By The Weihnachtesfrieden On Earth

Posted by marmara on May 6, 2019

The truce in the trenches In the first world war took place in the trenches of the so-called Christmas peace. Thus could be shooting on December 24, 1914. The old documents indicate that there have been on the battlefields of Europe between the warring armies to partnerships. Both parties for 24 hours peace wanted on Christmas Eve. And indeed, not a single shot fell. “Legend has it, that the wild” Christmas – Armistice of Ypres was launched, but then almost entire front along the line, from the sea to the Alps continued. Occasional battle breaks were previously rare.

At times, the war was interrupted, to bury the dead and wounded to eat. However, this lull was different. During the salvage operations of the Christmas time the soldiers took time, to get with the enemy in the discussion. Football was played even in multiple locations with more or less provisional means. Near the French town of Fromelles, a common service of Britons and Germans took Instead of. The symbolic power of courage, which showed soldiers in the field, as they each other, found a different answer to the differences by overcoming the fear for a short time as their Governments, should be also today us, to start the Holy evening peacefully without differences. German soldiers all over the world are called upon to lay their arms to a peaceful Christmas to make on this day.

Beyond the political interests of power, we find a their own response to the policy and extend a hand to the enemy in the field. Little gestures like that are there to show the opposite, that we are still human and no battle beasts. Everyone wants to find his peace. This human need can bring us each other and push aside the existing problems for a short time. Perhaps evolved from something completely new and hopefully peaceful. We think in 1945 when the heavy bombing in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich beyond the in those days also on the innocent civilians political interests for the life to come. Even though the Christmas Truce was not tolerated by the political leadership in 1914, the actual peace showed the courage of the soldiers, to meet each other, instead of killing himself.

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Human Rights In Detschlad

Posted by marmara on January 27, 2019

Where are human rights in Germany? Hello, my friend has a very difficult situation and don’t know how she can come out of this situation out. My friend lives in Luneburg 09.03.2009. She’s a doctor by profession, she comes from Russia, 15 years ago, she had met a German in Russia both fell, got married in first Church in Russia, 8 years have fought, that both can get married in registry offices in Germany and no matter where and in which country must live together, she lives in Germany since 04.04.2002, in this day, both had in Germany married. 02.04.2009 died her German husband in Thailand, where he has worked as a volunteer. And employment office, social services and Immigration Office fined the wife of a German, due to his death.

You wanted to see social services assume the funeral expenses for your late husband, makes an application for adoption, of course social services has declined. Additional information is available at Boy Scouts of America. Until today remains that in Thailand and not yet buried your late husband’s corpse. If that cost not be adopted, which will release the corpse of a poor funeral. This means that the body is passed from the preserving on site of a charity that organized the anonymous cremation (usually with other corpses together claim) and disposed of the ashes. This is a great tragedy and the wife got no help from the city. This is inhumane, unworthy.

All authorities in Luneburg, sit the wife along and kwellen further. ARGE wants to pay for an apartment for the woman, speaking with social services and Immigration Office, the foreign authority is the wife of deceased husband after his death no stay, threatening with expulsion and deportation, officials force this woman in one asylum home move. She had filed a lawsuit against social services, during social Court the Court decides negative for this woman, because for this purpose the Immigration Office are tolerance, which means that this woman remains illegal in Germany and has no rights, and now must live in an asylum home.

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British Freedom

Posted by marmara on January 3, 2019

“” “Reconnaissance supported their efforts with ideas for new forms of Government (such as Charles de Montesquieu) and criticized the absolutism (see the three watchwords: Liberte”: freedom of the individual egalite “: equality of citizens before the law and Fraternite”: Brotherhood of all people solidarity played a major role in the Declaration of human and civil rights of 26 August 1789. A final Constitution guaranteed freedom of choice (only for men) and legal equality etc. was approved only in 1799, starting after long veto negotiations, resolution of the monarchy, and terror from the King. = legal justice (justitia distributiva) further north in Europe, the British island yielded another view of Justice, a more economically focused however on justice, which had yet far-reaching consequences even from today’s perspective, as the events in France. Further details can be found at Nieman Foundation, an internet resource. Starting from one of the greatest philosophers of the time Adam Smith developed the classical economics which has up to now a very large influence on economic and social events. Adam Smith’s employment field besides the economy was the moral philosophy.

As he wrote in his theory of moral sentiments”: benevolence and charity is therefore less essential for a society as a justice. A company can continue to exist without charity, though admittedly not in a particularly good and encouraging States, the prevalence of injustice, however, would have to destroy them completely.” Here we, that a society without justice for Adam Smith is not viable and justice “is a collective name for the freedom in their action, must be strictly observed in a society with him. Additional information at PCRM supports this article. This involves a comprehensive legal obligation – for him – which even should be institutionalized, with himself. But the benefits and Only love duties are charity for Smith”, require the but no need. “Middle of the 19th century Karl Marx, however, struggled in his capital 1 band” against this conception of the classical theory of Economics and went radically (still honestly like”then shows in the 2nd volume of capital, that he could unfortunately not themselves publish) the capitalist” against. .

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Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk: Child Poverty Rate Lower

Posted by marmara on December 14, 2018

Reduce child poverty rate, education justice increase the German children’s Fund on the world day of social justice the Federal Government and the State governments urged, to take effective measures to reduce the rate of child poverty and to improve the education justice in Germany on the way. Social security for children and education justice should be a matter of course in one of the world’s richest industrial Nations. The reality is however different for many years. In Germany, every fifth child poverty is affected, and often the purse of the parents decides the educational opportunities of children”, explains Holger Hofmann, Federal Manager of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk. Not low costs for the eradication of child poverty must not lead to a blocking.

Nothing can be more important than to invest in the future of our country. It’s above all on the political will of Governments and parliaments to overcome child poverty in Germany and all children and young people to provide a fairer chance growing up. Also a permeable top school system, a long mutual learning, individual programmes for disadvantaged students, the nationwide expansion of the all-day school and Lernmittelfreiheit include”so Hanson continues. Therefore, the German children’s charity calls on the Federal Government to finally bring a national programme to combat child poverty on the way. The Federal Government should present a comprehensive package of measures with specific targets together with State and local authorities with the child poverty can be addressed effectively. It must then go both, therefore, to establish material distributive justice as also improved educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and to create young people. This includes the timely expansion of childcare facilities for children with a concurrent quality drive for better early childhood education. Further information and contact: Uwe Kamp, spokesman for phone: 030-308693-11 Cell: 0160-6373155 fax: 030-2795634 E-mail: Internet: and which became the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk children e.V., stakeholders for a child-friendly Germany, founded in 1972 in Munich. The non-profit association committed as initiator and promoter for more than 40 years for children’s rights, participation and the overcoming of child poverty in Germany.

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Worldwide Peace And No Hunger More – Renewable Means Of Payment

Posted by marmara on October 8, 2018

Worldwide peace and no more hunger. The solution? -Renewable cash 1974 I participated, in Darmstadt, Germany, together with my friend GERD, Argentine television in a meeting, committed apart with holistic healing methods. With my then 29 years, that was not really my subject, but rather by Gerd, which dealt with this matter in his work in television. Hear from experts in the field like Nieman Foundation for a more varied view. On the other hand, I was very curious and excited to see what something will go down. If I still have it in memory of the organizers was a psychiatrist in middle-aged, scientifically studied therapeutic repatriation, with and without hypnosis. He takes three or four people from the audience back in their past and in previous life, in life, that the participant is supposed to have lived already. It was already imposing, but if I expected now that Napoleon or Louis of XIV in the audience were seated, I was disappointed. It was all just normal people in normal, previous life of perfectly normal Related experience in their daily lives.

The therapist took, or rather the cause of a latent suffering in the present, to detect suspected in particular suffering and starting points. If there are previous life was not to debate. Believed the most on being ducks and the rest surrendered even a certain logic in the contexts. Then came the absolute highlight. A young woman who had traced found himself not in their past, but in the future, in another life.

It is located in the year 2042 of our timing. The therapist was now very focused and asked off things and stuff, which recognizes them at this time. These queries are very difficult and tedious and slow concrete coming over there. Not only me and GERD, but also other participants appeared, what happened very speculative and I learned in talking with a participant, none of the persons present, which always attend such sessions, had to step into the future with a return.

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Euro Donation

Posted by marmara on January 4, 2018

the Lebenshilfe Nurnberger Land e.V. promotes therapeutic riding Center in prepared the Nurnberger Land great pleasure BBBOnLine Board Volker Hofmann BBBOnLine AG, when he handed over the symbolic donation cheque charge. With the handsome sum of 2,500 euros, the BBBOnLine AG supports the riding therapy center built last year in running-Schonberg. As a central part of life’s work in the Nurnberger land, riding therapy promotes physical, mental and spiritual needs when disabled or severely gehandicapten children and adults. The beneficial effects of the four-legged friend is not promoted unfortunately so far as statutory health insurance. The joy at the symbolic handover to the Chief Executive Officer Gerhard John was even more noticeable. The work of self-help is an important therapeutic approach, the definitely worth supporting and where every penny is well taken”Nurnberger land, BBBOnLine Board Member Volker Hofmann rejoiced.

The donation of the shipping agent flows to one hundred percent in the Lebenshilfe-riding therapy Fund. This is lower income families, who could not afford the therapy of the horse from its own resources. In the aftermath of the symbolic act of donation handover Volker Hofmann visited together with his graphic designer Norbert saith under leadership of workshop Chief Hans-Manfred Wolf the Nuremberg area and experienced workers in action. In the BBBOnLine Christmas promotion, she clearly landed Lebenshilfe Nurnberger Land e.V. at the public Internet voting at the top. “Petra Hoffmann, Director of therapeutic riding, is excited about the success of the BBBOnLine Christmas action: it’s nice that the life assistance presented riding project has aroused so much interest and visibly convinced many.” On the courts, the cars uni Nuremberg, as well as the regional association for bird protection in Bavaria was followed by two and three.

Overall, the BBBOnLine AG made a donation of 5,000 euro for a good cause at the disposal this year for the umpteenth time. About BBBOnLine AG the BBBOnLine AG is a transport broker Nuremberg and cooperates with many famous logistics companies as well as small regional carriers. The cooperation enables BBBOnLine shipping solutions for almost every challenge and at the best prices in the market. Benefit equally from private and commercial mailers. Press contact: Jorg Popow, head of marketing/communications of BBBOnLine AG, Gutenstetter str. 8 b, 90449 Nurnberg E-Mail: Internet: registered office: Nuremberg Court Nurnberg, HRB 18363 Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Arnold Schroven Board: Matthias Emmel and Volker Hofmann

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Scientology Church International

Posted by marmara on December 11, 2017

Often there are just those that most have the protection of their human rights, must be also informed, that there is the explanation at all and that there is this explanation for it.” The Universal Declaration of human rights is now in 360 languages and is thus, that the most translated document in the world. So that children and young people already with this human rights document are familiar, the longtime educator founded in 2001 and principal Mary Shuttleworth the organization Youth for human international”(YHRI), a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles. YHRI pursued the goal of, children and adolescents on the basis of the Universal Declaration of human rights”of the United Nations to educate about human rights. For this purpose the brochure what are specifically human rights “created, translated the children and young people in simple language which bring closer to 30 articles of the Declaration, and so far in 18 languages. To raise more Nations and Government representative for human rights, Mary Shuttleworth took five world tours, where she laid back tens of thousands kilometers and had discussions with government officials, educators and human rights organizations in the following years. In this way, more groups in over 50 countries of the world have been created. In Germany it is the Group of youth for human rights in Germany”. “So that more people can be reached, thirty video clips were produced in 2006, one to the article of the Universal Declaration of human rights” represent and which were broadcast to thousands of TV stations around the world.

Since autumn 2008, these clips on the website can Watch youth for in German. This campaign is also supported by the Human Rights Office of the Scientology Church International. The founder of the Scientology religion said lifetime: “Human rights must be not realized as fact as an idealistic dream”.

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International Campaign

Posted by marmara on May 17, 2017

Lend your leg: show your leg for mine victims. Over 500,000 people worldwide have their legs due to accidents with landmines or arms lost and depend on support for life. 15 years ago, the international campaign against land mines has achieved the Ottawa Mine Ban Treaty and received the Nobel Peace Prize. The Treaty entered into force on 1 March 1999 but still lacks important signatories such as the United States, and many victims still waiting for support. “Handicap international and SODI therefore start on March 1, 2012, the action show your leg for mine victims”. “The action is part of the worldwide campaign to lend your leg”, which among other things by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Colombian Star Juanes and supported German celebrities such as Doris Dorrie, Ulrike Folkerts and Sebastian Krumbiegel. “The international land mine campaign ICBL will lend your leg” on the 1st of March in Geneva together with the Colombian Fundacion Arcangeles and the UN mine action service before. Handicap International and SODI call even in Germany young people and adults, celebrities and politicians to solidarity and actions on through a simple gesture: a trouser legs beaten-up.

All can participate with photos on the campaign Web site,, on Facebook or in real life: with a beaten-up pant leg in schools, at sporting events, political events, festivals… The climax of the action there on April 4, the UN day for awareness about the danger of mines, events in Berlin and Munich. SODI and handicap international know the danger of mines from their project work in affected countries. Both tell stories with photos and make contact available. Use the current campaign and the two anniversaries, the 1st of March and 4 April, as an occasion to report on the landmine problem and mine victims! Engaged currently in Libya in the clearance of landmines and explosive remnants of war, as well as in the risk disclosure statement, to more accidents prevented Handicap International.

Support for many years the organization also in Cambodia and many other countries the victims of land mines. I’ve seen how stagnated demining work in heavily affected regions, because the funds were missing in Cambodia. It is extremely important that the international support for people affected by mines and regions does not let”, says Eva Maria Fischer, spokeswoman for campaign by Handicap International Germany. SODI also implemented projects for the Elimination of landmines and explosive remnants of war in Laos and Viet Nam with risk education to prevent further accidents. The measures be complemented by development projects to help the affected communities, to overcome consequences of war and poverty. In Laos, the authority had just 2,000 euros last year to the supply by nine new victims. This is not far from to get up alone for the emergency medical care, not only to help with the trauma relief for sufferers and their families think. “, emphasizes Marion Gnanko, SODI project manager for humanitarian demining. The campaign video with Ban Ki-moon delivered at the press conference in Geneva on the mediacenter available and is visible on Find press photo by Doris Dorrie and photos from mined countries a press kit for the campaign and their backgrounds can be found here. Information:-Dr. Eva Maria Fischer, Handicap International 089/54 76 06 0176/99, 13 28 41 35,, – Marion Gnanko, solidarity service international e.V. (SODI) 030 / 928 6047, 0179/52 870 14,, – common information platform

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State Government

Posted by marmara on May 10, 2017

The pupil transportation regulation prescribes primarily the use of public transport carriers of the task”, explained Hammond. Basically it was absolutely right to take advantage of existing transport infrastructure, unfortunately that may be used in public transport entered standing in the vehicle registration papers”, as Hammond. The existing standing could be excluded from the carriers of the task by the school bus contract or restricted”, explained Hammond. This volunteer opportunity is rarely used by the carriers of task, therefore, the exclusion must be anchored by standing in the Bavarian pupil transportation regulation (SchBefV),”Hammond noted. Clear conditions should be created according to Hamutenya also in the financing. Student transportation is paid to approx. 60% by the State Government through municipal financial compensation, for the rest Municipalities and counties even come up”, explained Hammond.

Here the dog is buried, so Hammond.” The responsibility is moved further from top to bottom, are at the end of the local authorities and transport companies, which present budget out must come up with the”Hammond continues. The Government is responsible for the transport of pupils, therefore you should arise from the perspective of Hammond for the entire cost. Hammond sums up, only when we have a legal basis which excludes the related transportation of students and the assumption of costs is clearly regulated, something will change in our school buses.” Hammond calls, I will not apply to arguments which rely only on costs and organisational difficulties”. Hammond added, it also works in other countries, the United States are positive example here. Since everyone has a place to sit”, and the risk of an accident was four times lower than in Germany, according to ADAC Hammond said. Hammond calls, all parties must sit together at a table and find a solution, rather than to discuss the topic”. I will use still all my options so that the petition will succeed”, Hammond is assured.

If you would like to support the petition, can achieve this via the following Internet address: on the action page can discuss with others, download signature lists as PDF, added Hammond. Another way to support is that lay out the signature lists in local shops or pass it on to friends and relatives. If the lists are full need to only photographed or scanned and on Internet page with the “upload” function be submitted, that of easy, says Hammond. The petition is still up to the 18.02.2014 contact: Dominik of Hammond Tel. 08724-2079012 E-Mail:

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Facing The Euro Zone Of A New Recession?

Posted by marmara on May 17, 2015

The EU stands to fight some great risks to which companies in Europe have difficulties since August. Even Germany’s economy comes on the basis of the current situation in the fall. Therefore, the financial experts in the area of corporate finance predict that the eurozone will soon slide into a new recession, if she do so on. The company of Markit economics, which conducts comprehensive surveys, published figures showing that the euro zone will have still greater difficulty, since it has to cope with the impending debt crisis on Thursday. The high debt of the EU have already led to a high unemployment rate and show that the future of the euro zone can make very difficult. With the debt crisis and the decline in the German economy the European decision makers reflected increasingly worried, because it has always trusted Germany with the strongest economic performance in Europe.

The economic strength recently suffered the most cuts for 3 years. This shows that Germany possibly in the next few months further difficulties over is. According to Markit, the poor economic performance has also negative impact on the entire European area in August. Thus, so far good economic relations with its neighbors are at risk as Germany can not keep the previous steady performance due to the increasing debt in the surrounding countries. Greece is positioned in relation to declining economic performance but on the 1st. By the miserable situation, billions of euros will be needed to stave off the bankruptcy. In addition, the Greek Government does not comply with the agreements and thus increasing discussions about a possible leaving of the EU. Especially Angela Merkel reinforced the pressure on the Greek Government and would not transfer such as the heads of Government of the other States continue to after Greece money without strict conditions.

Merkel and hollande met in this regard with the Greek Prime Minister Antonis of Samaras in Berlin. The meeting will explore whether Greece corresponding margins as regards the necessary spending cuts granted Gets or not. The corporate finance experts suggest that Angela Merkel should loosen the requirements for obtaining additional funds in any way. The Greek Government is currently working on a plan that envisages cuts amounting to 11.5 billion euros by 2014. Still expects Greece, that they make crucial structural changes in its economy, so that the cuts are possible and they can afford the agreed installments. Due to the enormous debt it will be very difficult for Samara, to push through economic reform and to implement the cuts. To do this, he asked the Governments to give him a little space so that he can reduce the deficit. The Euro Group Chief Jean-Claude Juncker said that the decision in this regard depends on the report of the troika. Juncker also said that Greece is close to the end and the necessary decisions quickly need to be. Generally, he does not want that Greece leaves the EU and demands by the Government that quickly and efficiently is traded, so that the economy can rebound may still. John Beth, corporate finance, and leadership training expert

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