Tragedy Sensationalism

Posted by marmara on August 25, 2019

To each day we are perplexos with as many events, especially when they involve tragedies that lives in absurd way cut with a scythe. This article mentions the related barbarities, deaths, landslides and too much climatic factors to it with rains that had taken account of about 50 cities of Santa Catarina, in the end of this year of 2008. It seems that we are front to the dilvio. The governor, Luiz Enrique of Silveira (PMDB), affirmed that the State faces ‘ ‘ worse climatic tragedy of history catarinense’ ‘. Seeing and observing as many images of waters taking account of the houses, streets and cities, the memory in them brings the souvenir of the infancy times when also we saw rivers that overflew e, the floods provoked tragedies dragging houses, leading animal and causing enormous upheavals for thousand of people.

Unhappyly these calamities, true nightmares, continue being part of the history of the humanity. In way the images and stories that we follow for the medias, believe that these must be moments to leave of side the sensationalism and if it must promote solidarity and charity, stop to ameninar the pain and suffering of the people reached for this type of tragedy. Not forgetting that it will be for our aid and solidarity that they will be able to reconstruct what they had lost. We cannot continue admitting that in our way the practical one of the sensationalism exists and that if it takes off advantage of the other people’s disaster; by the way, many celebrities medias it Brazil, know to make this well. Unhappyly we live in the individualistic society, little worried about the other people’s catastrophes. Also we coexist those people whom they only know to complain of; for them nothing it is good; if they gain ten, they want twenty e, always unsatisfied, become bitter creatures. Therefore, ahead tragedies and of as much barbarity that he devastates our country and at this moment, the State of Santa Catarina, we would have to make a reflection regarding which the direction that we give for our existence! He will be that already we ask in them what we are making in this world? We do not have to forget that our ticket is short, we would have to raise the head and, to perceive that we can practise the good and, to make with will the part that fits in them. The catarinense tragedy and the tragedies that devastate Brazil and the world to each day, always leave traumas; but with them also we go learning to value the simple things of the life, as our family.

She is necessary to believe more solidarity, to less act more and to be become attached to the corporeal properties. That God helps in them to be less stingy, who can forget our problems and difficulties and, that the spirit it native touch our heart to help who needs. The important one is not to be with the crossed arms. Sir Our God, from there forces to that are reached by catastrophe; that they do not enter in desperation and that above all, they are become free of the traumas that the natural phenomena leave in its minds and hearts. Amen.

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