The French Revolution

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That is, those relative ones to the preparation of the man to fulfill to the ends intentions of the life human being, which had been located in another life, supraterrena or of beyond-tomb, that would consist of a well-being for the contemplation of God. With the Renaissance, it starts, in century XV, the new phase of the education. A new form of life, a new conception of the free man and the world based on the free personality human being and the present reality. It goes to make possible a deloused education, more pleasant and creative more, giving to beginning to a domain of the nature, developing techniques, arts and studies. Covering the diverse times of the history of the man and the world, it will pass for the Iluminismo, style of time that it will look to free the thought of the repression of the monarchs lands and the supernatural absolutism of the clergy. The French Revolution tried to shape educating from the classroom conscience, that was the center of the content programmarian.

Educators as Rousseau, Locke and others had developed great ideas regarding the pedagogia education and innovators, in order to decide the educational problems. Understanding as the men they had constructed its history in the past, it will be able to contribute to construct the history of the future. The educational thought of the present search to summarize the movements of the last times and to reorganize and to relate the essential principles of each movement, in one all harmonious one. Each bigger time of universalizar the education for the cooperation of all exists a trend the countries, cooperation that, respecting the national direction, arrives to establish a public education of universal reach. Contemporary is distinguished in the world the reformadora pedagogical trend, synthecized in the movement of ' ' education nova' ' . It is an attempt to change the route of the traditional, intelectualizada and livresca education. Additional information at David Delrahim supports this article.

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Bureaucratic Barriers

Posted by marmara on February 4, 2018

Bureaucratic barriers for citizens: an analysis of problems and methods of decision analysis as an example of traffic police. RUSSIAN FEDERATION Academy of Security Defense and Law Enforcement Center for Strategic Research: Scientific – Practical report, "The bureaucratic barriers for citizens: the problem analysis and solution methods." Analysis of the situation on the example of traffic police of the Russian Federation., Shulipa Yuri. Adviser to the President of the Academy of Security of Defense and the rule of law. Moscow – 2007 Abbreviations AIRS – Automated Information Retrieval System AP – An administrative offense Database – Database of Road Safety – Traffic Safety BP – Temporary traffic police permission – State Inspection of road safety accident – Traffic accident DPS – Road Patrol Service of the Administrative Code – the Code of Administrative Offences checkpoint – checkpoint MIA – Ministry Interior MOE – Ministry of Emergency Situations of the SDA – Traffic regulations of the Russian Federation – Russian Federation Federal Law – Federal Law Vehicle – Vehicle Report of the Presidential Adviser of the Academy of Security Defense and Law of the Russian Federation, JJ Shulipa at the seminar "The bureaucratic barriers for citizens: the problem analysis and solution methods," November 2, 2007. Dear participants! Today, we are discuss the situation and experience of the problems of coping with and eliminating bureaucratic barriers for citizens to review the situation on the examples of the Federal Migration Service and the Interior Ministry's traffic police, to examine the problematic issues occurring during the interaction between citizens and the state.

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Social Ecology

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Established for Jose Lutzemberger, Nicholas Fields (disciple of Enrique Roessler Luiz) and others, the AGAPAN initiated its ativismo denouncing the degradation of the River Guaba in the great Porto Alegre (RS). To follow, the AGAPAN constituted a nucleus in the city of the Rio Grande established by Luiz Philip Pine War and other ecologists whom in the city if they located. From this fact, a front of ambient fight in the locality was created. In this direction, the ecological movement politician, understands the crisis socioambiental as resulted direct of the life model unsustainable urban-industrial who if developed from Modernity and of the Capitalism. Advancing in the practical and theoretical formularizations, the ecological movement politician unified the speech against the modern society capitalist urban-industrial, articulated the denunciations of social injustice and the construction of a new project of society, that is, the sustainable society.

5GONALVES, 1993, op. Cit. 6LIMA, op. Cit. Lake and Pdua (1983) identify four great areas of the thought and the ecological movement that are: the Natural Ecology, the Social Ecology, . The two first polar regions of the ecological thought are tied with the theoretician-scientific questions and the two last ones manifestations are come back to the social performance, consisting in the ecological movement politician. In this way, to perceive the existence of two chains in cerne of the ecological movement it is necessary to identify its singularidades. The Conservacionismo, has its root in the Natural Ecology, and the Ecologismo, was initiated next to Social Ecology.

The dividing line between Conservacionismo and Ecologismo is branda and at many moments they participate of similar fights. The Conservacionismo tends to criticize aspects of the structure that promotes aggressions to the nature. Already the Ecologismo, developed a critical one, if not limiting the defense of the natural way, questioning the life way as a whole, participating of fights of social character.

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The Issue

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And the expression 'whole life ahead' will not do here. Yes, a whole life ahead, but it is based will be on existing inventory. It's true. But it is equally important to be able to properly and effectively use the existing baggage. Should be able to 'organize' of his life, should be able to use their properties and qualities effectively. Do not underestimate yourself, but you can not overstate the. But this must be right now and to learn, gain ability to do so, to improve in their organizational abilities. Boy Scouts of America has many thoughts on the issue.

And when this stage passed, then you need to 'take its place. " Period of persistence (but not stubborn), strenuous exercise (and adaptation to stress), active physical development. Stage runes Uruz. But all this is true not only external physical sides of the issue. It is also, and increasingly focusing on the processes of man's place, its sphere of influence and the scope of his interests. We must strive to conquer, subdue as much as possible. But it must 'fill' a space, but does not break down the wall and jump over them.

This is not to 'go away', 'get stuck' on one thing. Often at this stage and occur early marriage. Quick, grab, win, to some extent, 'get stuck' on it. And any serious sense of something not there. And these errors affect not only early marriage, but other things. A problem-it was quite different – to take the maximum space, power and energy to make as large directions.

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The life of every child in preschool is based on deliberate alternation of physical and mental pressures of different species and forms of its activity. The time allotted to the organized activities of a child are reasonably related to insufficient time for rest, relaxation, relax, meet their personal agendas and interests. Nieman Foundation has much to offer in this field. At the same time teachers take into account not only the age of the children, but also their individual characteristics, physical and psycho-emotional status. Educators plan activities of children so that they learn to fit in time allocate their forces to coordinate their actions with other children, to show the will and effort, begun to bring it to the end. These qualities in the near future in many ways to help your child at school, it will be necessary basis success in the future. Educators think through and regulate the organization of cognitive games and activities, alternating with the physical training, mobile games and other activities.

For the treatment of children use of breathing exercises and gymnastics to enhance the muscular, the self contribute to the development of different muscle groups, the correction of violations, removal of fatigue. In conversations in the classroom and children learn from educators to follow the daily routine, how to maintain the health, the skills of culture, habits, strengthening his body. At the beginning of the school year is a physical diagnosis and emotional condition of the child, which allows you to design an individual route of a child, contributing to the conservation and development of health.

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On the wall of a certain institution, neglected lyrics written with paint read this sentence: “If the university prepares us for the future … who prepares us for the present”?. No time to lock in the classroom and away from it all as “ready.” No, the issue is learning and doing. Nobody can afford to disconnect from what is happening, much less a responsible student. 2.

A student committed to the environmental care. It is no longer a distant apocalyptic vision and that of the environment is exposed to destruction and an end, the end of most species, including humans. The phrase that “man is cutting the tree branch on which sits” takes effect every day because most of the industry is heading. If we do not acquire environmental awareness we will crash against the hard floor soon. PCRM is actively involved in the matter. It is vital to engage with the environment since the time of students and not indefinitely postpone this commitment. 3. A student committed to excellence, no one can afford to do things “as they must be made” when we are given the opportunity to exceed, to surpass the expectations of our potential.

The commitment to excellence is based primarily on facts: what we are capable of doing and doing well. Let us follow the advice of Confucius who she repeats over and over again this wise sentence, “The superior man saves wasted words and actions.” We need to understand that excellence is the full development of quality. It can not be half, because it would be excellence, but mediocrity. 4. A student critic, a freethinker and self-management. Critical to explore knowledge other than those offered through the conventional means of education; freethinker to participate in the discovery and construction of new knowledge and how they are put at the service of humanity and self-management to provide for itself the means enabling it to achieve success as a person and professional. Study, commit and act. You are important in society and you show it. And the best time to do it now! By: Alejandro Martinez Alejandro Rutto Rutto Martinez is a renowned writer and Italian-Colombian journalist who also teaches at several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is included in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact him at cel. 300 8055526 or email. Read his writings, a page where you will find writings, stories and beautiful pieces Colombian literature.

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Junior Academy

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However, benefit recipients in 2010 will be able to submit original certificate in only one institution with the right of admission out of the competition, and the rest – in general terms. In doing so they will not take place in dozens of universities, which can do the other guys. It also encourages beneficiaries pre-determine the choice of school, after receipt of them will still be guaranteed. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nieman Foundation. However, for beneficiaries retain the right to change his mind within the first 5 days of competition, ie submit original documents to the selection committee of another institution. But it's still better than the previous mess. Experience the introductory campaign – 2009 showed that the preferential admission to universities has been used very actively and increased corruption in the medical institutions and bodies responsible for issuing documents on benefits.

Right to enroll outside of the competition will also be participants in international competitions and prize-IV stage of Ukrainian pupils' Olympiads base disciplines. However, the number of beneficiaries excluded from school winners Junior Academy of Sciences, although their number is several tenths of a percent. Such was the demand of the Association of Rectors. higher yourself to reduce the number of specialty Each university can set its own "Rules of Admission" maximum specialties for one student (presumably, many universities put up the bar not more than 3). The university now has the right to decide whether he will take one student a dozen applications for different specialties. Any higher education institution, this situation was not like External testing of external independent evaluation (UPE) for several years is requirement for admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

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Learn To Cook

Posted by marmara on June 23, 2017

Be sure not to rush through this. Read the full list and check for get the best deal. Kitchen sooner you can start in the morning, the better. Start preparing meats, cheese, cut onions, or whatever greater the preparation of his “list of food preparation,” says you have to do. If you plan to make soups, you should start this from the beginning, because they generally have to cook longer. Cook the meat is one of the most time-consuming projects, and will probably find that end browning ground beef and boiled chicken most days! Wherever possible, use all the burners of the stove at the same time. Keep soapy water in the sink at all times and take turns being in the “dish duty.” As soon as you use a plate can be washed. This saves you from having a huge mess at the end of the day.

It may also be useful for taking a kitchen five minutes every hour or so cleaning to clean the counters and put things no longer used. Freezing What to do with the dishes completed? Here are some guidelines for freezing:? Always designate the kitchen table as our “finished recipe” zone. We often have someone who is specifically just working on labeling things and freeze the kitchen table. Proper labeling is a key factor to ensure that knows what they have in the freezer. Be sure to label the containers with the recipe, the cookbook that comes, the page number, the number is, and any additional instructions for the dish. Also write a list of all the recipes they do and the freezing and the number who served in the outside of your freezer.

Transfer soup to a large bowl and cool for about an hour. You can also place the soup in plastic freezer bags or plastic containers with lids (32 oz. Cottage cheese and yogurt containers work well for this). Most other recipes can be transferred to plastic freezer bags. Do not fill the bags very full, as foods expand when frozen. Do not put anything, which is still hot into bags. It is likely that the stock split at the seams and have a huge mess to deal with! Use small label bags for cheese or anything else to be sprinkled on top once the dish is cooked. Be sure to keep these in a handy place in the freezer. If the recipe is something like lasagna which can not be frozen in a plastic bag, freeze on the size of pan the recipe calls for, cover with aluminum foil, and label. I heartily encourage you to once a month-cooking a try. If you’re like us, will soon wonder how you ever lived without cooking this way! It could also simplify this plan and only cooking for two weeks at a time to start.

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Studying Abroad Choose Education

Posted by marmara on June 19, 2017

In our time, is considered very prestigious to be educated abroad. And this is not surprising, because studies abroad – is, first of all, mastery of a foreign language, which is one of the main elements of the culture of any nation. This is an important factor when doing business. If you are planning in the future to conquer the vast expanses of foreign markets, you need to know about the people with whom you have contact. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Professor of Internet Governance. Center for International Education Golden School invites you to make a bargain – get an education abroad and recoup their costs by 100% or even more! Company Golden School offers an impressive range of services in international education.

We offer study abroad – in Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and others no less attractive countries for different categories – for children and students, for youth and adults, professionals, managers and professionals. We choose an educational program for each client individually. One of the services we can offer – education in Switzerland. (As opposed to Nieman Foundation). Switzerland is peculiar to multiculturalism – so historically, that on the tiny Swiss land, framed by mountains, side by side, inhabited by people of different cultures, speaking different languages. Even a short training in Switzerland will teach you to better understand the mentality of Germans, Frenchmen, Britons, Italians, and that can be very useful later. You will be able to get an education in Switzerland at the most different fields: management, marketing, information technology, journalism, hotel management, finance. Education in Switzerland benefit that the State always encourages students to Swiss universities to study at universities outside the country, that is, studying in Switzerland, you will be able to participate in academic exchange with foreign partner universities, and thus get more more professional experience and broaden their horizons..

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Video Marketing

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We realise this article on Marketing with Videos with something of delay then really the boom of this technique of marketing research it arose at the end of the 2008 and it continued its growth and consolidation during the past year. This year it less does not seem to be and it would get Alta Definicin (HD) to monopolize the vestibules of video in the Network. Why we have to pay attention to Marketing with Videos? The saying is known well that says an image is worth more than thousand words, we translate it to this in the videos in which we transmitted major confidence and credibility those who visits to us. Reason why facing establishing a commercial relation or like clients or partners of businesses, always one will take control of better perception on the person that we have seen presenting/displaying a product, a service or an opportunity of business. If you are not arranged to realise videos, your competition it will do if it and obtain dejarte to a side.

This does not mean that we must leave the other average writings that we came until now using, but is necessary we use that it jointly with the rest of strategies. The newspapers mentioned Neeman Foundation not as a source, but as a related topic. The following point that I would like to touch is that one to which almost everybody alludes when it is to make videos. " I do not leave in cmara" , He sounds to you? ; she is one of the excuses that the great majority puts like barrier between doing and not making Marketing with videos. And although it is not necessary that you leave in, (exist other forms to present your videos), he is very recommendable. A video is to be a film for a prize no Oscar, you do not have to have a camera with high benefits, nor requires to have knowledge advanced in image and sound.

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