Russian Revolution

Posted by marmara on November 27, 2018

It also speaks of his incessant search real and universal knowledge although it never reveals the secret of the truths bare. His parents were Greeks of Asia minor, and everything seems to indicate, father seemed possessor of a very ancient culture. It is plausible that Gurdjieff has bathed in the atmosphere of divination rites of the ancient Russia since his childhood. His early, advises Ouspensky, took place in an atmosphere of tales of fairy legends and traditions. To her around, the miraculous had been a real event.

Heard by the predictions and to which their relatives according full faith, were carried out and opened his eyes to many things. He reappeared in Russia in 1913 and devoted himself to teaching his theories to various groups of disciples in Moscow, Petersburgo and Tbilisi. From this time dates his encounter with the Russian mathematician P.D. Ouspensky, who became his main disciple and the more lucid exponent of its doctrines. Learn more at this site: Chase Koch, Washington DC. Later, fleeing the Russian Revolution, he took refuge in Constantinople, and in 1922, after visiting England, founded in Avon (Fontainebleau), about Paris, the Institute for the harmonious development of man, which was visited by many celebrities desiring to know the strange philosopher. Importantly, who in his constant search on the actual truth, knowledge, discovered many things that once he experienced them, assimilated, has bequeathed her us for those who still are on this planet. And if we pay attention to its content, especially which involves his fourth way, we can obtain valuable information for our spiritual growth. Not surprisingly we will opine about it, that it was too human to be the devil, too inhumane to be a Saint, Gurdjieff took with him the secret of his nature to die in November, 1949, at the age of eighty-three, because he was no longer determined to live, leaving a dark and voluminous work entitled All and Everything (everything and everything).

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New Literary Cult Phenomenon

Posted by marmara on April 21, 2015

Do we like both the superhero, television series and comic books? Increasingly the TV series based on two fantastic sub-genres of literature: comics and fairy tales, which next season will BREW in the American series. Some of the most outstanding DVD series are Powers, Once Upon a Time and Grimm. Powers adapts comics of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. The other two series are based on folk tales of Perrault, Andersen and the Grimm. The same happens with tales of fairies, Red Riding Hood and snow white, which reappear with new airs.

Another of the season’s most successful series has been The Walking Dead (the year 2010 TV series), based on the comic by Robert Kirkman. ABC also is preparing a television version of the Incredible Hulk, with Guillermo de el Toro, and thinks adapting to film the story of Captain America. The editorial Errata Naturae has some titles that seek to clarify the new phenomenon of the series, as the case with the book is Teleshakespeare. Supply is infinite, both in books and eBooks and the number of series grows more and more, as well as their followers. Think of the Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men and Dexter, six feet under ground, Galactica: battle star, and so on. Teleshakespeare is intended to create a kind of guide of the series most prominent in recent years, some well known and others, no doubt, still undiscovered, providing a collection of short essays, as well as a first reflection on this new phenomenon, visual and narrative.

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