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Posted by marmara on June 10, 2011

New items donated by members? Many times, members donate goods instead of money. EBay makes it easy for you to sell these items. Not only is it likely to get a better price in a market that has millions of buyers, but this will increase the visibility of your organization and potentially attract new members. Sell gift certificates local and national – I’ve done this with the pre-auction. Besides selling stuff members, we collected gift certificates locally and nationally. Most companies are very large and are happy to give you a certificate.

If the company that donated the certificate had a website, put a link to it from the eBay listing. The great thing about gift certificates list on eBay is that you do not have to take a picture and description is easy. However, it should announce the gift certificate: In addition to sending emails to all our members with instructions to forward the email to family and friends, I placed a free ad in the local Santa Cruz, newsgroups market advertising of the auction and gift certificates. You can find newsgroups that are specific to your area. Selling a calendar or cookbook, etc – eBay cold has a section especially for charities. Go to eBay and check it out by searching for auctions Charity. I’ve seen some organizations sell their calendar, cookbook, or whatever on eBay. If you have a supply of these elements can have an auction sale of the course the topic (which would have to return to the list every 7 days).

This has great potential for a nonprofit organization that helps more universal causes such as homelessness, Cancer / AIDS, environment and so on. Register with eBay as a non-profit organization listed in a special section. Some people browse these lists and often to buy some of the organization only for the support. EBay also supplies non-profit organization with its own web page describing the organization with links to their homepage. To encourage members and friends who sell on eBay to sign to work on new eBay Giving Works – eBay Giving Works program, helps sellers to easily donate a portion of its sale to your favorite nonprofit. The seller chooses a nonprofit from a list (or you can add a new) and is committed to a certain percentage of the sale to nonprofit. The promised rate is taken automatically by eBay after the auction. It could not be easier. Frustrated with the usual school fundraisers Suzanne Wouk organized use of the Internet in search of a better way. To his surprise and delight, he found many new and exciting ways to raise funds that started the site to share information and ideas with others.

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