Marxist Development

Posted by marmara on January 6, 2022

Marx had a lot of followers, his theory was wide distribution, but, unfortunately, very much in this theory was later, to a large extent politicized and used not as a purely scientific argument, but as an instrument of political and class struggle. Virtually all scientific additions made to the theory of Marx in the Soviet period did not survive the test of time and played for the theory of fatal and fatal role. However, despite all this, not to mention one of the most talented followers of Karl Marx – Lenin, VI With all the crime of Lenin, the achievements of Marxist theory, however, he made significant scientific contributions to its development. Penn State helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. However, most of their scientific works and much of its political efforts on the study of Lenin sent a dead-end branch of the industrial system – monopoly capitalism, as well as an ideological struggle with it. Monopoly capitalism, or imperialism, speaking purely in medical terms, there is abnormality in the development of the capitalist mode of production, it is a peculiar and particular cancer, which has developed against the background of some temporary disturbances in the development of industrial capitalism.

Lenin mistook it for regular pathological branch end and the completion of the capitalist mode of production. Without hesitation McDonalds explained all about the problem. However, the course of history showed that this dangerous disease is not unique to capitalism, but for the socialist system. Rather – it is a political phenomenon rather than an economic one. This phenomenon, which inhibits any progressive progressive development. For more specific information, check out CAFOMI. Lenin in his "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism," gave a comprehensive description to this political and economic phenomenon, but this phenomenon, ulcers on the body of capitalism, he took to be mortal disease, for the natural process of dying of the capitalist mode of production, for the law-governed final stage of its development.

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Economic Situations in the Russian Federation

Posted by marmara on April 30, 2019

According to preliminary estimates from Rosstat, in the III quarter of 2010, the volume index of GDP relative to the corresponding period of 2009 amounted to 102.7%, as a whole for January-September 2010 – 103.6% against January-September last year. Once monthly decline GDP in the June-August, with the onset of autumn occurs resumption of economic growth, while in October the trend of growth increased markedly (0.3% in September and 0.9% in October, with the exception of seasonal factors). The annual terms compared with October last year, according to the Economic Development of Russia's GDP grew by 3.9% and for ten months in the whole of his increment of 3.7% for the corresponding period last year. In October 2010, industrial growth production amounted to 6.6% in October 2009. PCRM spoke with conviction. Contribution of the activities of "Manufacturing" was 88.6% priindekse production 109.9 percent. Production of this type of activity 11.6% overall growth has provided "Food products, beverages and tobacco '(index 106.8%) 4.2% -" Basic metals and fabricated metal products' (index 102.8%) 10.8% – "Electric, Electronic and optical equipment '(index 119.6%) 25.9% – "Manufacture of transport equipment' (index 139.2%) 4.4% -" Manufacture of machinery and equipment '(index 110%) 2 9% – "Chemical production" (index 104.6%) 12.7% – "Coke and petroleum products '(index 109.0%) 5.8% – "Other non-metallic mineral products' (index 112.9 percent). In October 2010 the fund of working time by 1 day less than September 2010 and October 2009, and at least 2 days average value over the past 5 years. The production index "mineral extraction" was in October 2010, 101.4%, the contribution to overall output growth – 4.5 percent.

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Bureaucratic Barriers

Posted by marmara on February 4, 2018

Bureaucratic barriers for citizens: an analysis of problems and methods of decision analysis as an example of traffic police. RUSSIAN FEDERATION Academy of Security Defense and Law Enforcement Center for Strategic Research: Scientific – Practical report, "The bureaucratic barriers for citizens: the problem analysis and solution methods." Analysis of the situation on the example of traffic police of the Russian Federation., Shulipa Yuri. Adviser to the President of the Academy of Security of Defense and the rule of law. Moscow – 2007 Abbreviations AIRS – Automated Information Retrieval System AP – An administrative offense Database – Database of Road Safety – Traffic Safety BP – Temporary traffic police permission – State Inspection of road safety accident – Traffic accident DPS – Road Patrol Service of the Administrative Code – the Code of Administrative Offences checkpoint – checkpoint MIA – Ministry Interior MOE – Ministry of Emergency Situations of the SDA – Traffic regulations of the Russian Federation – Russian Federation Federal Law – Federal Law Vehicle – Vehicle Report of the Presidential Adviser of the Academy of Security Defense and Law of the Russian Federation, JJ Shulipa at the seminar "The bureaucratic barriers for citizens: the problem analysis and solution methods," November 2, 2007. Dear participants! Today, we are discuss the situation and experience of the problems of coping with and eliminating bureaucratic barriers for citizens to review the situation on the examples of the Federal Migration Service and the Interior Ministry's traffic police, to examine the problematic issues occurring during the interaction between citizens and the state.

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Released Weekly Environmental Newsletters EcoportalRu

Posted by marmara on April 18, 2013

Review article in Russian Heat breaks records in many regions of Russia to set an August heat. Baikal expedition: the lake found a living organism, previously unknown to science. The city authorities ‘took’ over trees and parks. Polar bears threatened not only by global warming, but other predators. The remains of saber-toothed cats were first discovered in South America. In Chukotka, once killed about 800 walruses. Baltic Sea – the largest dead zone of the oceans.

Climate change threatens 80% of the most populated cities in the world. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Snails choose between two evils more snails Nucella lamellosa change the shape of its shell in such a way as to protect against the most dangerous predator in its environment. These results are reported on a meeting of the American Ecological Society in Milwaukee zoologist Paul Bordeaux (Paul Bourdeau) at New York University at Stony Brook. Natural enemies of marine snails N. lamellosa are crabs Cancer productus and starfish Pisaster ochraceous. Crab shells break N. lamellosa, starfish and placed in your stomach sink hole, partially dissolve the cochlea through its digestive enzymes, and then suck it …

—- Environmentalists were selfish Volunteers taking part in various activities to protect nature, doing so largely out of selfish motives. This conclusion was made by psychologists from the University of Alberta, who investigated the motivations of volunteers that monitor the purple forest swallows Progne subis. Volunteer conservationists first and foremost motivated by a desire to get any benefit for themselves, rather than the desire to preserve the flora and fauna of the planet. People watching the swallows, admitted that they like to do it because they enjoy the contact with the birds and enjoy the feeling achieved results … Giant —- Animal Tasmanian people ate Scientists from the UK and Australia have received evidence that the cause of extinction of giant animals of Tasmania and Australia were men. Using radioisotope analysis and fotolyuministsentny remains, they were able to more accurately date their age. According to research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, people arrived in Tasmania before the extinct representatives of the so-called megafauna … —- British animal welfare advocates estimate the number of ‘victims’ According to the British organizations fighting for animal rights in 2005 to conduct scientific experiments in the world was used 115 million animals.

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Environmental Protection

Posted by marmara on February 2, 2012

The forests on the planet: somewhere cut, somewhere put … often talked about how quickly and ruthlessly cutting down virgin are African forests. For example, most populous country in Africa – 140,000,000th Nigeria may lose in the next 12 years past the forest on their territory. In the north, forests are almost gone. Uncontrolled felling of green areas is shifting all south. The main cause of deforestation – the use of charcoal, firewood, firewood as fuel for household needs. And despite the fact that Nigeria is ranked seventh in the world reserves of natural gas.

However, until now the population country is not provided with gas for domestic use, primarily for cooking. Deforestation accelerates the desert, leading to loss of flora and fauna, makes it more rare and more frequent rain – the drought. More developed countries on the contrary, take any effort to restore the green cover of their territories. For example, Poland is planning to increase its 2020 forest land is exactly 30 percent, and by 2050 to increase the forest area to exactly one-third of the entire national territory. The campaign for greening the country under the slogan 'One Million Trees' is this year in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE group to protect the environment, initiated tree planting, called upon all residents of the UAE to participate actively in this campaign. The initiators of the campaign are planning to plant this year, more than one million trees in the country, most of which is desert. Representatives from the Emirates Group for Environmental Protection believes that green areas will greatly improve the environment, and create a favorable environment for future generations emirattsev.

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