Worldwide Peace And No Hunger More – Renewable Means Of Payment

Posted by marmara on October 8, 2018

Worldwide peace and no more hunger. The solution? -Renewable cash 1974 I participated, in Darmstadt, Germany, together with my friend GERD, Argentine television in a meeting, committed apart with holistic healing methods. With my then 29 years, that was not really my subject, but rather by Gerd, which dealt with this matter in his work in television. Hear from experts in the field like Nieman Foundation for a more varied view. On the other hand, I was very curious and excited to see what something will go down. If I still have it in memory of the organizers was a psychiatrist in middle-aged, scientifically studied therapeutic repatriation, with and without hypnosis. He takes three or four people from the audience back in their past and in previous life, in life, that the participant is supposed to have lived already. It was already imposing, but if I expected now that Napoleon or Louis of XIV in the audience were seated, I was disappointed. It was all just normal people in normal, previous life of perfectly normal Related experience in their daily lives.

The therapist took, or rather the cause of a latent suffering in the present, to detect suspected in particular suffering and starting points. If there are previous life was not to debate. Believed the most on being ducks and the rest surrendered even a certain logic in the contexts. Then came the absolute highlight. A young woman who had traced found himself not in their past, but in the future, in another life.

It is located in the year 2042 of our timing. The therapist was now very focused and asked off things and stuff, which recognizes them at this time. These queries are very difficult and tedious and slow concrete coming over there. Not only me and GERD, but also other participants appeared, what happened very speculative and I learned in talking with a participant, none of the persons present, which always attend such sessions, had to step into the future with a return.

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