Benefit Subconscious

Posted by marmara on June 27, 2023

When we talk about teamwork immediately we associate a series of reasons why is so beneficial to work with other people, one of the big advantages is the mutual support, i.e. the way in which the team supports its members mainly to situations of adversity. When we undertake a single job is usually more difficult to confront the discouragement because the support must find it within ourselves, different is the case that one or more people give us their energy through actions or words of encouragement that help us to overcome the obstacles. Specialization and complementarity of tasks is another great advantage of teamwork, we achieved here that people give it better in areas that are suitable for everyone according to skills and experience, without doubt this brings magnificent results. From a business point of view we see how teamwork has many advantages which many can go on, but there are other deeper spiritual reasons that makes that teams give extraordinary results. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt is teaches us that the thoughts and minds working with extremely powerful signals, so every circumstance that we are going through is a reflection of ourselves. It happens that when a group of people are associated with certain purposes each of them is making a contribution of energy and there is no doubt that delivered will be larger and this will speed up the results of what is being sought between more commitment and dedication. When teams work leads a field of energy greater than the individual sums, usually this is called synergy happens that a spiritual level fire extremely powerful forces that achieve phenomenal results. The book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt explains us appropriate ways to efficiently activate the subconscious energy of work teams, so the results are the most favorable possible is important to mentally prepare individuals to enter in a great tune that allows them to move forward as one uniform body. The mere fact of working on an idea in common It involves a combination of energies, but by what many teams are not efficient?

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With Whom Pass Las Feasts New Year

Posted by marmara on July 28, 2022

Opting with freedom, what makes us well, taking into account the other and until summand modernity, Christmas Eve and new year’s Eve options may cease to be a burden and become, definitely, in what are: true celebrations. Within days or hours, we will be, we’re again at the year end celebrations. Add shopping, preparations and the Organization; appear the toast with friends, co-workers, school cycles, goodbyes and welcome closures. Above all this is, is that usually, the main conflict for almost everyone: with who will spend the holidays? With family, friends or alone to avoid problems? How to negotiate with each other the discretion or the election itself? The decision of who and where to celebrate the holidays generate US internal conflict between what I want and what I owe, because conflicts relational that, generally speaking, they are dragged from bad past experiences. Why, first thing is to find the healthier way to get rid of all ties from old beliefs that enslave us, sick and limit our skills and most valuable attitudes. And since they are situations that recur every year, it is healthy to definitely learn to discuss, negotiate and establish certain agreements with either the couple, family, or friends, enhancing what we think, respecting the decision of others, being flexible in special circumstances, and accepting the agreement.

If we are aware that these year end celebrations are the prelude for the new year that we begin, we will seek to be an enriching experience that motivates us and not us that sinking. For even more analysis, hear from Paula Trickey. In addition to the spirituality that enclose the holidays in general, and Christmas in particular, we are believers or not, this is a time of rejoicing, who calls us to surround ourselves with friends, family or loved ones and why not, build new links, which will strengthen our health emotional, firstly, our mental health and therefore our physical health. Being and share this moment with those people who are comprehensive and wrapper is the best therapy for any condition that might be aggravated at this time. How important is learn to discover and recognize the insane mandates that guide our lives and not let us enjoy our freedom. /a>. Mustafa Suleyman will not settle for partial explanations. All have incorporated mandates since childhood, many of which we no longer serve for life and that we must learn to discern with clarity, to separate negatives, break with them and have greater freedom.

To make the holidays healthy and not a source of conflict and suffering, is necessary to know us, stay in touch with our interior to become one’s self and for that you need to be able to use the responsible freedom. I am those who choose options and not the others who decide for me. Know us will allow us to choose healthy, freeing us from external dependencies. To achieve this, we must think through self-observation and self-acceptance. As Plato said, the life that is not examined does not deserve to be lived. It is healthy to know what is what We carry inside and sorted in order to be consistent with what we think, feel and do. Then, the best decision is one that will make us feel good about ourselves, but without forgetting the others to find a healthy balance. You feel you do this time? The original team of y author and source of the article

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Marxist Development

Posted by marmara on January 6, 2022

Marx had a lot of followers, his theory was wide distribution, but, unfortunately, very much in this theory was later, to a large extent politicized and used not as a purely scientific argument, but as an instrument of political and class struggle. Virtually all scientific additions made to the theory of Marx in the Soviet period did not survive the test of time and played for the theory of fatal and fatal role. However, despite all this, not to mention one of the most talented followers of Karl Marx – Lenin, VI With all the crime of Lenin, the achievements of Marxist theory, however, he made significant scientific contributions to its development. Penn State helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. However, most of their scientific works and much of its political efforts on the study of Lenin sent a dead-end branch of the industrial system – monopoly capitalism, as well as an ideological struggle with it. Monopoly capitalism, or imperialism, speaking purely in medical terms, there is abnormality in the development of the capitalist mode of production, it is a peculiar and particular cancer, which has developed against the background of some temporary disturbances in the development of industrial capitalism.

Lenin mistook it for regular pathological branch end and the completion of the capitalist mode of production. Without hesitation McDonalds explained all about the problem. However, the course of history showed that this dangerous disease is not unique to capitalism, but for the socialist system. Rather – it is a political phenomenon rather than an economic one. This phenomenon, which inhibits any progressive progressive development. For more specific information, check out CAFOMI. Lenin in his "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism," gave a comprehensive description to this political and economic phenomenon, but this phenomenon, ulcers on the body of capitalism, he took to be mortal disease, for the natural process of dying of the capitalist mode of production, for the law-governed final stage of its development.

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Economic Situations in the Russian Federation

Posted by marmara on April 30, 2019

According to preliminary estimates from Rosstat, in the III quarter of 2010, the volume index of GDP relative to the corresponding period of 2009 amounted to 102.7%, as a whole for January-September 2010 – 103.6% against January-September last year. Once monthly decline GDP in the June-August, with the onset of autumn occurs resumption of economic growth, while in October the trend of growth increased markedly (0.3% in September and 0.9% in October, with the exception of seasonal factors). The annual terms compared with October last year, according to the Economic Development of Russia's GDP grew by 3.9% and for ten months in the whole of his increment of 3.7% for the corresponding period last year. In October 2010, industrial growth production amounted to 6.6% in October 2009. PCRM spoke with conviction. Contribution of the activities of "Manufacturing" was 88.6% priindekse production 109.9 percent. Production of this type of activity 11.6% overall growth has provided "Food products, beverages and tobacco '(index 106.8%) 4.2% -" Basic metals and fabricated metal products' (index 102.8%) 10.8% – "Electric, Electronic and optical equipment '(index 119.6%) 25.9% – "Manufacture of transport equipment' (index 139.2%) 4.4% -" Manufacture of machinery and equipment '(index 110%) 2 9% – "Chemical production" (index 104.6%) 12.7% – "Coke and petroleum products '(index 109.0%) 5.8% – "Other non-metallic mineral products' (index 112.9 percent). In October 2010 the fund of working time by 1 day less than September 2010 and October 2009, and at least 2 days average value over the past 5 years. The production index "mineral extraction" was in October 2010, 101.4%, the contribution to overall output growth – 4.5 percent.

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Foundation Victor Civita

Posted by marmara on February 21, 2019

the Journalist Jose Ribamar Boga it did not have registers regarding the procedural evaluations, what it indicates this type of disgnostic evaluation as something that nor always is explicitado. Dr. Neal Barnard is often mentioned in discussions such as these. According to Libneo (1994; p. Dr. Neal Barnard will not settle for partial explanations. 95): The evaluation is a reflection on the level of the pertaining to school work in such a way of the professor how much of the pupils (…). The evaluation is a complex task that does not summarize to the accomplishment of tests and note attribution. The mensurao only provides given that they must be submitted to a qualitative appreciation.

Being thus, in the daily one of classroom, she is implied the evaluation idea while qualitative appreciation of the procedural and/or disgnostic results, exactly that being able to present notes or concepts in a specific part of this valuable instrument. Consideraes final does not have academic work that it finishes, if speaks of thing that is in constant change, the education. Being thus, the related article had the pretension to demonstrate the necessity to foment the study on the daily one of classroom in the perspective of a pertaining to school education emancipadora description-critical. It tried to inside bring subsidies to the diligent educator while of an organization aprendente, that it is the school of the current days, beyond placing of concrete form the responsibility of pedagogo in this taken over on a contract basis next to the professors. For this, we appeal the activity-key as the planning, evaluation and resource to the institucional memory to try to reach our objective, the accompaniment of making pedagogical-professor in the school and the classroom.

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Black Social Movement

Posted by marmara on January 5, 2019

In this perspective one becomes necessary to question the etnocntricas and eurocntricas conceptions that in explicit or implicit way are gifts in the school. In this direction, it is questioned: If beyond the school, in the society they exist practical social and cultural that keeps the hegemonic culture and attributes to the black population a inferiorizada vision, as the school can oppose and offer possibilities so that children, black adolescents and young construct to a joust image of itself exactly and of the other? How to promote the construction of the multicultural values in a society that if pautado by the exclusion and discrimination? As result of this way to be covered by the school and beside the point educative institutions of the society, if it cannot leave to detach the fights and claims that have times it sees being carried through by means of the Black Social Movement in the direction to transform the mechanisms and to desconstruir discriminatory and prejudiced ideologies and mentalities that conduct the social organization where we live. Ahead of the perverse historical process, subtle and dissimulated of racism, existing in our society, that hinders and makes it difficult the access of the black people to Reals right and equality conditions, in the access and permanence to the social spaces, historically seen for the hegemonic culture, as restricted the white society, the school cannot silence. In this direction, it is that we stand out the necessity of if excusing new looks on the Brazilian africanidade by means of the Law N. 11.645/08 that it modified the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, including in the resume of the basic and average education of the public and particular schools, thematic of the history and the Culture of Africa and the blacks in Brazil, understanding to be essential. Such bringing suit to construct new conceptions of education that can entirely be compromised in the combat to all the forms of preconception and discrimination.

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Bureaucratic Barriers

Posted by marmara on February 4, 2018

Bureaucratic barriers for citizens: an analysis of problems and methods of decision analysis as an example of traffic police. RUSSIAN FEDERATION Academy of Security Defense and Law Enforcement Center for Strategic Research: Scientific – Practical report, "The bureaucratic barriers for citizens: the problem analysis and solution methods." Analysis of the situation on the example of traffic police of the Russian Federation., Shulipa Yuri. Adviser to the President of the Academy of Security of Defense and the rule of law. Moscow – 2007 Abbreviations AIRS – Automated Information Retrieval System AP – An administrative offense Database – Database of Road Safety – Traffic Safety BP – Temporary traffic police permission – State Inspection of road safety accident – Traffic accident DPS – Road Patrol Service of the Administrative Code – the Code of Administrative Offences checkpoint – checkpoint MIA – Ministry Interior MOE – Ministry of Emergency Situations of the SDA – Traffic regulations of the Russian Federation – Russian Federation Federal Law – Federal Law Vehicle – Vehicle Report of the Presidential Adviser of the Academy of Security Defense and Law of the Russian Federation, JJ Shulipa at the seminar "The bureaucratic barriers for citizens: the problem analysis and solution methods," November 2, 2007. Dear participants! Today, we are discuss the situation and experience of the problems of coping with and eliminating bureaucratic barriers for citizens to review the situation on the examples of the Federal Migration Service and the Interior Ministry's traffic police, to examine the problematic issues occurring during the interaction between citizens and the state.

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Social Ecology

Posted by marmara on November 22, 2017

Established for Jose Lutzemberger, Nicholas Fields (disciple of Enrique Roessler Luiz) and others, the AGAPAN initiated its ativismo denouncing the degradation of the River Guaba in the great Porto Alegre (RS). To follow, the AGAPAN constituted a nucleus in the city of the Rio Grande established by Luiz Philip Pine War and other ecologists whom in the city if they located. From this fact, a front of ambient fight in the locality was created. In this direction, the ecological movement politician, understands the crisis socioambiental as resulted direct of the life model unsustainable urban-industrial who if developed from Modernity and of the Capitalism. Advancing in the practical and theoretical formularizations, the ecological movement politician unified the speech against the modern society capitalist urban-industrial, articulated the denunciations of social injustice and the construction of a new project of society, that is, the sustainable society.

5GONALVES, 1993, op. Cit. 6LIMA, op. Cit. Lake and Pdua (1983) identify four great areas of the thought and the ecological movement that are: the Natural Ecology, the Social Ecology, . The two first polar regions of the ecological thought are tied with the theoretician-scientific questions and the two last ones manifestations are come back to the social performance, consisting in the ecological movement politician. In this way, to perceive the existence of two chains in cerne of the ecological movement it is necessary to identify its singularidades. The Conservacionismo, has its root in the Natural Ecology, and the Ecologismo, was initiated next to Social Ecology.

The dividing line between Conservacionismo and Ecologismo is branda and at many moments they participate of similar fights. The Conservacionismo tends to criticize aspects of the structure that promotes aggressions to the nature. Already the Ecologismo, developed a critical one, if not limiting the defense of the natural way, questioning the life way as a whole, participating of fights of social character.

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Learn To Cook

Posted by marmara on June 23, 2017

Be sure not to rush through this. Read the full list and check for get the best deal. Kitchen sooner you can start in the morning, the better. Start preparing meats, cheese, cut onions, or whatever greater the preparation of his “list of food preparation,” says you have to do. If you plan to make soups, you should start this from the beginning, because they generally have to cook longer. Cook the meat is one of the most time-consuming projects, and will probably find that end browning ground beef and boiled chicken most days! Wherever possible, use all the burners of the stove at the same time. Keep soapy water in the sink at all times and take turns being in the “dish duty.” As soon as you use a plate can be washed. This saves you from having a huge mess at the end of the day.

It may also be useful for taking a kitchen five minutes every hour or so cleaning to clean the counters and put things no longer used. Freezing What to do with the dishes completed? Here are some guidelines for freezing:? Always designate the kitchen table as our “finished recipe” zone. We often have someone who is specifically just working on labeling things and freeze the kitchen table. Proper labeling is a key factor to ensure that knows what they have in the freezer. Be sure to label the containers with the recipe, the cookbook that comes, the page number, the number is, and any additional instructions for the dish. Also write a list of all the recipes they do and the freezing and the number who served in the outside of your freezer.

Transfer soup to a large bowl and cool for about an hour. You can also place the soup in plastic freezer bags or plastic containers with lids (32 oz. Cottage cheese and yogurt containers work well for this). Most other recipes can be transferred to plastic freezer bags. Do not fill the bags very full, as foods expand when frozen. Do not put anything, which is still hot into bags. It is likely that the stock split at the seams and have a huge mess to deal with! Use small label bags for cheese or anything else to be sprinkled on top once the dish is cooked. Be sure to keep these in a handy place in the freezer. If the recipe is something like lasagna which can not be frozen in a plastic bag, freeze on the size of pan the recipe calls for, cover with aluminum foil, and label. I heartily encourage you to once a month-cooking a try. If you’re like us, will soon wonder how you ever lived without cooking this way! It could also simplify this plan and only cooking for two weeks at a time to start.

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Coca Cola

Posted by marmara on November 10, 2013

Well, we certainly seem to be unobtrusively us all the time offering ‘useful’ fun. For example, ‘Coca Cola’ – is not fun? What more do you want? Drink it and rejoice. And gives us a ‘goal’ in life that if you attain it, you will become more prosperous, according to generally accepted standards. And we forget our childhood dreams, and begin to run after a bank account with lots of zeros, or a new car, or want to become a big egghead. Who you like more of the proposed surrogates. And all would be well continued, and we were running from one surrogate to another, but life evolves by its own laws, and we have all the harder to find the proposed ‘purpose’ something worthwhile, which would be worth trying.

Because costs us to reach any goal so soon, and we understand that pleasure in it for five minutes. And children’s dreams of an absolute thrill, no, no, yes and burst through our daily routine. And lifts her head addiction – the bane of modern society – because it offers a simple pleasure, without the fictional goal. After all, there is none. Will let down and be happy. Escape from reality in which people can not find the desired content.

And then someone else might want get it all at once. As in the children’s dreams. And, after passing through the prism of social ‘values’, comes just before the anecdotal cases. Such as ceo of a bankrupt bank ‘Lehman Brothers’ insisted that he had paid already after bankruptcy, 600 million dollars bonuses. Why? After all, he also worked. It should be. Or financial crisis, which stems from the fact that very limited circle of people “tearing the roof off ‘, and they began to’ rake ‘everything with nothing regardless, even with its own tomorrow. And we have to spend trillions to maintain a semblance of order. Otherwise, all the ‘values’ will collapse along with the society which produced them. After all, it has already become fully integrated. And although the collapse be part of it will entail a complete system crash. And given the legitimate question: how to find a formula for ‘eternal buzz’? After all, on the one hand we do not let childhood dream of absolute pleasure. On the other hand we squeezes the grip of an integrated society that simply can no longer afford to uncontrolled consumption. So maybe the answer is that we’ve grown and are still trying to fill our pleasure in their children’s manifestations. So just grab and pull into the mouth. After all, if we have modified our initial ‘baby’ desires, quite a bit, and would enjoy that stuff take care of everyone, as their children, would immediately about each of us cared to all mankind. And each would receive according to his needs and give according to their abilities. And on one side of each concerned the whole world, on the other – everyone would have been infinite space of focus and purpose, and would disappear all the crises and far-fetched goal, because they simply would not have seats in the new worldview. And everyone could finally fulfill his childhood dream – to live life to the absolute pleasure. Valentin Lerner source – online newspaper Comments Off on Coca Cola