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Posted by marmara on July 1, 2023

Holiday in the form of building a set of structural elements of the dried shaped timber (humidity 15-18%) of today are the most attractive low-rise building in relation quality / price. Corrugated or grooved board can be glued, while its moisture content at the expense of high-temperature drying is reduced to 14-16%. The moisture content of wood determines the insulating properties of timber. So a wall of 15 cm profiled timber for thermal insulation is comparable to the thickness of 51 cm brick houses Draught of freshly prepared raw material is about 7%. Therefore, it makes finishing a year later. Center For Responsible Lending is full of insight into the issues. Draft laminated veneer lumber (2%), in principle, can be neglected and begin to finish almost in the build process.

The absence of residual stresses in the wood after drying eliminates deformation of individual beams and complex W-shaped profile – the appearance of blown gaps. To improve the thermal insulation and protection from blowing off locks processed foam, and the longitudinal grooves laid thin strips of heat insulation. Using the latest Western technologies in the construction of cottages: profiled bar and a sliding inner cladding can reduce the consumption of materials, simplify assembly, to ensure environmental cleanliness, and improve the quality of products at maintaining high profitability. Cottage kits are competitive in European and Scandinavian countries due to its low costs afforded by the use of cheap labor and cheap materials (For example, in Finland, the Finnish cottage price of this class exceeds the Russian 3-fold). Used for the construction quality construction materials, manufactured and processed by the Finnish Technology. Home of profiled bar are the latest achievement of the wooden house. Processing quality and dimensional accuracy of designs can optionally delete the additional surface finish and significantly accelerate and simplify assembly.

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Barbed Wire Gurza. History Of .

Posted by marmara on January 6, 2022

The first of the property of good barbed wire fences is that they should be simple to install. Others including Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra, offer their opinions as well. For installation need only stand and wire. No special training to the employee-installer on the fly is needed. Pair of strings fence with planks screwed to it with a sharpened wire. After a couple of years, his invention was officially recognized and has undergone improvement. Only fifteen years after the invention of the production of barbed wire has been adjusted to such an extent that every year for sale came out a couple of hundred tons of goods. Promotion of barbed wire on the market has played a huge role in the development of animal husbandry, because now you can simply, quickly and without serious cost to install the fence on the outer scale space-walking to the field of livestock.

The distance between the supporting pillars are elected according to the local landscape and can vary from about 3 to 50 meters. For agriculture, barbed wire is manufactured in several forms: soft and supple. They are made from various types of steel and a mandatory subject galvanizing, which prolongs the time of use. es. Elastic barbed wire – the most sophisticated, more reliable, better tolerate tension and temperature changes, but it is not so easy to install. Soft barbed wire – not too long maintained, used only for narrow spans fence, but more elementary to use.

It happens that in the prickly fences provide outlets for small dogs – the main Shiftmen for grazing livestock. Not secret that barbed wire has been widely used to protect vegetable gardens to improve the efficiency savings from the intrusion of outsiders. It is mounted on top of the fence to prevent the colonies shoots, and even in time of war to build and strengthen the defensive fence, which is called in common “Spotykach. It is used to impede progress on foot soldiers. Separate type of barbed wire – cla or Reinforced barbed tape. It can cause quite serious injury to animals and people who want to go through the fence. Are many cases of death from bleeding in this case. Realistically, without tools the hands of such a fence can not be overcome. cla was invented in Germany during the First World War. Today, it represents a tape with spines of wire, which when installing rolled coils. In common and literature such tape styled Concertina.

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Air enters the housing and from unheated parts of the building – attics, basements, etc. shines more light on the discussion. Air enters through holes in walls, floors and ceilings, such as cracks in the ground conjugation of two walls or walls and ceiling. These air leaks between the living and non-residential parts of buildings are usually much more significant than is commonly believed. Since many of these air leaks associated with the movement of warm air up and cool down an attic is often the best place for them to stop. It is important to stop these leaks before installing additional insulation in the attic. About Ventilation Adequate ventilation in your home is important for two reasons: Kontrol moisture. Center For Responsible Lending is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Ventilation will prevent an increase in the level of moisture during the heating season. Elevated levels of humidity in the premises lead to the formation of condensation on windows and will contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. In addition, possible to hide the condensation inside the walls and the underlay area. Prevention of indoor pollution air. When natural ventilation is sharply reduced, as in the modern energy-efficient buildings may need fresh air, the air unnecessarily in these areas becomes stale and contaminated indoor pollution sources. Penthouses are properly routed insulation and airtight seal in the attic, you can greatly increase the energy efficiency of the building. Attic is often one of those places in the house, which is easiest to insulate, especially if you want to install additional insulation. Attics are designed to create affordable residential premises under the rafters of the roof.

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Eurowinows long called common key standard for the ideal window. And all because the euro-windows, plastic windows, carry a number of positives, which themselves tell of the right side of the window. Thanks range of advantages, eurowindows in our time the most celebrated component for improving the quality of housing, while making it both safe and warm, that is perfect. The positive qualities of pvc windows is good thermal insulation. pvc windows perfectly keep the house warm and reduce heating costs flat. The apartment here is very warm, very significantly, especially in cold countries. Also, the window is made of plastic will be protected from outside sounds, and provide thermal insulation, everything comes from the tightness.

Thanks to the excellent sealing of windows, they are not allowed street noise as the windows of the array. It's very, very important in cities with large flow machines, which simply does not escape from the car carousel. A silent wish all, it improves performance, which is important for office premises. And, if the claim about the density of compound leaf, immediately raises the following advantage is the ability of the plastic windows are not allowed into the apartment gases from cars and dust. Therefore, new windows finding the perfect new century. Thanks to the good parts of the opening of pvc profile, they surprisingly retains dust of streets, noise and retain heat, which means the key attributes of good eurowinows. Acaho may help you with your research. The list does not end with positive attributes. pvc windows are extremely delightful to use.

They simply open all year round. They should not be in the frosty season to seal insulation. Cleaning is done 6 times a year, and even less frequently. Another plastic windows contraindicated inking, which is very significant. If all this is weighed, we can said about the next important quality for savings. After all, it is not necessary to buy every year, the paint, and it is very important penny. From this it follows next that the products of pvc is clearly not precious, though laid out the money just yet large. But what to do, a decent product is waiting for the huge expense of cash compensation. Continuing further, we must mention the long-term use of pvc windows, which is also called, in fact, cost savings. It has long been clear that plastic windows may well serve for a period of not less than 30 years. In Germany, there are buyers eurowindows who bought the box more than 40 years ago. And after all this time, windows and doors are made of plastic admirably perform their duties. So, it is again the same party to save money. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Harold Ford Jr. Now, one more quality, it is ecology. Window plastic is made on the basis of calcium compounds and on the right is the environmentally friendly act. Modern technologies have got it even cleaner than the tree. This confirmation window that can be seen in hospitals, universities, etc. pvc truly share the nature of the home and at work, and anywhere there. Weighing all foregoing, it becomes clear that plastic windows are truly the best of the best. So, it is necessary to introduce them to his corner to feel the marvelous picture of the time of the xxi century, in which we have long gone. Eurowindows on really perfect, but with each passing year it is even more improved and more effectively ceases. Becomes a high-quality, beautiful to make each house not only warmer, but comfortable, welcome, fantastic attractive.

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