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Posted by marmara on June 19, 2020

The letter must specify the exact time and place of inspection of the vehicle, as well as warn the offender of the possibility of such action in his absence in the event of failure to appear on call for half an hour appointed time. Quite often, evaluators in the calculation of wear parts for the damaged vehicle to replace them as a basis for taking the average amount of wear depending on the year of the car, without his actually run. This practice is contrary to paragraph 3.2 of guidance, according to which the degree of deterioration of the vehicle is calculated on the basis of its actual mileage, actual period of service and rate aging on the sroku.Bolshie difficulties arise in practice with an estimate of repair of foreign cars taken out of production: it is often much higher than a similar car brands of the same model year. Of course, the Civil Code does not restrict the right of the owner of his car on the recovery of any kind have been of value. CBC may help you with your research. But we should not forget about the rights of the person obliged, in accordance with legislation to pay for the repairs. Is it fair to collect from the perpetrator of an accident damages in such amount? Think not.

Especially as 4.9 of guidance provides that the real value of the damage can not exceed the cost of spare parts and work on its replacement, or replacement cost for a similar body. On this path and jurisprudence: the consideration of the case for damages caused by accident, the Supreme Arbitration Court pointed out that the damage to be compensated can not exceed the real value of the property. If you have difficulty in determining the real value of the car can be guided U.S. inventories of "The prices for motor vehicles, tractors, truck and tractor engines, motorcycles, cranes, forklifts, tires," which is updated every month. It should be noted that according to Art.

7 of the Federal Act of 29 July 1998. appraiser determined a market value of property valuation. It is implied in the case of the following terms: "real value", "reasonable cost", the equivalent value " "Real value", etc. Based on this position, the person responsible for an accident to protect their interests should take active steps to determine the real value of the damaged vehicle.

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