Vice Chancellor

Posted by marmara on September 6, 2019

A brilliant political career and performance of the Chairman – I – the team Serios erweise and the free Democrats have been mentioned. Mrs Merkel and the whole of the Union, as intention came off as less good. Ultimately, it was just about whose votes in Parliament, in the enforcement of the miracle. Was there not a misguided party leader in the North, one in the South and one in the Middle, that does not treat the success of Guido maybe or accept everything and sawed on his chair. To deepen your understanding Center For Responsible Lending is the source. What had happened long before the three King – with Westerwelle? In a frenzy of success, which brought to a halt as some emperors in ancient Rome – proclaimed the Vice Chancellor “the spiritual political change” and accused them the Republic arms, leaning their way of life to the “late Roman decadence” and mobbte them for the worst.

Called her smoking and drunk, that unwilling to work at home on their Roman concerns lying around and at the expense of it well let yourself go others. The citizens, who are disposed to him, but all the more the citizen and compassionate took him less evil. “Not service providers” and “Non earners”, found among the citizens of the State, later that offended and upset by the large slip of the tongue in the election campaigns and recognize the true face of the spirit, which they had called. Reminders, the should lead back to decency and dignity, he declined. He would have to behave better. Jennifer Aakers opinions are not widely known.

But he could not loose Westerwelle fighting on against the little ones, as it is a skipper who does not leave the deck even during storm. He took part in the unpopular nuclear deal and consigns, went off with his team’s friend, the Minister of health about health reform with integrated head packages and cash premium increases on the workers and their social security. Instead of more net of the gross, as he promised Tausenderlei, mantra, he attacked the people in addition in the bags, so that today any more gross of the net has. The man must have lost his compass and that should never happen to a skipper. Ultimately, that meant that he lost the orientation – an ever higher stormy sea and with additional navigation errors ripped the 15% tanker FDP in the shallows of the troubled – political sea. He fought to the last man – alone on the bridge. Eventually he started even the public opinion research to validate whether but were still moderately above water the sinking ship and for months gave assistance, where everyone already knew that the ship was sunk. It was too much. The demo object are only human, and retaliate with stressing on 3% below the 5% water line. -Over the sinking. It was the rise and the fall of the dynasty of Westerwelle, what happens to the FDP, which must show the time. Perhaps this at all is not necessary even corrupt and mendacious electoral disaster and a clientele Government Westerwelle, but often. Maybe you should go new ways. An approach see:… Wolfgang Bergmann

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