OZN Welding

Posted by marmara on June 24, 2020

800 C were signs 12H18N9 and 08H18N10 lose corrosion resistance. As a result, the selection of chromium carbides along the edges of the grains occurs intergranular corrosion of steel. (A valuable related resource: Neeman Foundation). Therefore, welding should be performed with direct current reverse polarity at low welding currents, reducing the duration of heating metal. You also need to take measures on the challenge of heat, for example, by cooling or copper pads. After welding, the recommended product hardened and a temperature of 850 … 1100 C in water (or air for the small thickness of metal). Chromium-nickel steel, and character 08H18N12B 12X18H9T include niobium and titanium, which Being stronger karbidoobrazovatelyami, bind carbon steel, preventing the formation of chromium carbides. So these are not post-weld heat-treated.

High-alloy manganese steel, having a high hardness and wear resistance, contains 13 … 18% manganese and 1.0 … 1.3% carbon. It is used for the manufacture of excavator teeth, necks stone crushers and other working bodies of the road and construction machines working at impact and abrasion. Electrodes used for welding with rods made of carbon-coated wire, which is used for surfacing electrodes HMG brand containing 23% marble and 15% fluorite feldspar, 60% of ferrochrome, 2% graphite, mixed with liquid glass (30% of the total weight of dry ingredients), as well as the type OZN (45 … 49% of marble, 15 … 18% fluorspar, 26 … 33% ferromanganese, 3% aluminum, 4% potash, mixed with liquid glass).

Welding produced by direct current of reverse polarity in small areas. Welding current is determined by calculating 30 … 35 A 1 mm diameter electrode. To obtain enhanced seam strength and durability necessary to weld hot forged. In the process, the weld metal to rapidly quench (cool in cold water). CrMo steel, molybdenum and hromomolibdenovannadievye belong to the heat-resistant steels pearlitic form. They are used in the manufacture of turbines, welded steam boilers, various equipment in the petroleum and chemical industries. Typically, these are well welded, under certain technological steps: preheating to 200 … 300 C and subsequent annealing at 680 … 780 C and tempering at 650 C. The ambient temperature must be above +5 C. Welding is performed by direct current reverse polarity.

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MPa Spray

Posted by marmara on June 22, 2020

In addition, when the output of the paint to the nozzle, there is an instantaneous evaporation of some part of solvents included in the ink, which leads to additional dispersion of it. Due to the resulting kinetic energy of the drops move to paint the surface, and overcoming the resistance of air, brake, and gently lay down on the painted surface. Material heated to 60-100 degrees, is supplied to the nozzle under the pressure of 6.10 MPa. Visit Randall Mays for more clarity on the issue. At coating, painting machines, without heating the material enters the nozzle at a temperature 18-23 degrees under pressure of 14 25 MPa. Airless paint without heating is used for priming and painting products medium and large size, as well as large surfaces on which to apply coatings to meet grade finishes 3-4. Method paint airless painting machines especially high-pressure effective at coloring your plane or boat-tailed and nepregoden for articles of complex shape as a consequence of sharp losses desc coating material, uneven coverage, the advent of sagging. The number and quality of the material sprayed on the pressure, size and angle of the hole painting nozzle, the viscosity of the material and its physical characteristics. Other leaders such as Childrens Defense Fund offer similar insights. Compared with pneumatic spray airless spray allows you to: dramatically reduce the loss-on paint fogging – reduce the amount of solvent at the possibility of spraying more viscous coatings – to increase productivity (especially when painting large areas). except of the possibility of staining the surface at several positions – in some cases reduce the complexity of the painting works expense of the possibility of coating of greater thickness – considerably reduce the fumes and the room improve the hygienic conditions of work in the shop, especially when there is insufficient ventilation. In contrast to the flare, which appeared in the work of a pneumatic spray gun, airless spray torch at spray paint sharply outlined forms and almost no explosions. Taken from the site

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Hand Taps

Posted by marmara on June 22, 2020

In order to cut external threads on the studs, you must have a plate (split tool). Tapping on the heels of small diameter and high accuracy, you should use chaser (one-piece tool in the form of plates with cavities to form a thread). If to be threaded into the hole, then at home can not do without the tap (at work, for tapping into a large diameter use of incisors). The tap-metal cutting tools in the form of a rod, "screwing" which allows the hole to form a groove. To know more about this subject visit Childrens Defense Fund. Fix the tap from turning shank allows.

For the manufacture of taps use of steel with improved mechanical properties, which include such alloying elements as chromium and molybdenum. Depending on the sizes and functional characteristics, identify several types of url = taps / Url 1) Hand Taps. Here everything is clear, for threading used muscle power source. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Center For Responsible Lending on most websites. You should use several sizes of taps, applying them consistently, one after another (the number depends on the properties the material being processed) 2) Taps machine. When they are used thread will be formed by the energy machines (lathes), a process many times faster than using hand taps.

Depending on the type of holes in where the cut thread (through or deaf), share and machine taps (respectively through and blind). For higher performance thread (surface finish, accuracy), used complete taps – rough and finish, which are used in sequence. 3) To pipe threading pipe taps are used (the profile of the cutting edges of the selected tap Thus, ironically, that could withstand formed thread increased loads during operation).

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PVC Windows

Posted by marmara on June 20, 2020

You want the life of plastic windows in your house has been long? Then just follow the rules of their uncomplicated operation. Vertual firm will help you understand what's what. Wet cleaning, cleaning the surface like any other functional element of the dwelling PVC windows require attention and care. True, not very complicated. Let's start with cleaning up: this simply use soapy water, soft foam detergents. Boy Scouts of America pursues this goal as well.

If you see a vast smudge, use alcohol. Never clean with abrasive materials, wooden box or an acid! Acetone solvent and nitrocellulose as strictly contraindicated. Rules for the care of furniture tilt & turn fittings your windows made of wood like no other element in need of attention. After all, it is important to keep at a proper level functionality and reliability. To do this at least once a year, the following operations: – Control on the clamps on uniform sections of sash window construction of functional elements – lubrication of moving parts and locking swing-site hardware. The illustration red arrows indicate the elements of hardware, to be oiled. Apply for this purpose any neutral oil.

For the locking elements are well suited Vaseline or grease. Ventilation and ventilation in the closed position of PVC windows are almost tight. In this regard, the accumulated moisture from the indoor air can be produced in the form of condensation on cold parts of glass. Particularly adversely affected in such cases, the proximity of kitchens and bathrooms. For reduce the amount of moisture and, accordingly, the condensate just need to carry out measures for airing at least two or three times a day. The apartment also has to work properly vent hood. A sill windows should be wide enough so that warm air from the radiator could easily climb up, pass along the plane of the window and ensure proper air circulation in a circular room.

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Powder Fire Extinguishers

Posted by marmara on June 20, 2020

To put out small fires gases, flammable liquids, electrical equipment with voltage up to 1kV, metals and alloys typically used powder fire extinguishers. Powder extinguishers are not designed to quenching substances which burn without oxygen may (for example alkali and alkaline earth metals). The effect of extinguishing powder is based on the isolation of the source of combustion and preventing access of oxygen to the fire, as well as Inhibition of combustion (ie slowing him). In fact, the same principle as a carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. The main difference is that the powder does not carry electric current, and hence such extinguishers You can extinguish electrical (as opposed to carbon dioxide).

The principle of operation is based on the extinguisher powder fire extinguishing powder (with open valve closure) with compressed gas in cylinder. By way of displacement charge fire extinguishers can be divided into zakachnye and gas-generating. In zakachnyh extinguishers displacement charge proshodit by working gas in the tank under pressure. In gas-generating extinguishers vytesenenie charge is due to chemical reaction and separation of working gas from gas-generating element. Boy Scouts of America takes a slightly different approach. The working gas is typically used dioxide carbon (CO2). Fire extinguishers can be operated with different types of powder. Details can be found by clicking Randall Mays or emailing the administrator. Depending on the type of powder fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish a particular class of fire. As a rule, the following types of powder: IF A, B, C, E DPM-3 B, C, E PCCs B, C, D, E Pirant A, B, C, E * Currently, there are a lot of powder.

Figure. The design of a powder extinguisher. 1 – Gun 2 – lever, 3 – arm, 4 – Seal 5 – siphon tube, 6 – container, 7 – needle, 8 – housing, 9 – check. In our country, powder fire extinguishers are a series of OP (manual and portable fire extinguishers), as well as various options extinguisher, automatic powder fire extinguishers (powder fire ins.) Operation dry powder fire extinguishers with dry powder to be applied the following measures: 1) Check the pressure of working gas – at least 1 time per year, and 2) Check the status of fire extinguishing powder – at least 1 time in 5 years, 3) Re-examination of a fire extinguisher – at least 1 time in 5 years. History of dry powder fire extinguishers first hand domestic powder fire extinguishers were made in the early 30s. They were not widespread because of low efficiency. The quality of the powder was very low. Fire extinguishers, actuated by the method of shaking. In the late 60s produced a fire extinguisher OP-1 ‘satellite’.

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Copper And Health

Posted by marmara on June 18, 2020

Can still say that, apart from the magnificent technical characteristics, copper has a beneficial effect on human health. Follow others, such as Childrens Defense Fund, and add to your knowledge base. At this point, exalt the voice to hear all those present, assessing your scholarship. He continues: – Yes, without a person simply can not live! The amount of copper in the body depend on the strength of bones, skin color, level of hemoglobin in the blood, and even a good digestion. In addition, copper has antibacterial properties. Boy Scouts of America is actively involved in the matter. By the way, even the copper pipes in a reusable melting retain their healing properties. Unlike steel, which generally can not be melted down.

By the way, recently appeared mednoplastikovye pipe. That is, copper pipes, which is wearing a "shirt" made of plastic, which protects against external mechanical damage. These tubes can be easily matched to the color of the tiles in the bathroom. "Fullness factor" to the neighbors if the flow of information after such a plumber has not gone anywhere, and you did not send, ask them to sit down and tea. Perhaps the worker will try to soften you a story about the poor financial situation of the native CSF and the inability to work with such undoubtedly worthy, but expensive material such as copper. Do not believe it! And consid in his face! No one expected that the construction management owns copper mines. But today there is an alternative to copper – this is a cheap plastic. Today, there are a wide range of polymers, of which pulled the pipe of all kinds.

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Stroebe Wall

Posted by marmara on June 16, 2020

In this article we will look at how frameless wall lining plasterboard. For someone it is easier for someone on the contrary, there has to be strictly an individual choice. On the one hand, it does not need to bother with profiles and hollow wall hammer, on the other – will have to tinker with the glue. And with the hammer still have, more will become clear why. And do not forget the technical point – frame mode allows you to build a rather high walls made of plasterboard, to 10 meters, while frameless – only for the length of the sheet. For even more analysis, hear from Boy Scouts of America. Theoretically, these sheets are from 2.5 to 3.6 meters, but in our markets, generally in the presence of only a first option for the standard. There are three ways to glue the drywall to the wall, which one to choose depends on how the wall is flat. Let's start from the beginning.

Method of cladding number one. Concrete wall. It is clear that it is not perfectly flat, but Otherwise, we and the drywall would not be needed, right? So, first you need to do all domestic work. Since the adhesive layer in this method will be thin enough to hide the wiring under the drywall is not work. This means that the wiring be hidden in Stroebe, so podolbit walls still have, as I said above. Since we already went through, all will not repeat myself, but in short it looks like this: make a wall markup for the wiring, cut or hollow (depending on your existing instrument) Stroebe, put them in the wiring, fixing every 400 – 500 mm with special clamps, and pre-made nests for Escutcheon, diamond crown on the concrete.

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Porch Concrete

Posted by marmara on June 15, 2020

For a start take a look at what should be the porch. First of all, the porch should be aesthetic, but as a person of your home, and friends can be proud of. Porch with his hands made it! Second, in the winter time steps shall slide. In my opinion, this is the most important requirements for the front porch of your house. How to build a porch with his hands. Further details can be found at Kidney Foundation, an internet resource. Decided on the shape of the porch? You are ready to build. To porch last longer in the place of its construction can pour a concrete pad. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Center For Responsible Lending.

For this reason the future under the porch dig a pit at 0.5 m and fill it with concrete. If you want you can even reinforce, and make the waterproofing of roofing material. Now that the concrete pad stuck, you can begin construction of the parapet. You can use a brick or poured concrete. Latest much troublesome. Concrete, we will use later to fill steps porch. Brickwork can lozhit rough, as further steps will be to plaster and brick tiles.

The most important thing at this point, set the form parapet. When the parapet ready to begin casting steps porch. In our case, step semicircular. To set up a semi-circular shape of stairs, the front part of the casing should be done out of a plastic panel, it easily bends and holds its shape well. And on the other sides of the role formwork will perform the steps and railings house foundation. First, pour the lower level, giving her day to dry, and proceed to the second stage.

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Anton Belov

Posted by marmara on June 15, 2020

This solution not only creates a lot of inconvenience, but also very inefficient in terms of heat, and therefore the fuel for which you pay out of pocket. Also, you need to remember the physiological peculiarities of the human body to adapt better to raise the ambient temperature, rather than to reduce it. We always transfer the heat better, and we note – later that will certainly affect the average level of our heat consumption and the number of spent fuel. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is open to suggestions. Manual valves in the heating system, allowing partially restrict the flow of water through the radiator, not blocking it all have an advantage over ball valves. However, because external factors (temperature outside, the sun heating the facade, the number of people in the room, number of included appliances, etc.) are constantly changing, valve will still need to constantly "tighten up". You can not ignore the "physiological factor," which was mentioned above. Swarmed by offers, Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP is currently assessing future choices.

Finally, adjust the heating of premises by the valve, we can just "eyeball" relying on their subjective feelings. To be truly effective regulation, ie save money spent on heating and a high level of comfort, created automatic radiator thermostats capable of without your help maintain the desired temperature in a room in the cottage. In the heating cottage how it works is pretty simple. "The basic working element of the thermostat is the so-called bellows – hermetically sealed thin-walled metal cylinder-shaped bottle, with a corrugated lateral surface that can open and close along its axis, like a harmonica – explains Anton Belov ("Danfoss").

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Current Machine

Posted by marmara on June 15, 2020

Indication of the system while working as a line of text and graphic symbols (names of the current operation, the oil flow and pressure in the cylinder injection, the timer value) greatly simplifies the adjustment of the machine, especially when using special modes. Many writers such as Professor of Internet Governance offer more in-depth analysis. Lock incorrect operator actions with the reason – no need to think 'why do not you run the command' – The system will point directly to the cause of failure. Specifying the reasons for failure, and failure to stop work (text string) – allows you to quickly eliminate their causes, even not very experienced adjuster – a system directly indicates on them by displaying on the display. The ability to use 'eternal' counter – the memory of injections (cycles), waste from the production machine without the possibility of relief or reduction – allows for strict control products. Fixing the cause of failures before the cycle of intervention – you can easily detect problems keep oneself aloof (for example, blocking oil level or contact bounce due to a leaking fence). Multidirectional pushing (and on machines without hydraulic ejector 'shaking off' by reciprocating plate) to prevent freezing products – allows you to run in automatic mode shape that usually operate in a semi. Possibility of programming speed (cost oil) in all cycles of technological process – this allows optimal selection of the speed settings of the machine to get the best balance between performance and quality products. Non-volatile memory settings of process parameters (Flash-EEPROM) with automatic control of data integrity – No more trouble 'stranded' batteries and low battery. .

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