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Trekking is a sport that has a competition between two or more people, that is practised generally in tracks and mountains, also being able to be carried through in urban environments. The duration of the tests can vary, therefore some minutes can last and to have some kilometers as well as they can last the entire day and have some kilometers to cover. The objective of each team is if to keep all in the speed adjusted during the passage, therefore trekking also is known as enduro to the foot. The teams will discover the way through a navigation spread sheet, that indicates the speed and distance of each stretch, say which to it are the control points that assist so that not if skirt of the track. By the same author: PCRM. The Winner is an used equipment to help in the calculations of time, therefore the difficulty of if keeping in the ideal speed occur for some factors. The main one of them is the precision in the calculation of covered distance, because to have the certain speed she is necessary to cover at the correct time in the distance indicated. So that all in agreement skirt the planned one, is necessary to have a marker of steps with high precision.

In the way it course, appears other difficulties that can modify the speed, as rivers, mounts, holes, bushes, lamaais, rain, sun, slippery rocks, untied rocks, bridges, etc. One of the regions where this sport is in high is in the Chapada Diamantina, that is in the state of the Bahia. The place is a region of mountain ranges, where the rivers of the basins of the Paraguau, the Jacupe and the River of Accounts are born almost all. It possesss a national park that is managed by the Institute Chico Mendes de Conservao of Biodiversity (ICMBio). The vegetation is exuberant, formed for species of caatinga, Atlantic Bush and of the serrana flora. The region it is considered most cold of the northeast region, arriving 5. C in the winter. The Chapada Diamantina reserves many attractions, and between them it is to make trekking in old tracks that the goldwashers used. For who it appreciates the sport, beyond being a good place to practise it, still it is possible to make it in the way of a place of rich and very flaring nature.

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Academy Stars

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Zeldovich was to reach 1094 g/cm3. For comparison, the highest temperature in the interior of stars is estimated about 108K and the highest density of matter in the interior of neutron stars reach gsm3 1015. It is true that in October 2010 year, was first discovered super-heavy neutron star the size of which "do not exceed the size of a small town, but the matter density is 10-15 times higher than the density of the atomic nucleus." Since the density of an atomic nucleus is October 14 g/cm3, the density of superheavy stars turned out to be 1.5 x 1015 g/cm3. Be compared with the density required for the birth of the universe. By assumption, one of the followers of the Big Bang theory, Corresponding Member of Academy of Sciences USSR IS Shklovsky, at a time when the universe was calculated void fraction of a second, it "was a 'drop' sverhyadernoy density, which for some reason, came to an unstable state and exploded." Did not explode, did not explode, and then went and blew up! And this without any outside influence, because in addition to "drop" is nothing no more. And in general do not understand why this substance is not annihilated drop. After all, any elementary particles are always produced in pairs with their opposites, for example, an electron and a positron (anti-electron), but having the opposite charges of the same name and the masses attracted to each other by electrical and and gravitational forces cancel each other out immediately after his birth. .

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Group Tractebel Engineering

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The present article has as proposal to elucidate the thirty and five years deluta of the population of the Xingu (in its majority indians) against the construction of the UsinHidreltrica de Belo Mount. A confrontation that to each decade comes if inciting ecausando controversies and debates in some scopes of the society. Word-key: Plant Hydroelectric plant, Beauty Mount, aboriginal population. The quarrel on Plant Hydroelectric plant (UHE) BeloMonte is not recent, for the opposite is in debate since 1975 when it was initiated the Studies of Hidroelectric Inventory of the Basin doRio Hidrogrfica Xingu. Currently considered amaior workmanship of the CAP (Program of Acceleration of the Growth), of the Federal.Desde Government there, the aboriginal peoples and other local leaderships demand the end doprojeto of construction and the preservation of its sacred lands and the norepresamento of the River Xingu.

The conflicts if had incited since a 2009 when foiapresentado new Study of Ambient Impact/Report of Impact Ambient (EIA/RIMA) elaborated for the LemeEngenharia, affiliated to the Group Tractebel Engineering, in turn tied aogrupo GDF Suez, and with the accomplishment of audiences. Foiintensificado still more in this year when the ambient license was set free and oleilo to be defined who would go to construct the plant. (ISA, 2010). In October of 2009, five months after the final version of the document to have been delivers to the Ibama, the agency arrived the same, and to Ministrio Pblico Federal (MPF), a relatrioalternativo, of 230 pages, intitled ‘ ‘ It analyzes Critical of the Study of ImpactoAmbiental of the Hidroelectric Exploitation of Monte’ Beauty; ‘. This was elaborated pormais of forty researchers, between them: anthropologists, sociologists, zologos, biologists, etimlogos, doctors in energy and planning of sistemasenergticos, historians, scientists politicians, economists, engineers, hidrlogos, ictilogos, among others, compose deEspecialistas a called group Panel. On the university and centers of einternacionais national research, that had made a detailed analysis of the studies of Beautiful Mount.

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