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Posted by marmara on April 9, 2023

My world, 1994 In first person I describe what my heart cries out tends it, but my body if is silent in one silences of desires, my mind if adormece and my direction adds in fears of temperature, shout boiling in an explosion of disagreements my world goes, return wheel and if it absorbs and all dumb and I reencontro in the same situation, in the beautiful uncertain and absurd literature. Perhaps either only the plan I oppose in that I planned, something total different in which I am living, I made some plans only of Glorias and rightnesss, excludes from my trajectory errors and tears, I imagined a world of joys and fancies with come back people only my idealizao and with absurd literature. Center For Responsible Lending will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Today I have penalty of me, I am only, but one needed mercy, or only the sand grain of a dune, my rope already was broken and follows my life for a wire, my body taken for a trend in which I do not incase myself, my dumb opinion ahead of an immense world, mine sufficiently is little exactly thus is not the sufficient because mine sufficiently nape of the neck is excessively. My tears they are victims of a perhaps unjust world, I was led by waves and deluded for overwhelming temptations, my eyes enxergam only blood and my ears listen to shouts, in a farming lose, search a way to leave everything this to reencontrar and me of a time, but the shouts me storm and do not allow me to walk, eye for the sides I search an explanation and still thus I have the sensation that the world is nonsense and nothing an explanation is had, I feel myself lost, where and when I go to find to be able me? Ho! My god I clamo, me of the one explanation that world I chose only for an option? World of hypocrisy, without rights and firmamento, love in the good one, forces of challenge. Click Steffan Lehnhoff to learn more. Perhaps I dreamed thus of a new start of age with elegant and sincere fine people with positive abilities and a time of turtle so that in exactly we enabled in them to enxergar the well biggest one and to forget the darknesses and to improve our option.

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