General Services

Posted by marmara on December 17, 2018

I noticed that cafezinho was weak has two weeks and all in my floor had also noticed nobody commented because Owner Maria was a likeable person very and made time that was in the company and perhaps it was with some problem. The hour of cafezinho already was not more the same one, did not have more stimulates to give one paradinha for that coffee. – Isc what this happening with the coffee? This horrible one! – I do not know, I find that the Owner Maria this with some problem, this is one chaf! – You wise person who one xicara of taken coffee moments before its next meeting increases the power of its mind for about 45 minutes. – Serious! Not wise person, but this coffee of the skill that this of the belly ache in 10 minutes. Dr. To read more click here: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Wood our director comes passing to a meeting and comes to drink a coffee, it places a little in xicara and when drinking it makes a face of those and it asks.

– Vocs does not find that to this coffee this horrible one lately! Soon after the Dr. meeting Wood orders to call Owner Maria and said for it: Owner Maria, what horrible one had the coffee this? It will be that it unlearned! Its coffee was so good! I had that to interrupt the meeting why I passed badly! – Not Sir! Its Coast of the Department of General Services was its that asked for so that in them we placed the half of the coffee dust and still changed the mark of the coffee. It said that he is because of the crisis and that this age to save money. this happens in all the floors? Yes, and it looks at doctor the coffee this all sobrando nobody here complained, but in the other floors It ordered to call its Coast and it asked: – Coast took coffee today? Only volume tea. Then we go to more still save, of now in ahead only Chaf. Coast made a meeting and everything came back to the normal one, how much we save I do not know, but knows that the Coast now controls wastefulness on the contrary to cut the costs moving in the one in quality. My name is Z Iscritrio, Isc for the friends, and taste to write on what it happens in the world of the offices. Peter Pablo Morales pedropaulomorales@

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Cultural Capital

Posted by marmara on May 8, 2018

We thank our Vanessa person who orientates for being always in alerting, presenting reading suggestions, contributing to optimize our time of research. We thank all the familiar friends and who had contributed with incentives, suggestions, force and support so that we continued our studies. To the Bank of Brazil for providing this meeting with the Sustainable Development. We are thankful, at last, to all that had crossed our way during this experience of growth and learning. ‘ ‘ This we know. All the things are on as the blood that joins the family Everything what happens with the Land, happens with the children and children of the Land. The man does not weave the teia of the life; it is only one wire. Everything what makes to the teia, it makes itself mesmo’ ‘.

– Ted Perry, inspired by the Seattle Head? SUMMARY the sustainable development has as primordial factor the reinforcement of the Human Capital, Cultural Capital stock and Capital, base for the social transformation, for the collective conscience, of cooperation and confidence. This work had as objective main the understanding of these capitals in the support of a solidary enterprise, in special the Cooperative of Catadores de Materiais You recycle and Ecological Agents of Canabrava? CAEC. From the Social Residence one searched to verify as if they form these capitals in the cooperative, its joined influence in the support and difficulties. For the achievement of the study interviews not structuralized had been carried through, analyzed statute and internal regulation and simple comment. In the theoretical referencial we approach the diverse concepts of these capitals, the Solidary Economy and the boardings on support in solidary enterprises.

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Cultural Capital

Posted by marmara on March 4, 2017

To identify to the necessities for the development or reinforcement of the human, social and cultural capital of the CAEC; To characterize as if they develop the interpersonal relations in CAEC and which its influence in the economic support; To analyze the existing relation enters the formation of the Human, Social and Cultural Capital and the Dimensions of the Support; To identify as if of a joint with the diverse actors of the value chain, also stakeholders. BSA understood the implications. 3 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the necessary development to support themselves in 0 variable not only economic, but to possess other dimensions as: ambient, economic, technological, social, cultural, institucional politician to assure the quality of life of the sustainable people and the social equity, as explicit Miranda and Matos (2003, p.51-52): – The ambient dimension verifies the availability of the natural resources renewed and you did not renew, of ecosystems and analyzes the present and future influence of the man and its interference in the alterations of the natural environment; – The economic dimension considers the aspects of the commercial relations, the productive chains, considering the territory, the structure of market (competitive advantages, potentialities, chances, regulation, credit etc.); – The technological dimension has as focus the technological standard and the productivity of the territory, evaluating the lacks, the strangulations, what it affects the production and productivity, as the research, innovation, qualification and qualification of the human beings; – The social dimension observes the social data as the social relations of work, habitation, education, health, sanitation, citizenship, pointers etc.; – The cultural dimension verifies the diverse existing forms of relationship, the values, the nets of existing solidarity and cooperation, the skill of being of a human group, the diverse manifestations that influence in the form of life of the territory; – The dimension institucional politician search to understand the relations of being able internal and external existing, the diverse social actors who influence and its interrelao.. A leading source for info: Boy Scouts of America. .

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Organizational Climate

Posted by marmara on May 1, 2012

Organizational The review from the climate allows the detection of flags accurate able you subsidise shares of intervention monitoring and accompaniment of quality improvement than it is you they need being effectuates in to order will be the equilibrium amidst the achievement occupational and the organizational performance he may be ranging. Words keys: Organizational Climate. Satisfaction. Quality 1 INTRODUCTION Is important the company to value its collaborators because they are party to suit of conquest of its results. Everything that is made for the collaborators, positive or not, reflects directly in the feeling that the same ones will have for its work, in its motivation, satisfaction, animation, interest and contribution. The principle, to quantify ' ' motivation in si' ' it is a complicated task, but today already we count on some instruments that can helping in them in them to approach a little more than this concept, through its operacionalizao in the other most tangible ones (evaluating the level of satisfaction of the collaborator with the company, the leaderships, the environment of work, etc.).

One of these instruments is research of the organizacional, used climate as an important motivacional tool. The climate research organizacional is an instrument directed toward analysis of the internal environment, from the survey of its necessities. Objective to mapear or to portray the aspects critical that configure the motivacional moment of the employees of the company through the verification of its strong points, deficiencies, expectations and aspirations. Through the research one perceives that collaborating with low indices of motivation, do not use all its productive capacity, harming the result of its companies. Today, in this so full world of transformations, in way the globalization, where the competition inside them sectors if became registered mark of this moment, the companies must each time more improve its indices of competitiveness and for this they depend almost that only exclusively on its human beings – motivated, happy and proud of the values shared with the organization.

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