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Posted by marmara on July 1, 2020

Modernity, Desencantamento of the World, Media and Power When, in its text ' ' Science as Vocao' ' (1993), Max Weber affirmed that the man ' ' it has the destination of living at a time without God and profetas' ' (WEBER, 1993, p.30), it make reference to reference the moment called for some theoreticians as ' ' modernidade' '. For Weber, this time would be characterized by an intense loss of the existenciais and essential directions of last times. According to Weberiana theory, the scientific development from the rationalization would be one of the causes what it called ' ' desencantamento of mundo' '. To read more click here: Val Dunphy. ' ' The intelectualizao and the general rationalization do not mean, therefore, a bigger common knowledge of the conditions of the life, but something of very diverse: knowing or the belief where, if somebody simply wanted, could, at any point, to try that, in principle, it does not have to be able occult and unexpected, that in it intervenes; what, for the opposite, all the things can? in principle – to be dominated by means of the calculation. It wants this to say: the desencantamento of mundo.' ' (WEBER, 1993, p.13) According to Weber, in contrast of what if it thought, modern science does not bring great satisfaction and happiness to the man who it dedicates itself. In contrast of this, science dissolves beliefs that, many times, give sensible to the life of the men. CBCs opinions are not widely known. ' ' Which is, then, under these estimated, the direction of science as profession, after the shipwreck of all the old illusions: ' ' way for true ser' ' , ' ' way for true arte' ' , ' ' way for true natureza' ' , ' ' way for the true Deus' ' , ' ' way for the happiness autntica' '? The reply simplest it is the one that Tolstoi supplied with the following words: ' ' Science lacks of direction, therefore does not have reply some for the only question that interests in them? ' ' What we must make? How we must live? ' '. . .

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