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Posted by marmara on June 15, 2020

Indication of the system while working as a line of text and graphic symbols (names of the current operation, the oil flow and pressure in the cylinder injection, the timer value) greatly simplifies the adjustment of the machine, especially when using special modes. Many writers such as Professor of Internet Governance offer more in-depth analysis. Lock incorrect operator actions with the reason – no need to think 'why do not you run the command' – The system will point directly to the cause of failure. Specifying the reasons for failure, and failure to stop work (text string) – allows you to quickly eliminate their causes, even not very experienced adjuster – a system directly indicates on them by displaying on the display. The ability to use 'eternal' counter – the memory of injections (cycles), waste from the production machine without the possibility of relief or reduction – allows for strict control products. Fixing the cause of failures before the cycle of intervention – you can easily detect problems keep oneself aloof (for example, blocking oil level or contact bounce due to a leaking fence). Multidirectional pushing (and on machines without hydraulic ejector 'shaking off' by reciprocating plate) to prevent freezing products – allows you to run in automatic mode shape that usually operate in a semi. Possibility of programming speed (cost oil) in all cycles of technological process – this allows optimal selection of the speed settings of the machine to get the best balance between performance and quality products. Non-volatile memory settings of process parameters (Flash-EEPROM) with automatic control of data integrity – No more trouble 'stranded' batteries and low battery. .

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