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Posted by marmara on October 28, 2020

Apart from the relative safety, there are no real possibilities there so that people who once were in the profession, were the business people, government officials, skilled workers can earn a living. Schools and municipal facilities are not set to a high number of people and strive in difficulties to keep up. Those Assyrians who settled again, missing still economic development opportunities. As pronounced (goal-oriented) minority, Assyrians can achieve any real opportunities for participation, if they are forced to live still scattered and separated from each other and thus have no real influence on policy and laws that directly affect them. Assyrians live opportunities to stabilize us to plan in advance what we need are already for years in the State of crisis and rights to shaping our future.

Our proposed Solutions comply with the framework of people – Committee on Legal Affairs of the United Nations. They reaffirm the need for the implementation of special measures or direct actions with regard to the effects of many years and habitual discrimination against particular minority groups”. Go to Lee Pitts for more information. We ask for your own areas and interventions, because we can hope not as a minority group on equal treatment, as long as no effective steps be undertaken to recover the land, which we have lost. III. suggestions for an effective participation of Assyrians in the design of economic and development policy.

1. the formal recognition of the Assyrians as indigenous people of Iraq by the members of the international community and the rights that are associated with this status. Each country must be with a large Assyrian population for the support of Assyrians, insert and impulses for our concern, as well as for the recognition of our problems to give. 2. new Employment opportunities in the areas, where Assyrians currently live and adequate representation in the local provincial bodies and ministries of the Government.

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