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Posted by marmara on June 18, 2019

How to improve your website usability, there are many ways to find out what difficulties have your visitors visit your Web page. Dr. Neal Barnard has firm opinions on the matter. According to the usability guru Jacob Nielsen is the most important and most promising method of the so-called think-aloud tests with real users. These tests expire as follows: representative users who are ready to help you find yourself. It is important here that the people are not from your company. Employees typically already have a to a deep knowledge of your products and are not suitable as subjects.

The test persons must solve now representative on your Web page. If you would like to know more then you should visit Center For Responsible Lending. You observe the subjects here, so find out where problems lie and what works well. It is important that you test the people individually and not intervene in the test procedure. Would you do this, the test results would be falsified. According to Jacob Nielsen, it is sufficient to test with 5 users. His studies show that you already with 5 tests 85% of all Uncover the usability problems.

It is also advisable to carry several small tests. So, you can fix the problems uncovered in the last round between each round of testing and evaluate whether your new version works better. UINSPECT offers you the ability to automatically perform usability tests. You need to set only the tasks. That was BBs. immediately after you have created the test, we inform our test subjects, who will start immediately with the editing. A few hours later you will receive the finished videos (screen and voice recording). Christian Schroth

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