CSB Drilling

Posted by marmara on February 16, 2017

Diesel Generator Set Cummins have all the necessary characteristics of the energy equipment used to supply drilling. The work of drilling equipment differs rezkoperemennymi uneven loads (high multiplicities of inrush currents), in this connection special importance Such a characteristic Cummins diesel generator set when working on objects of drilling. CSB specialists on the basis of experience and long-term interaction with drilling organizations developed a series of standard solutions to power drilling rigs. At This diesel power plants (DPP), a container equipped with a distribution device performance (EDM) on voltage of 0.4 and 6.3 kV and transformer substations. Select the type of equipment used, the voltage generator and the output voltage depends on the power station, the distance the energy complex, the supply voltage of drilling equipment and other factors. Depending on the installed equipment on the rig, as well as from the conditions of the contract, as options are available: More DPS reactive power compensation devices block-modules of social and domestic emergency diesel power plant can be arranged fuel supply, delivery, accommodation and catering staff on-site energy drilling specialists References CSB on the basis of experience and long-term interaction with drilling organizations developed a model solution for the energy supply rig rig 2900-3000 EUK. The project is coordinated by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision. Stand-alone diesel power container type, such as CSB-W 10006.3 KH 20" based on Cummins engines ACT 50 (2 DSU), the TPCC 0,46,3 kV, operator warehouse of spare parts. Operation of own staff.

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Heating Systems

Posted by marmara on October 26, 2016

In concise English have such a wonderful proverb that in a few words to fit a huge sense of, 'My house – my fortress. More information is housed here: Boy Scouts of America. " It's about a house that protects its owner not only of bad weather and all sorts of precipitation, and from everyday troubles. For even more details, read what Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says on the issue. However, first and foremost your home is designed to create heat to warm and comfort to do. This much comfort can not be guaranteed without a heating system (successfully designed and mounted). Due to the very development of modern technologies, today there are lots of options for heating systems. For example, collective and individual, they are not only warm a slum apartment buildings and a respectively private cottages. Hence, country houses, there are two main types. The first type includes dwellings which are intended to stay all year round, the second type – cottages, the is summer, they have a good time only during the warm season (until the street sunny days and in the midst of the bathing season). That is, you first need to figure out that at the moment it suits you: the first or second option, and how long you have enough patience, endurance and, most importantly, the desire to create myself a little paradise vacation spot where you can live in the winter time, and in the autumn chill. I would like to tell us more about water heating, because gas is very dangerous and self-manufacture and mounting is very complicated, as well as for the home are not suitable for solid fuel burner or fuel oil and diesel fuel.

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