World War One

Posted by marmara on August 3, 2020

Not very far from here, in place S. Teresa is the Monument to the Fallen ones, dedicated to the soldiers died in World War I, and was placed originally in the Dionisi place, where he was inaugurated the 22 of November of 1931, in the presence of king Vittorio Emanuele III. The election defined " inadecuada" by its author, the sculptor of Brindisi Edgardo Simone, that donated east work to the town before leaving to Naples. Of this form, this white marble monument was moved, in 1940, to where it is at the moment. Recurdese, that Brindisi this located in the salentina plain to borders of the Adriatic Sea, it has a magnificent natural harbor, an opening that among others goes into in the coast, important things by the connections with Greece, Turkey and Albania.

The mercantile traffic concerns Coal, Petroleum fuel, I feel like integral part of that wonderful landscape, of there transit by its streets to its historical center, very simple, but animated with many people journey who it in spite of to be cold at this time. I am walked myself to its places, especially the place Victory mainly, I feel like a good short while to observe the people, to see the children play, to amuse themselves, like also to analyze as the brindisinos buy in his the small markets that are improvised offering sweet typical. I confess that I like to go much to its Domo, Cathedral, because I have left closely together of where I stay myself, the also well-known Cathedral like the Church of S. Juan Baptist, she was constructed between 1098 and 1132. The original design was remade practically in its totality, following, after the 1743 earthquake. In its interior one can admire a polychrome mosaic of 1178 and one 1594 wood crown. Here Ruggiero, the son of Tancredi, was crowned as King of Sicily in 1191 and in year 1225 the wedding of Isabella de Brienne was celebrated, queen of Jerusalem, with the emperor Federico II.

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