The Copyright

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The metadados ones of the document are normally available and can be copied, be redistributed, indexados, etc. Are seen that the model of open archive provides innumerable and significant advantages for its users, as the free and gratuitous access the documents, which, having assent of the author, could be available for download or, even though, for impression of the complete text. Get more background information with materials from Nieman Foundation. This attributes the fact to it of that, it was created with this intention: to establish advantages that allow the best form of access to the scientific documentation. Breaking of this same vision, considering the free access to the complete texts in the Internet, from the permission of the author, and respecting the question of the copyright, the Declaration of Budapeste (2002 apud YOUNG CHICKEN, 2006, P. 38) discourses that: For? open access? …, we want to say its we exempt availability in public Internet, allowing to all the users to read, to make download, to copy, to distribute, to print, to search or to make links to the complete text of these articles and crawling for indexation …. The only restriction in the production and distribution and the only paper for the copyright in this domain must be to give to the author the control on the integrity of its work and the appropriately recognized right of and being cited …. It is important to stand out that it was from the Declarations of Budapeste and Bethesda that other events as these had been happening in the world all, as examples we have of Berlin, Valparaiso, Argentina and others, as form of engrandecer the free access. Thus, these meetings had allowed that the model of open archive if in general consolidated before a scientific community and to the community, as a more viable alternative for the free access to scientific publications (ROCK, 2009). The open archives are nothing more than what a movement that allows the free access to publications scientific in half electronic, without collection of taxes or tariff to have access them.

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Southwest Education

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Facinter. FALLS OF the IGUAU 2009 SUMMARY This work looks for and to analyze history and to reflect on the professor of Art in the Brazilian Education. Which the current work of these professors, its practical pedagogical, difficulties in relation to the education of Art in the public school? Which the knowledge beyond the languages in Art need to be dominated? As to understand the Education of Adult, Inclusive Education, Infantile Education, Education of the Field and Education of Adolescents and Young Young, beyond others sabres. In its formation many times unbalanced, as the professor can surpass the difficulties in its work, which the used ways to diminish this gap in its formation. Also in this study it has bibliographical references on the subject, that are analyzed, to get information of which is the profile of the professional who works Art in the schools of the Paran. With the results of the interviews, the following questions are boarded: the professor and its formation, as to involve the four artistic languages, which the difficulties found in the classrooms, which the criteria to select the contents of Art and as to make evaluation in Art. Concluding the work, we will have the profile of the Professor of Art in the contemporaneidade: a dynamic, informed and searching person, who knows the reality of the pupils and the school, uses practical pedagogical innovators objectifying education learning of the pupils. In the same work, some referring data to the amount of concursados professors meet who act in the Southwest of the Paran and which artistic modalities where temporary professors act how many (PSS) and how many professional it are of the area of Art act in the Basic Education of the Paran.

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The Visual

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Animals exist that have this more advanced capacity of capture and interpretation of the sounds, as the bats and the cetceos, for example. The dog is another animal that also has its specialized hearing. These animals obtain to receive and to convert not detectable stimulatons the human ear. FELT OF FELT HEARING X OF the VISION It is interesting to compare the physical properties of the hearing with another direction to understand some particularitities of the same. Check out Dr. Neal Barnard for additional information. We will be making a comparative degree with the direction of the vision. The vision possesss the characteristic of being synthetic, that is, the energy impulses are added. An example of this is that the blue mixture with yellow, of a sensation of the green. The ear however, is capable to perceive two sounds of different frequencies, exactly will be being emitted simultaneously.

The vision has the retinal persistence and in it allows the visual illusion them of the cinematograph (cinema) for the fusing of successive images. The sound does not have persistence and it allows in to hear them music, for the sequence of sounds separately. FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY: STRUCTURE FUNCTION OF the AUDITORY DEVICE As shows figure 1, the ear is constituted of three parts: external, average and internal ear. Figure 1. Summarized anatomy of the human ear and auditory chain Source: HENEINE, 2005, P. 329 Descreveremos summarily each part that composes the ear separadamen you, its structure and Heard function External (Captation and Conduction of the Sound) Is the part of the ear that is in contact with the external way. It is in this part that happens the stimulaton produced for a sonorous source.

It is formed by the auricular pavilion, or ear, and the auditory canal, or meato. The canal has approximately 0,7 cm of diameter and 2,5 cm of length and finishes in the timpnica membrane. The structure is basically the same one in the man and the other mammals, except for the particularitities of each species.

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PVA More

Posted by marmara on December 8, 2016

The accomplishment of the considered exercises was of easy assimilation, therefore it made possible the knowledge deepened on the cubismo through discovery of the pleasure for the artistic appreciation, the experimentation of varied materials, as the ink, the mass race, the scrap iron glue and materials it propitiated to the pupil a bigger envolvement during the performance of the painting was total on the part of the group and this resulted in a done interesting declaration to the author, for Nerencia Fernandes Dutra: ' ' Taste very to paint. When I concentrate myself and start to paint, seems that I go entering in a different world. I do not draw to paint, the images go appearing in my mind and I go painting. The painting has that to come of inside, of the interior of people. After the analysis of the reproductions, the group of the EJA carried through sketches and after ink PVA and liquid had accomplished the painting using chess on Paran paper. This work was the great sensation, therefore the pupils if had delivered fully in the accomplishment of its workmanships. He fits to stand out that at the beginning, in Totality Six, little more than the half of the pupils frequented the meeting of arts.

To each day that passed, more pupils had started to participate of the lessons, therefore some went counting for the others of its accomplishments and of as if they felt satisfied executing its artistic works. In the ending of the execution of paintings, the room was repleta of pupils, being that all had carried through the work with disposal and desire of each time to interact and to learn more. The pupils had been if interesting each time more with the activities and had started to observe more day-by-day the elements of its, that is, the colors that more liked, the most vibrant which, clear and the dark ones, the lines straight lines that are part of its house and until the sinuosas lines of the building oldest of the city.

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Foundation Carlos Gomes

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(Porfrio Lazarini, Annex -) the musical experience lived by the Lazarini brothers in the decades of 70 and 80 was basic for the implantation of a Band of Music in the City, therefore it was in its as mandate, in 1997, that Antonio Lazarini together with the Secretary of Education at the time Elvira Comerlato, had had the initiative to become reality the implantation. Then the Mayor desired to mount a band to the molds of that its father, Mr. Jose Lazarini participated in Dracena? SP, that is, a center of musical convivncia where young seusestudos musical comedies by means of blow instruments would exercise what it could also help in the development of the city. The first initiative was to make an accord with the Foundation Carlos Gomes de Belm of Par, that offered instruments and indicated Professor Flvio Jardilino to give the first lessons of music in the city of Uruar. 4. THE MUNICIPAL BAND DIEGO YOU QUOTE OF 4,1 MORAES INSTITUTION SALLES (1985) affirms that the majority of the conservatories traditionally, destines it the education of the piano, of it sings and the violin the music band, becomes, the school of music of the people. The main test of that is the colonial period, when the Jesuits used themselves of small instrumental groups, in order to educate the indians religiously.

Of these groups the band of music in the current model appeared. In Uruar, as well as the experience of musical education by means of music band did not exist conservatory, appears with the Professor indicated for the Foundation Carlos Gomes, Flvio Jardilino, natural of the Cear, that gave to the first lessons of flute and instruments of blow. In the year of 1998 the pupils of the regular schools of Uruar had been invited for lessons of music with initiation in flute candy. As in the city not yet it had a space for these lessons, the first ones had been given in the Educational Institute of Uruar and later in the Melvin School Jones.

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