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Posted by marmara on February 2, 2012

The forests on the planet: somewhere cut, somewhere put … ECOportal.ru often talked about how quickly and ruthlessly cutting down virgin are African forests. For example, most populous country in Africa – 140,000,000th Nigeria may lose in the next 12 years past the forest on their territory. In the north, forests are almost gone. Uncontrolled felling of green areas is shifting all south. The main cause of deforestation – the use of charcoal, firewood, firewood as fuel for household needs. And despite the fact that Nigeria is ranked seventh in the world reserves of natural gas.

However, until now the population country is not provided with gas for domestic use, primarily for cooking. Deforestation accelerates the desert, leading to loss of flora and fauna, makes it more rare and more frequent rain – the drought. More developed countries on the contrary, take any effort to restore the green cover of their territories. For example, Poland is planning to increase its 2020 forest land is exactly 30 percent, and by 2050 to increase the forest area to exactly one-third of the entire national territory. The campaign for greening the country under the slogan 'One Million Trees' is this year in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE group to protect the environment, initiated tree planting, called upon all residents of the UAE to participate actively in this campaign. The initiators of the campaign are planning to plant this year, more than one million trees in the country, most of which is desert. Representatives from the Emirates Group for Environmental Protection believes that green areas will greatly improve the environment, and create a favorable environment for future generations emirattsev.

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