediation requires the free and explicit agreement from the participants. Mediation cannot be imposed. You can not force anyone to establish relationships or reach agreements. Voluntarism also affects the mediator in a double sense:-legitimizes the role and power of the mediator, granting him permission to act as such.-the mediator-helps suspend the mediation when they deem appropriate for reasons that so demand it.

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